Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

(Minion) ramps 1.4 remix for mpcnc

by technomastermind Oct 7, 2015
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I can not find a .stl file for this type of display:
It's on preview but it's not in the
.stl file. I would like to use case with aviation plugs and 12864 LCD.
What size should the fans be?

i printed the big box with the 6 holes and the fan inside tghats for the big screen. Do you have that big box withe the small screen?

Where is the top for the smaller led screen with the knob on the bottom? I just printed for 8 hours the side and have the aviation connectors in hand?

Hi Shannonb1

The connectors are GX16 Aviation Plug.

ebay item number 372040618103

Thanks for your feedback.

What are the connectors called?

Hi. What kind of screws do I need for the Ramps and the LCD?

Hi fishtown

Use some M2 x8mm self tapping screws for the lcd.
You could very well use M3 self tappers if you have any at hand.

Thanks for your feedback ,-)

is this a 3d printer interface?

Hi Cyberstar254

I made this for the MPCNC,yes its a control box.
please see this link for more info.


Thanks for your feedback.

Mostly Printed CNC "MPCNC" BURLY F-25mm OD

Lid is not deep enough for the plugs that come with Reprap value LCD plugs are deep and needed to cut hole in lid back plate to accommodate.

Thanks for your feedback Lucan07

Yes good call on those plugs,i ground approx 2mm off the back of each ribbon plug to make them fit.
I will post an updated LCD frame with a slightly deeper back to better accommodate the ribbon connectors.

Just had a chance to check back in. Thanks for making the requested updates! Can't wait to print!!!


I shall have the articulated arm and slide-in bracket mount uploaded shortly.
These will include a flat plate and tube/pipe mounting clip option.

Thanks for your feedback,looking forward to some build photos.

Any updates on the mounts? I'm doing my best patiently waiting lol!

Nevermind I guess you have the mounts published separately here:

That's the right one?

minion ramps lcd mounting bracket

Thanks hodgeac

Yes these are the mounts your looking for.
Keep me posted on your results plus build Pics ,<)

Thanks for your feedback Crussty.

would you like a back for the LCD that includes a clamp for tube fitting,or a flat plate for surface mounting?
Also regarding the ramps main body enclosure,would you like a solid top including the cutout for the ribbon cable.
Or would you prefer a solid rounded top with ribbon cables exiting the side of the enclosure.

Also what do you mean by remoted,are you referring to separating the LCD and main body and connecting them together using the ribbon cable?

Post me a photo of what your looking for and i shall wip something up for you post haste.

Wow, thanks for the quick reply!

Yes, by "remoting" I mean mounting the LCD on the frame attached with the ribbon cables. I actually have the Geetech GLCD so I just released it's a different layout than what you did, but hopefully adaptable. http://www.geeetech.com/reprap-smart-controller-lcd12864-version-led-turn-on-control-p-690.html

My plan is to attach a small pivoting speaker mount to the T-slot of my printer frame so that the LCD can be angled as needed.
I can't post a picture now, but can try to get you an idea of what I'm wanting to do later.

For the box, a solid rounded top would be best with the ribbon cable coming out the side. I am adding a bluetooth module to the ramps which I intend to velcro into the top of the lid. I kind of picture it as a treasure chest type thing.

Thanks so much!

Thanks crussty
I shall design a solid rounded top with ribbon cable exiting through the side of the enclosure.
For the LCD mounting i can design a mounting plate with an adjustable clamp for positioning ease of viewing.

The minion ramps that i have designed accommodates the three main LCDs on the market,take a look at my other minion ramps for more details.

Try to send me a pic of your machine and probable/preferred mounting locations,and i shall set to work on the design.

Thanks for your requests and feedback ,<)

This is wonderful! Would it be possible for you to:

  1. Add a solid hinged lid so LCD can be remoted, and
  2. Add a stand alone version of the LCD holder that can be attached remotely to the frame?