by muzz64 Oct 13, 2015
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cool design muzz im printing one at 165% now

my skeleton is 182 mm long

i broke it while getting the raft off will try again

trying to print raft in PVA and skeleton in glow in the dark

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Brilliant. Second print ok, used a scalpel to help ease the joints.
Managed to break most of the bones on the first print, my fault, my setup is not good at bridging so ended up with semi-solid joints.

also check how fast your machine bridges the faster it does it the better

If you uniformly increase the scale a bit (3 - 5%) it will increase the clearances and help ensure joints are free straight away after printing.

Might sound kind of stupid, but would love a santa-skeletonz, with the head donning a cap with a ball at the end!

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Nope. Tried three times with various options, even scaled it up 10%. Each time the limbs broke at the pin when you tried to move them. This was at 0.1mm layer height with luminous PLA.

Think it needs redesigning with thicker pins. They're very weak at that size, why not double their diameter? You only need a tiny lip to stop them coming apart. But like this, you break one and the whole print is useless. I had about 50% failures on each joint, so I don't think the design is robust enough.

Shame I wasted so much filament, as the idea and look of it is brilliant.

Firstly lots of other people have printed this file with no problems and free moving joints. I've printed quite a few myself on a Replicator 2 and 5th Generation Replicator with no problems.

I don't know what your slicing app or machine is but it sounds like it doesn't handle fine details and clearances like many others.

To make the pins bigger than the current 3mm would mean changing the look or just scaling it up which you can do anyway.

Using high Z resolution isn't the answer... this is about X / Y accuracy

Also , Luminous filament tends to be more brittle than regular PLA

If 3 or 4 shells and 75% infill doesn't make it strong enough then you have other things to deal with to get really good prints

Hope this helps.

Yes, it might work with regular PLA, I don't know. It was for my little lad's trick or treat night. Just couldn't get it to work - didn't try 0.2mm. This was with a Velleman Vertex and Cura / Repetier Host as the slicer. Generally prints like this work fine (e.g. Le Fab shop's elephant and mini car both work perfectly), so I'm not sure. It might be the luminous filament, it generally doesn't get the same level of finish or print as evenly as regular PLA, and like you say it is weaker as well.

Thanks for the additional explanation..... I try to make my designs as universality usable as possible but can only test print them on MakerBot machines.

The elephant etc. you mentioned are a lot chunkier designs. I have to think your issues are a combination of filament, slicer, machine and the detail in the design

4 shells means at nozzle diameter of 0.4mm a shell thickness of 1.6mm?

About that however any areas less than that will just be made solid but at the correct design dimensions... which is what you want with things like this so they are strong and won't break too easily. Setting extra shells won't hurt.

This model is great. I love the hinge design. Everything worked perfectly right off the build plate. So great!