Little Planter

by macouno Jun 17, 2013
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How are you hanging the pot?

I used a "reamer" on a pocket knife to make a tiny hole in the back (a drill will do)... easier than designing a nicely printable hole ;)

So small and light... I used some double stick tape... working so far..

awesome idea but how do you handle the drainage of the pots?

I added some ceramic pellets in the bottom, then it's a case of: don't over-water. Seems to work ok so far.

The other option is to mix in some active charcoal or put some on the bottom. The same kind you use for terrariums. I'm an avid gardener so I use it in all my indoor plants and even some outdoor ones susceptible to mold like strawberries. Thanks for the print!

I printed your planter on my Relicator 2 using PLA. At .7mm I got some thin places and holes. Using the Blender file you published, I had Blender make it .9mm thick and it printed great. Thanks, I love the design.

HI Charles_Xavier & villekl, thanks for stopping by: I completely understand why you mention printing it upside down. Actually... look closely at the picture with the little green mossy plant. You can see that one's bottom is rounded, and it was printed upside down. But... I found you had to either thicken the print a lot or get the print settings "just right" to make it watertight. And the way I have it now, with the flat bottom. It makes a very nice merged/watertight surface, and is much easier to print. plus... I kind of like this style ;)

Thanks for the response! Can you upload your file for the round bottom'd part? I might try my hand at printing it and seeing just how good my print settings are. :)

Sorry I don't have that file any more. But it's basically a sphere elongated 1.5 times, with a wall thickness of 0.7mm, so it should be easy to make yourself.

It looks great! I bet you could print this upside down without any support, especially if the bottom was rounded out some more. Congrats on being featured!

Very nice. I have printed several pots like this but none looked this nice. A half circle for non-corner use would be nice. Also if you designed it other way up the bottom wouldn't have to be flat.