hANDi hand orthose

by Teljemo, published

hANDi hand orthose by Teljemo Oct 10, 2015

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We adopted our son from Shanghai this spring.
He has a mild case of Spastic Cerebral palsy that is making his left side of the body not working perfectly.
His left hand is bent with muscle tension all the time. We need to stretch and do different kinds of training several times a day.

I had the idea for this hand for i while but haven't had any experience in 3D design.
But then a friend of mine sent me a link to this challenge and that gave me new motivation.

It took some time to learn a software program and a lot of starting all over, and when I got a design right I printed, tested and sometimes had to redo, but now I got it :)
So this is my contribution for the Thingiverse #AssistiveTech Challenge


For my son right now the hand was made for only one purpose, to stretch.. but it turned out that somehow he also can now hold the hand in a upright position he never could before.
that's a huge bonus, it will really help him when playing.
hANDi both stretch his hand out by pulling it up against the "overhand plate". At the same time it stretches his fingers up.
One thing I have to add to this section now after designing the add on "pen holder"
is that at the same time he gets the stretching he needs he can draw, and that really helps him with hit motor skills. It is amazing to sit down and see the progress he makes in using his arm.. amazing!!!

Other purposes for the hand is muscle rehabilitation. cause of the spring tension.
I hope this hand can help other kids to with CP or some kind of hand injury.
So i made sure to do the design so it can be used on both left and right hand ;)

I also added a alternative arm between the ring and hand plate that has a 20 degree upward angle for more stretch.

About the size, our son is 4 years old and the finger tips of this design is a perfect fit for him... if it doesn't fit, just scale it up a little ;) or ask me and I will help you with it :) If you are using fusion 360 I can invite you to the project folder :)
Also... I have some options in fusion to extract the files. I am new to this so I dont know what file extension is the best to share? I have seen some people upload .STEP files.
Do you want me to do that?

After printing I added some soft materials to the inside of the arm ring and under the plate that lays on top of the hand. Then i used Velcro to tighten it all up.
I used springs and fishing line to attach the fingertips.

Latest recomended parts for complete hANDi:

  • Hand_ring_3_1.stl
  • overhand_2_2_left.stl or
  • thumb_stag_2_2__45_anlge.stl or
  • hand_stag_2_1.stl or
  • fingertip_2_0_thumb.stl
  • fingertip_2_0_middle_fingers.stl x3
  • fingertip_2_0_pinky.stl
  • Knut 2 or Knut or to easy tighten the lines:
  • Addon_hANDi_pennholder_1_1.stl (file here or in thing page Add on hANDi pen holder)


  • Added video and comparison photo.
  • Showed his physiotherapist and got big thumps up :)
  • Designed a New thing to make it easier with all the knots.. Meet Knut
  • New thumb strut with 45* angle and two holes for the line for different thumb length.
  • New Overhand parts with double holes for the line. This to easy fit different finger length.
  • New version of Overhand parts, now with mount holes for addons.
  • Designed a addon, a pen holder, see pictures below.
  • New hand ring for better stability and lower filament use ;) bigger but smaller!
  • New pictures of latest hANDi version with new arm ring and add on :)
  • New Thing: Knut 2
  • New thumb strut with a different angle, our OT recomended us to try this one :)

Hope my English is understandable ;)

Print Settings






Medium and high




(some kind of error with the markdown in this section, I have tried to make understandable by adding < br > for new line.. hope it gets fixed)

Easy to print parts

  • Arm ring is easy to print standing up with wide part down, using support material.
  • The same with the fingertips, standing up with the fingertip facing up.. and they need support material to.
  • The two arms, the one for the thumb and the one that holds the ring and plate together is best printed on the side, with support material for the hook.
  • The over hand plate is best printed flat with the fingers floating.. using support material.
    The add on: pen holder is printed flat down like it is suppose to sit on hANDi. support material needed for the holes ;)
  • I printed all with 0,2 layer height, support material and 50% infill to make the parts strong but maybe it doesn't have to be that hight.
    I use a "printrbot simple metal" without heated bed and bad bridge settings so with a better printer some of these parts don't even need support material :)

    Other materials needed:
  • 2 springs
  • 6 M4 screws and nuts
  • about 1 meter of fishing line and a google search on fishing knots ;)

    Or use cable lug to lock line, see image a bit down on this page ;) (<--recommendation)
  • Download my design Knut 2 or Knut and use between spring and the fingers:
    (image below)
  • Some sort of soft mateial to put on the inside to make it comfortable.

How I Designed This

This was the first step of my design. right before bed time we sat down and did this :)

I used fusion 360, this is the first real 3D design I have ever done :) version 1.0

Complete hANDi with updated parts including pen holder... version 2.0

YouTube and pics

Here is hANDi with my multi attachment Knut, find Knut here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1075335

All parts plus Addon pennhoder (old hand ring)

hANDi with the pennholder

Make locks for the fishing line using

use the locks like this.. just thread the line trough and press together with pliers :)

With new arm ring! fits mush better to the arm and is more comfortable :)

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wow great work Just wonderful hope your family have a great life together.
Best regard.

Wow good job!!

Can i have the fusion 360 source files?
i'll want to scale this to an adult version.
Many thanks [email protected]

A wonderful job, it's great to see how technology can help ... congratulations

I found this video from the eNable site for scaling prosthetic parts. I am going to use it to try to build hANDi for my son who has cerebral hemiplegia.


That's super.. Let me know how it works out.. I should add that video link in hANDi description..

you are the best father in the world! :)

Well... That is too kind.. We all do the best we can

you are an angel :)

The power of a father.

