Boomerang V02

by Taco3D Oct 8, 2015
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what software did you use to make this model? it's beautiful and almost organic in texture.

Thanks! It was quite a simple method. For this I used 3dsmax. The build was done for only 1 of the 3 arms (and low poly moddeled)(->EDIT Poly modifier) Then the 3 arms were positioned, then attached to 1 object. After welding the vertices the polygon-steps can be set to get the organic skin look. But power is the interpollation between the points, Good luck

Hello, I am a student from belgium and I love making boomerangs. I really like this model, it works really well. Because 3d printing is not cheap I was looking for a way to make a little bit of money with it. Would you mind if I would use this model to make some boomerangs and to sell a couple of them? Thanks for your time.

Hi Louissy666, Thank you for your notification. You are allowed to use the model to finance your printing hobby. Please mind not to make mass productions that exceeds numbers like a 1000 pieces per year, and do not re-sell the model in an online platform. Check the CC licence rules to stay safe. Good luck and best regards, Taco.

Do you use supports?

Yes, but it depends on the size you print it. Over 20 cm I would use the support. The front part of the wings start at low angle so support is needed here. After printing I advice to grind it because the smoother the wing the longer it will fly. ABS and acetone smoothing, and/ or painting also result in better airflow. Best regards Taco

I scaled up to 160% and printed with 20% infill. Printed 3 of them and took them down to they park. They fly great! I can't quite get them to return to me but they are super fun. For even more fun try holding 2 or 3 together and throwing them all at once!

Trying to print another at 160% X and Y but 175% Z. I'm hoping the slightly fatter wings will get it to turn a little more sharply. I have no idea if it will work but it will be fun to try! Maybe a remix with 4 wings would give it a sharper flight curve?

I would try more infill. Maybe even added weight to the ends. The added weight either with infill or weights at the end will allow the boomerang to spin faster and for a longer duration. This will allow the slope in the design to work better resulting in the boomerang preforming a tighter turn and possibly returning to you.

Good luck! Hope you find what works best for you. Have fun and stay safe.

Hi, Thank you for your enthusiastic message! I am happy you like it and see new opportunities! It is true that an extra wing or thickness, more infill = weight will alter it's flight. I had a misprint last year that flew extreme far and high because the wing was bended (it came loose from the heaterbed).
And returns are possible, but you need to throw it very precisely. Right handed -> vertical in an 45 degree angle of the wind direction. If it lands to your left alter the angle to 50 degrees, vise versa. A bit practise and good conditions can result in 90% catches. Throwing 3 at a time sounds a bit like russian roulette, but I can understand the excitement ;D You should take care because this toy can really injure someone when its size is over 20 cm. Best regards, Taco

Throwing multiples isn't nearly as choatic as you think. They almost always land within a few feet of each other. It's kind of amazing.

managed to get it to work. but does it print with support and is a small nozzle recommended or can I go with a 0.3mm nozzle?

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0.3 is a bit high I guess, but when diameter is over 20 cm it will work. Also support is necessary at this size to get a better profile. Small layer sise like 0.1 will smooth the wing and it's airflow. Grinding with sandpaper (or acetone the ABS) can increase flight time! A layer of paint also works for better results.

this file was too much for slicer :(

Not nice, this is no complex geometry so maybe something else went wrong in slicing,? I use CURA and it works fine.

Should it be printer solid or with infill?

Hi sorry for my late reply, choose 10 - 100% infill. It all depends on actual size, weight and wind conditions. The lighter ones will glide longer, but will drift away when windy. (while it should land at start position). The more heavy printed ones will suffer more from gravity, but is compensated because it reaches larger distances and higher speeds (so more flight time)

The lighter the model the longer it stays in the air, but also fragile. I choose around 20% infill. But in windy conditions more heavy ones perform better (catch em instead of walking). Sise is more important. Diameters >20 cm is best. There is a sliced version available.

Thanks. You are right, scale it up and it flies even better. Use this files; https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1060158
In the 360video you see an ultimaker2 printed version of that one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I092lPDi3pE

boomerang V01 Sliced
by Taco3D

scaled to fit my 20x20 bed, and this thing flies so good. good bit of fun, Any chance you could split it into 4 pieces, each wing and the centre, that way i can print a huge one and glue it together.

gotta contribute to get some love! if you post up your 'made', i'll give remixing this a shot :)

I am curious about the remix. Use this file for the sliced version I made; https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1060158

boomerang V01 Sliced
by Taco3D

Didn't know the V1 was already split up ;) i've remixed it, hope it works!

what angle should I throw it? it didn't work for some

Hi AbdullahMoh, I created a video that shows how to trow it. https://youtu.be/I092lPDi3pE
It is for right hand use. Keep it vertical, and let it spin! If there is wind use a a 45 deg. angle to the right from the angle the wind comes from. Good luck and have fun!

Yes it flies,
Best is to scale it up to fit your printers max. range. 20 - 30 cm diameter,

a video would be nice