Official Filastruder Enclosure

by OSPrinting Jun 22, 2013
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what are you driving the motor with ? where are you getting power from? no arduino or other driver ? nice setup but im lost without some kind of electrical drawing or sketch or a list of electronics components
I already have a lyman unit but yours looks a lot more compact

3DPrintClean is developing an Odor and Ultrafine Particle filtration attachment for DIY enclosures. Would make a great addition. See http://3dprintclean.com/3dprintclean-scrubber.htm - Disclosure, I am the founder of 3DPrintClean.

What are good print settings for the guide bar? That is a TINY part in repetier. I had to flip x 180 degrees for it to show up correct. My print preview looks nothing like it. I am printing 1.75mm ABS.

Parts list:

22x 8-32 screw 1/2"

12x 8-32 nut

3x 8-32 1.25" screw

4x 1/4 Washer

2x 8-32 2" screw

4x Guide bar (printed part)

1x Guide Base (printed part)

1/2" plywood

1/4" plywood

18x 8-32 Threaded Inserts

4x 1/4-20 T nut or regular nuts will work

80mm Fan if you don't already have one.


I uploaded a DXF file of all the filese to soliforum. Check and make sure they work.

i couldnt open the dxf files... please try to fix that.
it says no known file format. (i used CS6)

i had to grab the Lasercut files out of the .stp...
wich was quite difficult.. had to download freecad only to be able to open the step files.. then export to 3D file that would open in Rhino (2D export didnt work).. then i had to manually select all projected border lines for the cutting..
later saving them to the needed .ai format so i could then open it in Illustrator for preparing the laser process... quite a hassle

I had the same problem, so I "remixed" the files and have uploaded the proper DXF files. OSprinting, feel free to take those files please if you'd like to replace them. They are saved using Autodesk Inventor, in DXF 2007 file format (2007 has had the most compatibility for me, with programs like inkscape and coreldraw.)
I ran out of material so I technically have not tested that the files are correct. I believe them to be correct.

Filastruder "Official" enclosure *Unofficial* DXF files (these ones work!)
by Tomek

same problem here

Can you fix the font above on the parts list??!!

Any chance in posting up some DXF files of the enclosure to make CNC routing these enclosures easier?

Ill get right on it!

Two questions:

  1. When can we expect the 1.1 rev to match the >134 KS units?

  2. What are the units in the guide assembly STL files? Inches? The guide bars come up as 3.37 units long. Just want to confirm before I print. I do not have my kit in hand yet to compare to the fan.

Thanks for making this kit!

Everything was done in inches. I have also added a v1.1 for the part# OSP009. That should be the only part that will need to change for you to upgrade your kit. You can find the dxf in the enclosure dxf.zip file. Let me know if you need anything else changed

  1. I will be working on that this week. Sorry that it has taken so long.

  2. I did everything in inches.

Thanks! I plan to print and cut this holiday weekend so I hope you can make the changes before Saturday. Tracking tells me my kit should be on my doorstep today or tomorrow.

Are you guys going to start selling this thing?

We do plan to start selling enclosures and hardware kits in a week or two. Also