Dasaki compact servo 1:2 (2x) multiplier gearbox

by dasaki Oct 11, 2015
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Have you got the time and inclination to design a 4:1 in order to obtain a two-turn (720 degree) rotation?

At the moment I'm busy with other projects.

This is such a super idea.
Have you considered creating a parameterized version; i.e.,
Gear Ratios
16:8 = 2 to 1
18:6 = 3 to 1
20:5 = 4 to 1
It may not even be necessary to relocate the smaller gear axle hole.
Thank you for your design.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is well made! Well done! Almost exactly what I was looking for. Question: How hard would it be to reverse the gears? I'm looking for gear reduction for slower pan/tilt. I'm using 2x MG 995 Servos for my setup but when the camera is zoomed all the way in I do not have fine enough control. Would it be hard to get 2:1 out of this? Thanks.

It could be done, however the drawback is that the 2:1 reduction would half the angle travel from 180deg to just 90deg. If you use a continuous rotation servo this wouldn't be problem, but you would loose the absolute position capability (you wouldn't know which is the current angle), unless you also add a feedback sensor/position encoder.
There are some commercial solutions, search for "5:1 Continuous Rotation Servo Power Gearbox".
Once I got some spare time I'll do a printable version.

Thanks for the quick reply. 90deg would be just fine for my use. Ill check out 5:1 but if you post a 2:1 I would print it in a heartbeat. I checked out your other stuff too. Impressive work.

Check it out: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2021434

I haven't time to print and test it. Feedback wellcome.

Servo pan reduction gear set
by dasaki

Sweet addons.

Will these be able to fit the 9g servo's?

So where are the files for the 9g 180 degree servo ? Thanks in advance

As there is demand for a micro servo version, I've made and uploaded the corresponding models with the suffix "_micro" (note I haven't printed/tested these)

I modified it for a 9g sized 180 degree turnigy servo.
For the center harness and large gear I shrunk the X and Y axis to 0.58, leave the Z axis at 100%. A little sanding on the center harness is required to make it a nice fit. Drill out the screwhole for the small gear and use a threaded bolt to attach it. cut a cross servo horn to size so it fits in the large gear. put it together and you have a 9g 360 degree pan servo. (for a 90 degree servo you will offcourse end up with a 180 degree system)
But it works perfect.


Can you please share it making make a derivative of mine?

I put it in your "makes" section.

Nope, just for standard-sized servos.