A father with a 3d printer ;)

This is the kind of application that really puts 3d printing to shine as a technology, to heck with vases and sh*t!
I pitched in to add an opinion of mine: this device does "pull" the hand in an extension movement, against the flexed basal position, but I would be conversely "worried" that by doing this I am at the same time strengthening even more the muscles that flex it.
Very much like a grip training spring device, it does basically "force" the hand to be in the position you want, but it will also impose a load on the opposing muscles (which in your son's case I suppose are always in tension since his hand is always flexed) making them stronger, while at the same time helping out the extension muscles which instead are working even less than normal, and possibly aggravating the condition... just an idea, maybe you may want to ask this to a professional?

The heck with vases.. love that statement ;)
Thx for the input.. I understand what you mean. I have passed this on to the hand expert in our medical team.
I will come back with her answer as soon as she calls me back :)
However. It is the normal way to stretch out the hands like this in these kind o condition.
You often add botox to relax the muscle under a period of time while stretching the tense muscles and training the opposite muscle group.
Surgery is also a option when kids get older and the stretch treatment doesnt work.

hANDi has been approved to use by our medical team. we have had all sorts of doctors, therapists and even hand surgeons looking at it. I did not try it on my son or uploaded it here on Thingiverse until I knew it was safe.

Oh in that case, they surely evaluated every aspect of the device and decided it was cool :)
I am a dental practitioner myself, so I only have a general medical education for every other district of our marvelous body, and that was the first thing that came to mind when I tried to imagine the effects on the muscles. Other than that, I definitely appreciated your creation, things like these should be used in informercials for 3d printers :D

Your question has been passed further up the ladder ;) to a hand surgeon.. Its gonna take some time but I will be back with his/her answer..
The question is going around to some other experts to.. But the answer I got today was that it is depending on what he is doing when he wears it.. If we doing some ruff play he activates the muscles more and then your theory could be right.. Or the flex is loose enaugh to let him will say... I have the springs tight cause for him it is just a stretch othose.. No need to be able to close the hand.. Cause he cant control that moment..
But IF.. The small flex just might stimulate the muscles the close the hand.
We have only been using it when drawing and playing at the table though.. :)

When I get the answer from the surgeon and if this is the case I will make a locked version with a platic piece instead of the spring..
So the spring version will be for rehab purpose for kids that need to streghten muscles and not stretch..

Thx for thinking of this..
Really good to get this kind of input :)

Wow, sure my comment is getting way more recognition that I was expecting!
I build mandibular devices that are meant to "train" the articular motion on both sides even when one side is "lazier" than the other, but it's done by "allowing" movement to be executed where articulating surfaces are working as obstacles to motion, by making these articulating surfaces "smoother".
In your case the wrist joint works perfectly, but it's the muscles that don't since they receive confusing inputs by the brain, so I wouldn't know how to go about that!

thank you for your nice work!!

Thank you very much :)

Great job! My son is 6 years old and has moderate cerebral palsy. I would like to print one of these for him to try! Can you tell me where to measure his arm/hand so I can print one that fits him? Also, can you share the Fusion 360 files in case I need to make any adjustments for him?


thx :) OK.. :) look at the drawing I did of my first measurements.. there you can see how I measured...
Just measure with and height of the fingers..and then the wrist just after the hand.. and scale up after that :)

I never used the share function in fusion.. I think I need your mail address? have to check that out.. but of course I will share the files :)

Thanks! I sent you a message with my email address :-)

I have invited you to the project.. tell me how it works.. or if it doesn't :P
as I said before.. this is the first time using the share project function in fusion 360... :)

Awesome work Teljemo =) Hope the little guy will to get benefit out of your Handi

Thx mate :) he will for sure :) we use it now in exercise we got form our OT, to get him to use his left arm.. With the pen holder add on he can sit down and draw with his left arm.. Its amazing :)
Ha cant hold a pencil with that hand otherwise...

Hi I am an OT who was shown this message by a teacher at my school. It is great!!! I love your son's obvious delight!!

I did want to ask if your son's hand has full passive range throughout all joints of the hand (I am assuming he did). It would be good to add this info for others seeking something similar.

I am interested in finding someone to create exercising hands as OTs are often limited in finding tools with the abilities to strengthen the small muscles of the hand through a product that is enticing to children (including teens) AND lightweight and portable. Hoping to find someone interested.
Thanks for sharing and good luck!
D Keegan,
Occupational Therapist
[email protected]

Hi.. about his hand, my medical English is limited but I'm guessing you mean that with our help, we can move his hand in all directions like a hand should be able to move, without any problems?
In that case.. no..
We are doing stretching exercises because he cant straighten the hand up like to hold up a stop sign with the palm. And his hand is closed.. so hANDi both helps stretch the hand out and at the same time the fingers.
I can add some info in the thing description. Thank you for mentioned that :)

About exercising hands for children.. Test hANDi and see how the spring tension works as a muscle exerciser... otherwise.. message me some ideas on how you would like the ultimate exercise hand to work and we can see If I can help you ;)

I'm really happy that it was successful! It even looks professional, I hope this can lead to more successful muscle use for him.

I am to :) thank you.. i'm a novice at 3D design but I must say i'm very proud of how hANDi turned out ;)

I'm a novice too, but it seems you're really gifted. How does he like it? The added cushions were definitely a good forethought, do they help him play easier?

Youre to kind :)
Yes, hANDi makes it easier for him to pick up smaller objects.
I have some ideas on improvements im working on at the moment so he can have even more use of it :)

This looks really good. Congratulations on the design. What program did you learn to use to design it with?

thank you :) after a lot of researc I decided to get Fusion 360 from autodesk :)

Nice work! This will help many people!

Thank you.. I really hope so :)

Your English is perfect, thanks for sharing!