Rostock MAX v2 - Spool Support Arm - Mod RL 2x 608

by RMLynch Oct 8, 2015
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don't know what happen on Thingiverse but when I download your file, the only STL that is inside the archive is this one : https://cdn.thingiverse.com/renders/c6/b3/b2/e1/c3/Spool_Support_Arm_-_Mod_RL_2x_608_preview_featured.jpg

Can you reupload the archive ?


I made an adapter for the rostock max v3 to use this spool holder while maintaining the original uprights for the original spool holder. Would you like me to share it with you to add as an optional file?

Hi abxsimtech,

So sorry for the slow reply.

Yes, sure if you would like to share your design that would be fine!

You could always publish your design under the "Remixes" section of my design.


Printed mine at 25% infil withi Carbon Fiber PLA. turned out well the M8 threaded scree went in just fine one the 10mm washer and the end hook. I had some serious issues with nylon m8 nut being too difficult. So I used a regular m8 nut and that seems to be working well. the spool cones printed well, tho I had some serious fit issues with the bearings. only managed to get one in on each cone. Still seems to be working better than the stock spool holder. I can see what some people mean when they say the design is a bit of extra work with the washers and the extra parts to remove when changing filament. It isnt as easy as just slinging on a new spool. I have extra bearings (since I only used two the first time) and some extra threaded rod (since Ace only sells it in 3 foot chucks). So i am going to print another spool holder. I can queue up another spool when im ready and just pop off the old spool + holder making the exchange less cumbersome.

excellent parts and design. thanks!

Make sure your printer is calibrated properly (arm length size) for the part(s) to be printed at the correct scale/size. If so, the bearings should be a slight press fit, by hand. The correct tolerances were put into the model to accommodate the bearings and other hardware.

I agree, it takes a little more time to switch out spools, but the end result is well worth it! Hard to top bearings! ;-)

Glad you like it though!

Any tips on where to find an M8x1.25 threaded rod around 190~200 mm?

Local (US) hardware stores seem to only carry English threads.

Hi Falk3r,

McMaster-Carr would carry what you're looking for here:

For example:

Hope this helps!

what did you model this in? Just curious.

Hi eman717,

I engineered it in a very old version of GibbsCAM that I use at work.

But the Photorealistic Renderings were done in SolidWorks.