Rainbowduino Word Clock

by PawArmy Oct 7, 2015
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My Rainbowduino does not have the 'breakout' pins shown for the buttons to connect to (pins 0 and 1).
Are they just extensions of the pins they line up with that would go to the matrix connector?

They connect to the arduino A0 & A1 pins. If you have a https://www.itead.cc/wiki/Colorduino_V1.4 or a different board you could use a couple of pin from the ISP connector like MISO & MOSI then change the program to use Pin 11 & 12.

Good idea! Thank you.

This thing is very cool, thank you for making the conversion.

This thing is also cool, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1638743 of which I have printed a couple.

I'd like to take the face plate and make it work with the case above.

Can I ask you to take a couple of minutes to take a look at seeing what it would take? I have tried briefly but am not sure just how... I will try again.

Rainbowduino Case
by ridercz

Well that was easier than I expeccted.


However, now I realize I need holes for buttons....

Word Clock Faceplate for Thing 1638743
by Eddiie

what font did you use ?

The font is called "Stencil Gothic"

Thanks a lot. Useful font for printing negative text in 3D with no loosing parts.

This looks like such a fun project. i went to the Adafruit website where it looks like they sell all the boards. I was wondering if all the pieces can be purchased as one whole kit with the acrylic enclosure. It is the acrylic enclosure that I am most interested in. All the other nuts and machine screws should be readily available at a Home Depot or Lowes. I though if it could all be purchased together it would be much less running around.

I copied the parts list below.


Trinket Pro 5V
DS1307 Real Time Clock breakout board kit
NeoPixel NeoMatrix 8x8
Wordclock laser-cut acrylic enclosure
4-40 black nylon screws (x14)
4-40 black nylon nuts (x14)
2-56 black SS machine screws (x2)
2-56 Black SS Hex Nut (x4) 
Wires, silicone cover are easiest to use but just about any ~22-26 AWG wires will do
MicroUSB cable (for uploading the code and powering the clock)
5V 1A USB port power supply (if you don't want to just power the clock from your computer)

I don't know if anyone sells the case as a kit. Adafruit does provide the files needed to have one cut. I don't have access to a laser cutter so I created this version with a case that can be 3d printed. It uses a rainbowduino board and a RGB LED Matrix instead of the Trinket Pro and NeoMatrix to bring the cost down. I did make a version that uses the NeoMatrix and a arduino mini pro that also has a 3d printable case.

3D Printable NeoMatrix 8x8 Word Clock
by PawArmy

Thank you. Such a cool idea

Where are "One", "Two", "Seven", "Ten", and "Twelve"?

I've uploaded 12 pictures to show how that works.

I decided to try and model a 10x10 grid, so letters wouldn't have to be skipped. Thanks for the inspiration to get me to try this. I learned some new OpenScad tricks making the grid.


Excellent. This is the other clock face I was thinking of using with a NeoPixel 8x8 Matrix but I think I would want it to be bigger so it's readable from a distance.
Clock Face

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I believe the extra letters spell "Andy Doro" which is the name of the guy who created the clock I based the design on. Some of the words skip a letter to fit them all in the matrix, like "TWEL_VE" skips an "E" so ELEVEN can also be made on that line using some of the same letters.