TRON Legacy Disk

by metaform3d Sep 27, 2015
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Hey! Love the design! I’m just wondering where you got your switches? I’m having a hard time finding them to that size.

AngieKiri, I ended up using https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/cw-industries/GPBS-800L/CW177-ND/3190582 for the switch. It's 8mm x 8mm and fits perfectly in the space provided in the model.

For a momentary button, I'm using a 5mm x 5mm tactile button (https://www.adafruit.com/product/1490). It fits snug with a little hot glue.

I haven't done it yet, but my plan is to print 2 of the tiny pieces provided to fill the spaces, hollow them out and glue them onto the switch and button to act as button caps and to make the disk look more finished.

Sorry I don't know where those switches came from. I source a lot of stuff from surplus places that just have things arranged in bins.

I'm also interested in the switch used. I've been searching around and haven't found anything that seems to fit the openings provided.

I'm curious about the side emitting LEDs. Wouldn't this cause only one side of the disc to be bright and the other dim?

The inner ring of LEDs actually can point inside or outside. That makes them perpendicular to the windows on top and bottom, making them equally bright.

Thank you for this!! This is the best Tron Disk I've seen. Very, very nice! I'm planning on printing "disc.stl" to do each half in one go on my CR-10. You don't happen to have the entire blade in a single file that I could also print in one piece, do you? I spent some time attempting to stitch copies of "TRN_BLADE_8.stl" together and it's....not going well. ;-) I was hoping to do a single, seamless print for the blade.

I've uploaded the blade as a single object. Enjoy!

Currently planing to print one or two discs.
Any chance you got the inner transparent ring as a single object as well?
I want to remove the bridges and glue the ring right in.

Ah I see, you could do that when printing the disc as one piece. Theoretically anyway. Sorry, no, I don't have the inner ring as a single object. That would require some redeisgn and I don't have time at the moment.

Oh, okay, but thanks for your response. :)

Maybe I can make my own one. Have to change a few things anyway, since I want to hide the screws / nuts and try to cram 8 AA(A) batteries into it, getting the most out of my LEDs. Might end up as a remix, if I get it to work.

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I haven't made this yet, but I have a question about the assembly. Do the "C" slot sections fit in from the top, or do they sit in the small gap between the outer shell of the disc and the small channel where the thin rails joining the inner and outer sections are?

They fit inside the channel flush with the surface. The entire outer profile is smooth.

This is a great design! Prints well, and pieces all fit together nicely. Now I just have to do the finishings work before posting a make.

could this be done with a reed switch instead of a toggle. just an idea

hey cool design
I was thinking of printing it, and was wondering if there is a button to turn the light on and off, or if you have to open it up every time to turn it on and off? thanks

There are holes on the inner part of the ring where I installed a toggle switch. There are also covers for the hole included in the parts list, in case you want them more flush.

This looks cool, i can print the shell part in one piece because i have a lulzbot Taz 6 and it has a bit print area. Do you recommend making the transparent parts with very little infill like 5% or 10% or maybe with more infill like 50%?

Depends on what look you like. The parts are small so you can try different variations.

Request to be sized for makerbot mini. when I try to do it my modeler wants to leave it hollow :(

Hi Metaform,
thanks for this inspirative model.
I have 'borrowed' your basic shapes (with credits) and redesigned another version from scratch, for obvious reasons.

Thanks for liking that one :-)


No problem. I like seeing my models get used!

Well, if you are a Tron Fan ...

I re-did a favor:
Rgrds Thomas

Tron costume logo

I would like to add a gryoscope to this...give it a sense of power along with the light!

And do you know the diameter of the disk? Thanks

What kind of plastic did you use for the blade and inner ring? Is it enough to diffuse the light but still be bright enough?

I used transparent filament which works OK, although it might actually have been better if it had been translucent rather than fully transparent. TRON disks are generally 10 inches in diameter, although there were some smaller ones made for some of the actresses with smaller hands.

Awesome, Thanks!

Was this printed in ABS or PLA? if ABS did you scale by 1% to adjust for the ABS expansion?

