Filament guides for Thing-O-Matic

by ModelStation Jul 25, 2011
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It would be great to see a picture of how the spool is attached to the TOM.

Nevermind, I see I can rotate it around on the platform so it is more centered.

My ABP hits the left side at the front when I go to make the top part. It happens when it is making the initial square around the part. How can I turn off that step?

These along with your version of the spool has made my life easier. My ToM is printing without me having to keep an eye on whether the filament is feeding correctly. I plan to use these also with a 1kg spool hanger (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10463)http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... for the filament I get on spools since these make for such a smooth transition. It mounts on the side, so I will just print another bottom guide to go on that side to bring the filament around to the existing guides. Thanks for your work on these.

Makerbot 1 kg Spool Holder Mashup

I'm glad you like it. I'll have to try the 1kg spool hanger. Thanks for pointing it out.

Those don't seem to work for me.

The side guide still isn't long enough. It need another 3 or 4 mm maybe to make it possible to clip it onto the side.

The bottom guide prints two non-joined objects. They're very close and melt together a little, but there's no strength there.

I haven't tried the top one.

I uploaded a repaired version of the guide, it printed like that once for me too.

The side guide should fit unless your TOM is different than mine. Attach it by hooking on the longer leg first (the one furthest away from the spool), making sure that it is pressed onto the wood fully - no gap left in the notch. Then snap the shorter leg on. It will need to be deflected a bit and
once in place it is not easy to remove.

If you do need to remove it and are having trouble doing so you can use a heat gun to warm up the plastic making it pliable.

The side guide referred to above has been replaced with TOM Guide Side v2.stl.

Excellent, printing now. Thank you!

That's a very tidy looking TOM. Where did you find those cable guides etc?