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by lukasbieri Jun 21, 2013
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Hi! Ive been wondering about the larger print and if anyone has found the best way to print it, improving quality, as you said it was only a test piece

Pro-tip: If you have problems slicing it, try scaling the model. I tried the original size in Slic3r and Cura, but both generated an incorrect gcode (middle part missing). After some tests, I found that scaling it 175% in Cura or 200% in Slic3r worked for my Prusa MK2s. I'm printing it right now, so far so good (65% done).

Hi. I tried slicing this last night on my MacBook Pro touch early 2017 using repetier and slicer it took 55 min to slice is that normal?

Wait what "situation" are you talking about?

I take that back. I tried to make this and it didn't even print the mesh. :/

Sorry to hear that. Do you think it is a problem with the model - or could it be that either your slicer or printer are just not able to handle details that fine? Anyways, merry christmas and good luck on your other prints :)

Well, it could be either. My slicer, Cura,(I tried slic3r as well) has been very reliable for the 3 years that I have been using it. On the other hand, I only did this print at 100 microns, therefore making it rather choppy to my printer. Was this printed on a FDM style or SLA style printer? That could be the reason because mine is an fdm. If you have an SLA printer, those have a very high resolution capability.

Sorry for the really late reply, I haven't visited Thingiverse in months...
I printed the photographed model using my Ultimaker Original (FDM) and sliced the model using Cura. It turned out astonishing well for a FDM print. I think with enough fiddling around it should be doable - but you surely have other things to print by now ^^

My printer, the Malyan M200/IIIP select mini is not all that consistent, so I will use this bin for used scrap filament until I make a filament forge.

according to your slicing instructions, this can only be printed on a printer that has a .2 nozzle. s3d only shows retraction point.

So OP, you are telling me to print this I should tell my slicers that the nozzle is half the size it actually is? I kinda don't think you are thinking clearly...

Unless you double the size of this thing, I really wouldn't expect any decent results. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems all wrong from the start, so it's a no start for me....

Wall thickness: .2mm
Nozzle diameter: .4mm

This is how I printed this specific model on my printer. It turned out pretty nice, as you can see in the photos I uploaded.

Just to make things clear: I did not say anyone should use those exact settings. For best results, you have to know how your printer is going to behave in what situation. In my case, a nozzle diameter of 0.4mm and a wall thickness of 0.2 turned out to give the best results.

Just to clarify: I did NOT tell my slicer that my nozzle has a diameter of .2mm. I entered the correct value for the nozzle size - this is crucial - but I set the wall thickness (which might be a CURA-only option) to .4mm.

Hope this helps, if you change your opionion and want to give it a try :)

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Hi, I tried slicing this stl code using slic3r and it produce gcode.
and then I load the gcode into pronterface (mendelmax 1.5)
when hitting print command, it does nothing on the printer. However the pronterface monitor shows progress and it display the temperature message of the printing progress. Do you know what happen ? New to 3D print

I am sorry, but I only used Cura in combination with an Ultimaker so far- Maybe the settings I posted are too fine for your slicer.

I hope you can solve this problem and happy fabbing!

I wonder if this will this print on mendelmax ?

Now, just put a USB or SD card that you want to delete the files on inside the waste basket as a reminder that you want to clean them up...

Usually i forget which pictures I've backed up because I don't empty the SD card and end up with multiple copies. When I print this I'll use it to put the SD cards that have been backed up already to remind me to empty the files.

I'm not sure why I don't just cut the files from the SD card and copy them to the computer instead of copying. Everyone has their quirks...

but, you would be better off wondering why you don't run an octopi

This is a very nice use case!
And the paper bin has a function as trash...

Please post some photos if you really print it :)

whoa you printed that in a single piece standing upright.

you have a damn good calibration there!

i would have cut that object in three pieces.. the mesh unwrapped and flatened (hot water makes PLA very soft so you can bend it to right shape)

so it wil print without any strings, and of course seperate botom and top rings.

then glue everything together later...

Yes, I am very happy with the calibration now- My Ultimaker had a lot of problems after assembling it- But after hours of searching for problems I have an Ultimaker with a very nice calibration :)

Your idea of cutting that thing in 3 parts is good- but I wanted to test out how small detaills I could print. If anyone would like to have a 3-parts-model, please feel free to edit the .skp-file I added to the downloads :)

On what printer did you do it? Makerbot? Ultimaker?

I printed it on my 1-month-old Ultimaker.

I would totally use the larger version as a pencil holder. Put something in the bottom to weigh it down and I bet it would look great.

That's a great idea! I even think that putting something in the bottom is not needed, because it is very stable as it comes out-of-the printer.
I use the smaller one for the messed up prints at the moment.

You really want to be sued aren't you ? Nice job anyway ! I will send you postcards when you will be in jail.

Haha, I am looking forward to your postcards ;)

Thank you so much for featuring that thing and the nice comments :)

Great stuff! Love that trashcan, and I agree - the best os!

Mac is NOT the best-looking OS; I would say Ubuntu is.

I can't stand Mac...

Well, feel free to like the OS you want- but people please do not start an argument about which OS is the better one. Thank you :)

I hear you...an argument among computer geeks about OS's can go on forever :)

That is really good for Google SketchUp ...

sooopoooo coooooollll!!!!!