I did use ABS. The scale is so approximate, however, that 1% isn't going to have any effect.

Downloaded and printed but the blade doesnt fit right? I started gluing the blade pieces together and found that after number 7 is glued number 8 is to big for the gap and that the arc of the circumference is wrong for the blade to fit outside of the disc as shown in your pictures? any advise or help welcomed' has anyone else come across thiss problem?

Obviously I didn't have that problem, but I would think that if the last blade segment is too large it could be trimmed or sanded to fit.

I printed all parts then hotglued and then thermally welded using a soldering iron. (round objects usally dont mesh correctly if done willy nilly)

I was wanting to know if you can do the mirror file. I cannot be able to do it due to that I am using the XYZ Da Vinci 3d printer and their software does not have mirror command to mirror the object. I have tried to convert the stl to dwg because I have autocad software but for some reason the file you had on it will not work. Can you download the mirror file so I can print 2 of the mirror object.

Much thanks

never mind I found a software from website that can mirror the stl files before allowing it to be printed

what was the software i have the same problem

Never mind found a trick in the XYZ ware software that make it mirror no need for multiple programs
Scale the object to -100 it will turn black but still slice just the same

I am using the open STL file you can google and typ in OPEN STL it allowed you to mirror and object from STL file or any CAD file that convert to STL so you can make changes to the STL files. you can try this website: https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/sketchup-stl but I can't guarantee if it will work on all CAD or STL file but you can try others if you find one that would be compatible

thanks I've got a da vinci as well and the software needs some big upgrades any suggestions on a different one the doesn't require me to flash it

I am still using their original software for the da vinci 1.0 in which I had no problem with so far. only thing I have modified my da vinci is replacing the glass bed ( tend to crack and break) with aluminum sheet and putting painter tape on it works very well.

How did you replace the bed i just put painters tape on the glass

Just unscrew the 4 screws from corners where metal bracket held down the glass plate. Then gently take out the glass bed, just be aware that the heating element is glued to the bottom of the glass, you can take any hair dryer that have high heat air and go back and forth until the heating element pad started to peal off easy at a time, do not pry it off too fast or you will lose the glue that is adhere to the heating element pad. For the aluminum sheet I just bought one off of ebay- http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-8-125-Aluminum-Sheet-5052-H32-9-x-12-/222140407113?hash=item33b8999d49:g:r~MAAOSwnLdWsAeq and just cut it to the length of the printing bed then reattach the heating element pad, the sticking subject should still be on it and should stick to the heating pad. do not try to use aluminum sheet that is thinner than 1/8 or .125 inch or it will cause to warp due to heating. I had to replace my glass bed 3 times because it cracked and chipped, got fed up and did the aluminum sheet. I do know that the Da Vinci 1.0 PRO now have aluminum sheet instead of glass. I still apply the painter tape on the aluminum and also apply glue to it so the printing will not warped either.

I tried the software and now the da vinci program won't load the STLs

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Hello, thank you for your work, it's super awesome.

But, I believe there is missing parts on the disc.

I've see you should take 2 "BLK_DISCA_4M" (and no 4) and do this part into mirror and the part "BLK_DISCB_4M" also.

Otherwise the disc is not symmetrical (i try it)

(Sorry for my bad English, i'm from France).

Glad you like it.

Sorry if my instructions weren't clear. Each half of the disc is made from 4 parts: BLK_DISCA_4M printed once normally and once mirrored, and BLK_DISCB_4M printed once normally and once mirrored. You can see how they fit together in the third image. Since there are two halves you need to print the A & B segments 4 times each: 2 times normally and 2 times mirrored.

Hope that helps!

OK, I just understand!

I just reread and indeed you scored the instructions!

Merci, for responding so quickly ;)

Awesome work! I was planning on printing one once I finished a larger printer; but printing it in sections has occurred to me; It turned out great; I'll have to try this :)

Is this one based on the GrabCAD model I've seen floating around?

Thanks! No, this isn't based on any other model; it's entirely designed from scratch.