Spiral Earring

by mizchief100 Jun 15, 2013
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Great Earring. This is excellent thing. I am so glad look some work. THANK you for beautiful. :)

The picture doesn't show it but the earring is huge. It doesn't show in the pic because her hair is hiding part of it and in the other pic, you only see a part of her face so there's no real point of reference for visual size estimation. I will make the necessary changes and repost this item.

You must resize the item to 7.62 times the original size, reorient the item to a vertical position, and print with brim at 30 mm/s speed or ti will fail.

Your earring design is beautiful, and I'd love to print them, but I don't have an easy way to rotate the STL file so that it will be in the right orientation to print.
Is there any chance that you'd also post the STL files with the earrings in the right orientation? :-)


Done. Reoriented for your printing pleasure. Enjoy!

Printable Spiral Earring

They always failed for me in a horizontal configuration, but printed just fine in a vertical position with a brim support on the ultimaker. Put them in the same orientation they would be on someone's ear. I even did these as a 3D print demonstration on a wobbly table at an anime con...

yeah, the file is WAY too small and sideways to print on a standard 3d printer.


Resized and reoriented for your printing pleasure. Enjoy!

Printable Spiral Earring

They look awesome. Do you have any advice on the settings used to print it? I've had no success so far, always failingafter a while when the 6 branches are distinguished. I tried to print it vertically like on the video, and i guess the fact that needs to print 6 little sections makes it tricky. Very low speed?

30 mm per second print speed and travel speed. Also, carefully use a dial gauge to measure your nozzles. Use the lower nozzle to do your print. I also resized it bigger so the spirals are thicker and stronger so that they don't break mid-print. Enjoy!


Printable Spiral Earring

Thanks! When I printed them I used a makerbot rep 2 and had it set to two shells and 10% infill and 'medium' precision of 0.2mm layers with no support or raft. That is a bummer that the branches fail after a bit, you could try using support under them. Slower speed is also a good idea! I've never messed with it but that would probably increase accuracy. I also set my temperature 5 degrees Celcius above average just to be sure it flows smoothly. Hope this helps.