Cornelius Vanderbilt II Mansion - NYC

by jonmonaghan Aug 1, 2011
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Will this work on a rep 2x

it should work because it worked for the makerbot replicator mini very well

I've seen this 10 times and it always amazes me! Andrew (http://3dhacker.com3dhacker.com)

Hey Jon -

Great Print! I noticed that your prints are glass smooth, can you share the tech specs on how you're achieving this? cheers --Joe

I don't think those are prints, I'm pretty sure they're computer renderings using something like blenders "cycles"

This was a four hour print. The results are great. I love the little railings around each of the balconies.

It sure would make a fantastic summer cottage on Nantucket Island where I could run my TOM all by myself. :)

Thanks for the model! Great benchmark in terms of precision.

My print is and 0.17mm layer-height print with 0.085mm perimeter height, scaled at 0.4 and turned 150
˚ for better x/y alignement. Took Netfabb 5 minutes to slice and the Ultimaker did the rest in 10:20 hours.

Sadly I decided to go with a bit of support for the overhangs on the second floor. Didn't do any good, but messed up parts of the façade.

Thanks! Good to hear! Ya I tried to make it so it wouldn't need any support.

I'll print it again sometime without support and with the upcoming sprinter firmware. Should be even better. You can see here https://picasaweb.google.com/116416453568555193309/UltimakerCorneliusVanderbiltIIMansionhttps://picasaweb.google.com/1... some additional photos which show the oozing and other flaws.

I printed it. Looks great! But I want to print it again before sharing a picture -- such a gorgeous object!

Nobody tried to print it? :(

I had trouble slicing it with replicator-g? Most likely, it needs to go through a repair of the mesh.

I was using replicator-G 25. and then further, repaired the mesh with netfabb. Tried rotating it too with all the usual tricks not to mention 2 different computers with one being XP pro and the other Windows 7 pro.

Complaining about an unexpected overflow. Obviously a few have gotten it to print.

It works for me on rep-g25 - just takes a while!

It works for me on rep-g25 - just takes a while!

All I hear is, "Awesome creepy scooby-doo house"

... and I would have "made" it, if it wasn't for those pesky kids!