Business card holder

by Pyromaniac Sep 24, 2015
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its great!
looks fantastic!
Will print a few for mt work friends

Nice minimalistic design! ;]

Are you able to fix hole bug without tilting so much? Fixed model doesn't hold cards so much cause cards are almost perpendicular to the surface.

any chance you have a similar design that could showcase cards that are vertical instead of horizontal?

This is being sold on Amazon India by a seller who has a bunch of items from Thingiverse. It might be worth contacting Amazon.

Hey, thanks for the info. I will have a look at it...

What's the best orientation to print this?

Hey Fred,
for me (my printer) it's like they are uploaded. Download them, open them in your slicer and start printing. That's how it is supposed to be. If it is not working that way for you, tell me why, then we will figure out a solution.
Regards, Pyro

Thanks for the quick reply! No issues, I haven't tried printing this one just yet. I'm about to begin though and just wondered what orientation everyone was using. I'm using XYZWare and I've noticed a lot of models load on their side for me. The way it's showing by default in this slicer is the way it appears in your third image (the first thingview thumbnail). Looks like a really cool model. Thanks again for this and the response!

If your printer shows it like in the 3. thumbnail, then its the best way to print it. This way you don't need any support or to print any bridges, it should be save to print with every printer. I always rotate my designs to the "load, slice and print" orientation, but of course everyone needs to proof this if it is useable with his printer. So in case you are not sure, better ask like you did :)

I wish you good luck then with the print and hope to see your "made" here soon ;)

Regards, Pyro

Nice model! I printed it with wood PLA and it came out nicely. Just FYI, the slanted model still has a small hole in it, on the slanted side. You can see it in the Thingiverse view.

Hi Asechrest,
thanks for showing me that one of the files is bad. I've uploaded another file which should be correct now. I also put a info into the "details" so everyone sees it.
If you have time, please take some photos of your print and show it to us :)

Happy Halloween.

Hey can you check out the model for the rounded card holder? there is a very small hole on the slanted part of it on the back. cheers!

I've uploaded a new version, now there should be no hole anymore. Thanks or pointing.

Thank you! I dont know if you uploaded both but the hole was on the square card holder as well. Thank you for the quick response!

How long does this typically take to make? I'm using a Polyprinter. Thanks!

I'm sorry, but I can't tell you. It depends on your settings and your printer. I think it took my printer with my settings about 45-60 Minutes.

Great gift idea! Will stock up a few. Vielen Dank!

Hello, I really like this print, and was wondering if you would like to try a sample of our 1.75mm PLA or flexible filament and see how it works out! Free filament and free shipping, (United States only) just contact me at [email protected] and I can get you set up! Thanks and I love this print I'm going to try it out for myself and see how it turns out! Feel free to checkout our new website at http://thefoxsmart.com/

how much filament does this print take? I am printing it right now and i'm not sure if I have enough!

Oh I'm sorry, I've never looked at this information, can't tell you. I hope you have enough filament left...

simple but smart design.

Love the design. Thank you!

Love the design man... about to send one to the printer now!

Nice idea! I haven't printed it yet, but probably will within the next few days.

Your design has got me thinking about card holders for the card game Dominion. I might, if and when I get around to it, do a similar design that holds the cards closer to horizontal, so that you can easily see the stacks of other cards behind them.

I am curious: What software did you use to make these?

Hi again :)
I've uploaded an openSCAD-Version now. With this, you should be able to create your own card holder for the game Dominion.

Thanks! I'll download it and (hopefully) within the next few days look at it closely. I'll let you know how it goes! Clark

Hi ArizonaClark,
nice to hear that you like my design.

This design is done with Cinema 4D.

I am playing around with Blender, OpenSCAD and a Student Version of Cinema 4D which will expire in about 6 months. So in the near future, I will stay with Blender and OpenSCAD.