Gameboy Advance SP Enclosure

by oquarmby Oct 6, 2015
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Where are L and R keys?

Do the shoulder buttons stick out the sides?

Hi do you have an updated .stl? I am having trouble fitting it all together.

Maybe you could make a cut similar to the cartridge slot, for the link and charging cable.

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Where did you happen to find the barrel jack?

This guy made it and used the original buttons.


Thanks for linking my build :)

Gotta say I'm really impressed with this. And pretty tempted to try it.

How did you get the battery to work? I'm very close to just removing the holder and hot-gluing the battery in so it is in the right position.

I want too know if it is possible to make it so it can use the l and r buttons?

Hey i was wondering if i could still use the original buttons?

No you can't use the original buttons. This is basically the original shell thickened. So the included buttons are much taller than the originals. I just made one and can confirm this. You can use the original power switch though and that's what i am doing. It feels much better than the printed version. I am currently working on a remix to make the case longer so that it hides an original gameboy game, I hate the cartridge hanging out the bottom, this will also allow me to ad space for a few screws on the bottom so it doesn't have to be glued together. After I get that perfected I am going to try to find a way to make use of the L and R buttons. The only way I see to do this right now is to desolder them and aim them out the back of the case. We'll see