Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by Taco3D Oct 7, 2015
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Awesome. One last request . I tried the print the front and (my printer) said it was too big. I only have a small 149.86x149.86 print area. Could you make a two piece version of that one piece ?

Hi, The CR10 files from windmill have been scaled up to fit the Creality10 50x50x50 printer. Lets say you have a maximum of 149.68 mm you have to use scale factor 149.86/500 = 0.29972. You can use Netfab software to do the scaling and export the scaled STL's I like to warn/ point out the mill is still in a development stadium. I will be back when I have time to create a robust version that needs no tuning at all and fits in with excising dynamo/ steppen-motors.
Good energy results ask for a dimension of 300 mm and larger. Also danger is involved, the 500mm is capable of chopping of fingers during test runs! Good Luck!

any time frame on the updated version that holds a small 3-12 volt motor?

Hi, I have added a Creality 10 version that has a fitting for a motor.All still under construction, hope to update soon.

Make it fit inside a 4"-6" water pipe!
Check out honestpower.io

Drop fidget spinners, pickup wind.
Just a step to the left, right?
Beautiful design!
Thank you for sharing.

Thanks, you're right, a lot of the mechanics is still missing but Fidget idea is a good one!
This was just a first try to test the concept. I I will try to enhance the design this summer.

I Would love to see them as a drone propeller. If anyone is interested in (dangerous) testings please contact me.
Kind regards Taco

As a "Drone" Racer, I can confirm tests have been done ;)
Sadly they don't produce enough thrust. Even normal shaped props, with 4 tips, produce less lift than those of 2 tips.

This design produces no lift at all lol

Thank you for your testing! I am interested in which model you used and how you connected it? I got two types that are extremes from each other for testing. The shell type does not have much lift capacities but does work better in water. At the time I posted the question I regarded to the original model. I am also curious how you mounted them to your drone? Hope you can clarify your testings. Best regards, Taco