Tardis Airport Extreme (2013) Case

by clubclay Jun 15, 2013
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This thing is awesome. Printed exactly as you said. It took a while but turned out great!

Fantastic design, I have the top half printed and love the method used to tackle the overhang but without support, Printed Really well with only a couple of minor loops hanging down from the most extreme free hanging pieces on the outside. Base is printing now and looks like it will come out perfect. Great venting in the base as This is going on a Time Capsule and they get fairly warm.

Completed about 22 hours total print time but came up amazing

Excellent print! So good to hear your enthusiasm for the raft-less roof structure - took me ages to figure out :)
Make the most of your Time Capsule, they don't make them anymore ...

I love this! Wish I had an Airport extreme so I could print =)

I can print the base easily but the top will not print, the windows shear off during printing and the head loses location. Anyway the top could have the windows filled in?

You could fill the windows in, but, I like that it uses the white of the device to be the 'glass'. You may need to take a look at your slicer settings, or printer X/Y-axis belt? Another trick would be to rotate it around the Z axis by 5 degrees, so it prints slightly rotated on the bed. Maybe that will help. In general though, the mesh has printed fine.

I printed one this week. It took a total of 2 days, but it worked beautifully.

Makerbot Replicator 2
High Definition No supports or Rafts
230 Degree build temp. No bed warmer

Waaaait! No support at all? I did not even try the top that way... I figured there was no way the fine details on the outside and that big cavity on the inside were coming out w/o support.

It really printed decent without support?

The supports that are added on the one I am holding are gonna take a good bit of elbow grease to clean off.

It really printed no problem. The design of the roof was perfect, and quite pretty on the inside to be frank. Try it again, I would think that it will come out better than expected.

Will reprint and post pics. Thanks.

That intricate design inside the roof was specifically to avoid supports - it's the first sentence of the instructions! It's a series of straight line bridges, of around 2cm each, that close up the giant hole - I'm rather proud of it :) It may be easier to just print the top again. No Raft. No Supports.

Please post print photos when you are finished!

please post some pictures! High definition was overkill - low is fine, and prints in hours, not days, I've also had separation issues in the lid on medium - I'm not sure why. Anyway - glad your print went well, please post some pictures!!!!

Sorry, I had trouble posting the pictures. For some reason or another they wont come out properly. To answer you question, I used MakerBot PLA.

Looks really good - a really great print, looks much better than my prints! Great job.

Tried printing the top twice. Shifted twice on the y axis. Once 1 cm the other about 5cm. Looks like it occurred in almost the same exact spots. Really strange that the 2 failures almost look the same. Anyone else have issues using a RigidBot and Cura?

Does your slicer have a preview ? Is your Y belt tight ? What resolution are you printing at ? I get best results at 0.3mm

Yes, cura has a 3d preview and it looks great. y belt appears good. other objects print fine which is odd, right? Both times i was trying to print at .1mm

Think an apple tv could be put in this case

I definitely made one with no problems.
Makerbot replicator 2
Low definition
0.3mm layer height
Temperature 217degrees

I uploaded pictures to the I made it section but couldn't find them just now.

I got the pictures - they look great! Is that ABS ? What bed temp ? I could not get ABS to print without curling so much it tore itself apart. I didn't try the low definition though.

I do not have a warmer plate if that's what youre asking about the bed temp. My build temp is the only temp I set at 217 degrees. I do not use Makerbot PLA because I find it has more temperature issues than a pissed off girlfriend. I buy my PLA from http://Sainsmart.comSainsmart.com. 1.75mm PLA. I keep my build temp set at 217. It hardly ever has issues. I also always print on Low definition. The reason is... I've built 4 or 5 designs out of low, medium, and high to see the difference... and overall, I really don't see a difference in the quality settings. So I always build on low, and I always get great builds. I also keep my infill at 10%. I do not have one of the new time capsules, I had actually just found this because I wanted to print a tardis for my mom because she is in love with Dr. Who. And this was the sweetest/hardest one I could find. (Go big or go home?) So I started it. It took 5 hours for the lid, and 8 hours for the bottom half. First try, no fuck ups. It was fantastic. Let me know if you have any other questions, sorry this took so long for a response.

I'm trying to print this out (great build by the way) however I'm getting errors for the top section where the print shifts anywhere from 3mm to 5mm to the left/right. The bottom section printed fine up till the last few layers where it shifted to the left 3mm. Ran it through netfabb and no luck (came out worse). Using Makerware to slice. Wondering if it's an error due to the splitting of the halves? Any help would be appreciated!

Hello - I'm not sure whats going on, can you tell me more about your printer, what versions of the software are you using etc. You could be experiencing a slipping belt / loose pulleys, I've had that and needed to carefully tighten some things up. This must be pretty frustrating on such a long print, but the model is sound, as best I can tell. Please post pictures when you have managed to get the print to work!

I'm using a Makerbot Replicator 2. The build I started after this the raft shifted about 5mm to the left so I checked and one of the X axis screws were loose! So I've tightened up the belt and we'll try again. Thanks for that, was trying to troubleshoot between the printer, the gcode and the model :) Fingers crossed this works and will upload completed pics too, thanks again!

Awesome - don't over tighten, I de-threaded one of my pulleys once! You should not need to use a raft or supports with this model, it's designed to not need either. Can't wait for the photo.

Turns out it was a faulty XYZ cable, have replaced and the top printed perfectly :) Will have to reprint the base at some stage as the top shifted slightly but only just noticed. Pictures soon. Thanks again for the help and great build!

I was just about to create a derivative with the netfab fixed .stl of the original, but saw your version first.

Do you still have the version where you "removed / replaced the non-manifold fonts and did a lot of reworking
of the rest of the mesh in Blender, including lots of tweaks to make it
print better when large"? ie before you cut it up etc.

Is that likely to be better than just a netfab repair? If so could you add it here or create a new remix? Otherwise I'll just add the netfab one.

How big do you want to print it ? Most of the tweaks were to do with the internal structure for the case (closing the roof) but some of them were to make the external print better - I would need to tidy up the windows to make a new piece just for solid printing. Whats your timeline (when you do you want it by) ?

I actually don't want to print it for now. I was looking at an OpenSCAD issue someone logged on GitHub, so I put the original through netfab to check it; it turned out non manifold.

So I though it would be good to save people pain to post the fixed version. Then I saw yours.
As you don't have a version handy, I'll just post the fixed one.

If you care to & think it better, you could add a solid if/when you have time.

(I would have though making the STL on the big side [8"x8"ish?] so people could down scale if needed)

I added supports for the overhanging roof, tweaked for the size I was printing, my POLICE BOX lettering is very neat and was done from scratch. I have included the .blend file, and blender is a free download - unhide the 'Actual Tardis' object in the scene viewer, select it, and export as .stl - that will give you the solid .stl you want - the .blend file contains everything you need. I removed the other text from the side panels, I felt that would be better served with a little sticker than in 3D (possibly true of the POLICE BOX text as well).

Thanks, I'll add a note to the fixed Thing in case anyone want to do that.

I'm am going to upload a new version with new pictures in the next couple of days, if you have printed this, please create an account and share your pictures, it's a nice way to give creators a boost that their efforts are being used!

I have one minor improvement to this coming in the next week, but otherwise the new 2 part pieces work well. Be very careful when taking the top print off, not to snap the window struts.