Knucklebone Dice

by MishaT Sep 26, 2015
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О я все детство играл в Асык вот это да

This is awesome. these same pieces are used for a ball and jacks style game in Haiti known as Oslè. i have the real bones but these will be awesome to show and take on the go.

What I love about this is, you saved me the effort of doing it myself - I was literally about to start the process you did. Thank you.

So far - my favourite game rule is this one: The rule described by the emperor Augustus in a letter quoted by Suetonius says that anyone throwing 1 (canis = “dog”) or 6 (senio = "old"/"senior") must place a silver coin (a denarius) for each 1 or 6 in the pot; the first player to throw a “Venus” wins the pot. Where Venus is a perfect score of 24 (of interest, Venus is the only known defined value of "God" name used)

OMG!!! THis makes me cry! Makes me remember when I was a child playing with my passed away grand Ma.
In Argentina we called it "TABA".


Thank you so much for sharing your models. I wrote a lesson plan and blog post featuring your work.

That is super cool!

Awesome.. I want them.. How can i buy a set of Knucklebone dices

Thanks! If you don't have your own printer, or a friend with a printer you can buy them on my Shapeways store printed in nylon.


Awesome! I've always wanted to have some of these as RPG dice, thanks for the design! I just recently got Push Plastic's 'earth tones' PLA set, and the desert tan makes an awesome bone color. :D

A shame not that many games use D4s anymore. I wonder what modifications I could make to make them reliably 6-sided while still retaining as much of their unique look as possible... (There are fake 'knucklebone' 6-sided RPG dice, but they're little more than cubes with concave faces and pointy corners. Kinda lame.)

Thanks! Enjoy and please post a pic of the finished thing!