diamonds on ultimaker

by joris Jul 28, 2011
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Cool! Nice to see it made, my ToM has been out of commission since I designed this... Been waiting several weeks for parts and was told it will be at least 2 more weeks today DONT_KNOW.

I think to get the derivative thing to work you have to go to the original item click "I made this" then on the next page click the button for "I changed this".

Also I recently came across a 100 faceted diamond... which should be all kinds of fun to program in OpenSCAD.

Hi M_G,

It is a derivative when I edit the thing, but that function is quite new, I don't see the derivative link on the page [yet]. When I say I made one, I cannot [or don't know] insert extra text...
About the more facetted diamond, I rather like one with less facettes, so the corner/edges will be sharp
er/more visible...

The diamond on my TOM turned out pretty good. Being hollow it is very light.

it looks nice...!

I just thought, what about popping something into it as it gets half way through the print? (I assume it is hollow!). Would be a cool aand original way of packaging a gift for someone :) Diamond ring perhaps?

yes, it is hollow, i only have to print the diamond ring to put inside...

I performed a difference operation on 2 diamonds (the smaller one was 80% the size of the other one) and threw in some pieces to make a rattle. It didn't print as nicely as I would've hoped.

Oooooh, the Quantum Gemerald!