Ditto Dualstrusion

by emmett Jun 14, 2013
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I notice you use blue tape and no ABS paste. How do you get your prints to stick?

I print with PLA. It sticks great to blue tape. ABS is much more difficult; hot kapton was the only thing I found for that. I have no intension of going back to printing with ABS. Way too much warping.


I've used a high "skirt" (with Skeinforge/Skirt, index to 912345678) on the wider of the two models as a sacrificial wiper to keep the ooze blobs from being sprinkled about... it works but wastes a fair bit of plastic on the otherwise useless skirt.

Have you seen the Rhombic Dodecahedra Chain by emmet. /thing:31151 Same idea but his link together. It's pretty sweet.

Rhombic Dodecahedra Chain
by emmett

Thanks, but you do realize this is my thing too, right? In fact I listed the dodecahedra chain as an ancestor to this, because you're right, that's where the idea evolved from. By the way, my name has two T's. Anyway, I'm glad you like my designs.

ONG This was the greatest. I am reading along thinking it in my head and then there you are responding emmet! LMAO! I had a similar experience with a teacher of my daughters, where I thought I was talking to the principle about the teacher, but really all along talking to him when he finally says, sir you are speaking do Mr. Dadada now. Ha!!!lol your models are great emmet, and I hope to get to a good modeling level this year. I have not had time ti dedicate to it but hope to this year.

...I'm gonna blame that one on the fever. (I am so embarrassed)

No prob :)