Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Wind Powered Electric generator

by RNoodles Oct 6, 2015
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do i use magnets that are flush or can i use 5mm they will protrude 2mm up out of the holes. or does bigger equal more electricity at all? i found 16 mm round magnets 3mm thick cause that's what tis measured when i scaled it and looked at the holes for the magnets. is this what you intended? and so what gage wire and how many wraps do you know yet? im going to use this and try it out for myself. i do wish it had ceramic bearings it would be a long working model if it did.

To be honest with you, I have not reprinted this since I scaled everything up and tried to make it more 3d printer friendly. I initially created this when I had little to no 3d modeling skills (they still haven't gotten much better).

I would try to stick to magnets that sit flush with the holes. The smallest gauge wire you can use the better (the more windings, the more voltage will go through the coil, but also the higher the strength of the magnet too. So find a happy balance). I tried to put in a small spot so one could put a small ring magnet on the rotor and above the hole of the stator, this would allow the rotor to "float" minimizing or reducing friction.

Seriously, if you can get it to work, props because this is still mostly a concept in my head that I was able to slightly model. I never got it to work. Can't wait to see your progress!