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Three-path Dice Tower

by bainite Sep 30, 2015
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I'm sorry to say that due to 3dPyroPrint's refusal to abide by the Creative Commons's Intellectual Property Licensing, I will no longer be posting designs. It's been a fun few years, but I cannot abide rudeness.

Are these parts small enough to print on the MP Select Mini?

I checked the specs on their site, (120x120x120). The stair modules can be arranged to take up only 90x90x74. The tower sections range from 107x95x50 to 90x78x50. Technically, that should fit in the printer. (By the way, I measured the print volume of each part by loading them into Slic3r and looking at the "info" window.) Good luck!

Great thanks. I’ll have to try it.

I made a little adapter plug to use 1/4" glue required!

Magnet Adapter Bung
by moofie

I made a magnet adapter to use the quarter-inch magnets I had lying around, instead of the 1/3" ones bainite specified.

Put the magnet in the thing, flip it over, stick it in the part. Make sure you align your poles correctly or you'll be sad!

Magnet Adapter Bung
by moofie

What size magnets are those? I would like to get some that fit it perfectly, the ones I have are either too small or too big. thanks.

The holes are intentionally a loose fit for 0.3x0.11" Home Depot. The hole is around 8.5x3.5mm, so an 8x3 magnet would be about right. Use epoxy or superglue gel to fix them in place.

Thanks, this tower is amazing and prints perfectly on my M3D printer. great job on the design!

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Im pretty new to this 3D printing and I figured Id start on the ground floor with the M3D. I loaded this .stl and for the ground level it was saying the fastest it will print is 6+ hours and that's using settings:
Print Quality: Low
Fill Density: Hollow Thick Walls
support (no)
Model Support (no)
Wave bonding (yes)
Raft (yes)

Am I totally clueless and missing some huge ground breaking trick?

No, that was pretty much my experience with the M3D as well. These parts almost fill the build space, and it's a lot of plastic to lay down. Even on my larger Wilson II, it still takes hours if I slice for fine detail.

Having some problems with the dice shooting out the side holes... they drop down the hole, hit the first step and ricochet out the side. I'm thinking to soften those first couple of steps with some felt to see if that slows them down.

Still printing (4 hours for each tower segment and 3 hours for each staircase). This looks really nice but the next time I print this I will try some of the following changes:

  • print the whole tower as one piece and then the stairways. Should just fit within my printing space.
  • Make a slight conical dip in the middle of the top tower segment. Then I can just drop a whole load of d6 and let them follow their own path.
  • add something to catch the dice. When my d20s come out of the center they shoot across (or off) the table.

That idea with the conical dip is great! I think I'll do a "push-pull" on the radius at the top edge of the holes, and eliminate any flat surface on the top.

What did you use to glue the magnets into place? I was thinking a two part epoxy, but wanted some input on what worked haha

Plain old Cyanoacrylate Glue. (Gorilla brand superglue to be precise) It also helped that the holes were a snug fit on my magnets.
I used parchment paper (silicone-impregnated cooking paper stuff) on my desk top to avoid ruining it. I first "buttered up" the inside of the hole with glue, placed the magnet on top of the parchment paper, and pressed the tower segment down over the magnet, forcing it into the hole. The desk surface (which is protected by the parchment paper) made sure that the magnet was flush with the surface.

To avoid any mistakes, I only did "one side" of each magnet pair this way. After the glue finished setting up, I laid parchment paper over the section with the magnet already glued in, then placed the matching magnet on top. then I "buttered up" the holes in the mating section, and pressed it over the magnets held in place by the already-glued section.

This way, I made no north-south mistakes. I also made sure that each section had at least one magnet mounted the "other way". This meant that the sections snapped together in only one orientation. If all the magnets in a tower section were north-south (instead of north-south, north-south, south-north), then the tower could go together facing ±120° in the wrong orientation.

Thank you for the quick response! my magnets fit great, but they aren't a snug fit. I will grab some Cyanoacrylate Glue and get this thing put together! I still need to print the two stairways.

Again, this is an awesome design! Thanks so much for sharing and spreading the knowledge.

EDIT: Also, I was already watching my north and south poles, but the note to have 1 different was a GREAT idea that I hadn't thought of yet. Thanks for the tip!

This is very cool and i have been wanting to find a tower that printed off of the M3D..Will post when done..Thanks again.

Thank you! -I just finished printing mine.