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FolgerTech - FSR Mount for Heated Bed

by Walt750 Oct 11, 2015
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I just purchased my first Delta (K800) and are printing upgrades for it as I'm assembling it, I have seen parts for "FSR" but I don't know what that is, can you provide a link to that? It seems useful, thanks

An FSR is a "Force Sensing Resistor". when you apply pressure to it, the resistance changes. So in this case the pressure of the 3D printer hot end against the printers bed will trigger a signal to indicated that the tip is at 0mm. There are many ways to modify a printer to find Z=0 .... this is just one way. You can find more info here:

You can buy the board and sensors on many sites. I would recommend buying the long lead sensors.

I use this kit - it's got a controller that handles the FSRs for you - you just hook it up like a normal endstop.

I've got the original FolgerTech Kossel with the Linear rails.

For now I've hodge-podged together an FSR setup, but I'm going to do something more 'permanent' like Walt's here... ;-)

I just bought that same printer from Folger. Is it a good printer?

I did not have good luck with this vendor. Another friend also bought the same delta. He had better luck at the start. But now he gave it to me to fix. I've changed out all the electronics in mine. I had a shorted RAMPS board which fried many components.

I replaced the heated bed because it did not get hot enough sometimes ... I got tired of waiting 20 minutes. I replaced the bed with Glass and a 115Vx300W heater .... heats up in less than a minute now. I've probably got $600+ into it now.

Walt - Do you have a link for the heater? I'm intrigued. ;-) Mine takes about 5 minutes to get to 95c - mine came with the Aluminum 220mm heated bed, and I've added a 220mm glass plate clipped to the top.
PS: I know the feeling - I've got a ton of $$$ into mine too - I paid $499 for it a year and a half ago. It printed "OK" when I got it, but if I tried to go much faster than 70mm/s, the extruder would just chew the filament. The first thing I upgraded was to print a 'wade's geared extruder', which helped a ton, but still wasn't 'great'. I then bought a planetary geared extruder from eBay - $95!!! But never had any extruder issues after that...
I've probably put at least another $500 into it to get it where it is now, which is very, very good. Check out my profile for the details... http://www.thingiverse.com/jartz/about

Alright thanks I was kinda worried about that with the price of the kit but was already planning on upgrades on it

Live and learn ..
That was my first. I bought the aluminum corner set too ... and that too had angle issues.

I've started building a 400mm Delta. That's pretty big ... not sure if I'll downsize it it ... every tolerance would have to be very tight.
I've learned A LOT from the Folgertech Kit ... nothing really worked right.

Alright any suggestions on the controller and hotbed?

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