Ball joint phone mount with tripod mount

by anoved Sep 26, 2015
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Is there someone that created a ball joint for iPhone 4 / 4S and iPhone 8 ?


great job! could you put the pipe clamp on customizer too?

The neck for the sphere in the Ball_Joint.stl file is a bit too thin. Mine easily snapped off, especially since I followed the instructions and printed with 10% infill. I would recommend making a thicker neck for this file, at least as thick as the one in your phone clip

Another solution, of course, is to print with more infill.

Hello, I also printed the tripod ball at 100% infill and this part still broke. I second KennethY89's suggestion of making this part thicker like your phone clip.
Thanks for the designs. I plan on using it to film some builds.

e960fa309903535137afa0b58dd059ec.stl is an empty file, I suspect it is the tripod mount piece. Fortunately, I don't need that piece (I think?).

I am hacking this to use for a "attendant call" button for someone who is quadriplegic and can only move their head. The freedom of movement for the mount is a great help!

Thanks for sharing!

Size: 0 Jan 2 2016 e960fa309903535137afa0b58dd059ec.stl

Hmm, I'm not sure which file that is - have you tried downloading it directly from the "Thing Files" tab? All the files I've uploaded have [somewhat] more descriptive names.

Anyway I am very happy to hear you are using the model for such a meaningful purpose. Thanks for letting me know!

Great design! Nice flat, fat, and solid bases for optimum FDM adhesion. Printing a set right now for my iPhone 6+, excited to see how it turns out!

See some example videos recorded with this setup here and here.

you helped me out sooooo much thank you man now i can make videos with my fhone

Awesome! I hope it works out good.

Do you make a .stl file phone adapter for the iPhone 6?

I could. I think I wll make an OpenSCAD version compatible with Thingiverse Customizer so people can generate their own for whatever size phone they may have. Check back in a day or two!

Done - check out the "Open in Customizer" button now. Measure your phone and put in the new dimensions. I made an iPhone 4 version as an example. It shows up under Remixes.

Just created a phone adapter for my iphone. Thanks again!

Please could you use the thingiverse ZIP function for your files, I prefer the ZIP as it keeps files together until it is time to print them, otherwise they are just stl files mixed with all the others.

Thingiverse normally generates the ZIP files automatically. I did not choose to exclude it as you imply. How about putting your files in folders?

The All Files zip link has appeared!