18650 Battery Case

by Erikjuh Oct 2, 2015
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I keep ending up with new batteries for different projects. Anyone know the scale factor for a 10440 lithium? I ended up with a couple I'd like to safely store because those are tiny!

10440 is equivalent to AAA. Someone just made a remix for AAA size, you might try that: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3562105

AA / AAA Battery Case (optionally for Keychain)

Hi, nice case, worked perfectly.
I do have one thought, the case could be made waterproof by starting the thread a little higher say 1mm then an O ring could be inserted between the case and the cap. Would make a nice pill/match box for camping. Currently the O ring bulges slightly but still works.

It possible to print it for our facebook vape group and sell it for small Euros for pull down costs for filament and electricity ?

Hi BazZuP,

I'm absolutely fine with you printing a bunch and selling them for cost price in a private group, as long as you don't sell them to make money. Make sure to post a make here if you print some, I always like to see that :)

:-) I think my top cap is little bit to small. I need a tongs to close the top cap first time. or the thread is not so fine. I print it actually again with 50mms and 0,1 layer

Been using this for years! Would be great to see this scaled to 21700.

Done. Scaled both parts, so the fit of the threads might not be perfect. If you print it, let me know how the threads fit!

Hey! Sorry for the delay there's been a lot of prints to get through. The threads worked buttery smooth on my print. Thanks a bunch for that Erikjuh!

Thank you for the feedback, glad it works well!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thanks this printed great, prefect fit. If you scale to 77.5% (+-0.5) it will fit 14500 batteries.

Very good composition...

The threads are very gently and run out of the printer perfect.
I like it...

Thanks a lot

Looks great!
Can you add a double CR123 case?

Thanks! Printed out on the Rostock TL4100, 15% fill, 150% speed. Came out great, just added a bit of WD40 to the threads to make it super smooth. Now to distribute to my friends that smoke those eCig's so they can safely store their batteries. Well done, great design!

I noticed the included CR123A case is not in an STL format. Is there a reason for that, or was it just an oversight?

That must have been a mistake. Fixed now :)

I am searching for the same but for 3 of 18650 to make a 12v flashlight. Do you have the possibility to make one?

I made one of these and it prints perfectly with no support on the thread, however when I try to make a thread I always need support, how did you make the thread on this?

Keep the overhang of the thread at about 45 degrees and you should be fine :)

This is great! Threads work awesome! Thanks for posting this!

Printed this last night, came out great, threads are perfect. However, the battery sticks out the top of the bottom case by 3/16", which doesn't allow me to tighten the top, as I don't want to put pressure on the battery inside. These aren't protected batteries, so I'm a little puzzled about the fit. Looking at the photos, the shot with the battery in the case also looks to be over the top of the case. Is it possible to get another version of this case 3/16" longer? Or share the design files. Thanks.

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That's strange, when I put my samsung 25R in there and close the cap all the way, the battery still moves a little bit. It does stick out a bit (about half a mm or 1/32"), but there is some room left inside the cap when it is closed all the way.
Your batteries (assuming they are 18650's) should me 65 mm long, or 2 9/16". Try and measure them, but be careful if you use metal calipers, you don't want to cause a short.

You're the first one that says their battery doesn't fit. Easiest thing for you to do is to scale the print to about 107%, should be easy to do in your slicer.

Thanks for the reply. I only have one brand of 18650, LiCB, and they come in at 67.20 mm, so that must be the issue. I tried a different model on thingiverse and it was just a bit longer, my batteries have just the slightest bit of movement, so all is good.

Thanks again.

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Great design, thanks!

One more thing - it could be useful to have a label on the main tube. If the battery is empty, then you put it positive contact downwards and vice versa.

If you just remember that positive up is full, and positive down is empty, why do you need a label?

Was looking for caps and found this printed well without and problems. Nice tight fit lid easy to grip. See My Thing For Details. http://www.thingiverse.com/make:187993 Thanks Awwsome thing

18650 Battery Case

I really like this. Is there anyway you would be willing to modify this to fit a cylindrical battery measuring 63.20mm long with a 12.35mm diameter (+/- 0.05mm both ways)? Or if not, upload the source files so I can try to tweak it myself?