Wobbly Ghosts!

by muzz64 Oct 10, 2015
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When I get my own 3D printer I will try and make this again. Currently I can only use the 3D printer at the local Library and I don't have much of a say for the settings they used.. so in the end what i did print the spring snapped while I was trying to clear out the refting (the glow in the dark filament left quite a mess! And the library 3D printer printed rafting between the segments of the spring.)

Anyone had a problem when printing with the spring sticking too far up (as in above the plane at which printing is occurring), such that the print head keeps hitting it? And it I think each hit is helping to push the spring more out of alignment/up which is only making the problem worse.

This is my second attempt (this time with a 0.25mm z-hop) but it's still happening. I bailed on the first about 25% in. This one is at about 35% and I guess I'll see what happens.

Despite my concerns it printed great - it's wobbling around.

Great to hear. ..

Bigibomb, thanks. I might try slowing it down next time. Besides the print head fan, I also have a table fan aimed at it.

Muzz64, thanks. Oh, I don't doubt the model. I'm using Cura. I have the MP Select Mini and it's been great - I haven't seen this particular issue before. I am using a raft, and it is centered. Rotating is something I can try next time.

Sorry to hear you're having issues with this print. Hundreds of people have printed this file okay (as its been up for a year) and my prints never had this issue as seen in the photos. This means it's either a slicing or machine issue. My guess is machine and related to vibration or print movement. Suggestions are to use raft and if need be change the settings for it in your slicing app so it is bigger than usual. Also print dead centre of the build plate. ... you can also try rotating it as that will change the tool path. I hope this helps

try slowing down your layer time by decreasing your print speed
i think its just a cooling issue

you should add a spring to this one its one of your older designs

Ghost (hollow) - Print in White, Natural or Glow-in-the-Dark PLA
by muzz64

That would require a full redesign and it couldn't be the same as the walls would be too thin and it would need an internal structure to secure the spring

Another fantastic design, thanks Murray.
I've printed 2 of them, one in blue PLA and one in Glow-in-the-dark PLA, I'll post makes as soon as I can get a pic of the latter in the dark :-). Fingers crossed.

Do you think they will scale up successfully?

idk if it will but i can try maybe

The arms are fixed. It wobbles on a spring that is printed internally. Refer to the images provided...

Will the arms springs out or are they fixed?