by Edezigns Oct 14, 2015
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for 20 dollars you can by a digital temperature controller off of amazon.


it has a N.O. (normally open) contact in the back and runs on 120VAC
just run the power for the fan through the N.O. contact, place the temp sensor in the cabinet (no all the way at the top), and set the cooling temp. (55-60 degrees Celsius for PLA, 95-100 degrees Celsius for ABS, etc.)
That should kick the fan on when the temperature goes above, and turn it off when it gets below. That's what I plan to do. Good luck.

I wonder if we could adapt this so that the enclosure opens and closes at set intervals. I live in a cold climate and if I were to vent it how it needs to go to the exterior I would worry about too rapid of a temperature drop.

Would be nice if a computer would control this for me thermostatically.

have you considered adding pot to your power ?
inline , in series, rheostat for a simple v drop , to reduce rpm, noise and also keep adequate temp.

one suggestion: add some kind of foamy clip on . a filter of sorts so u dont suck in dusty air, and if its blowing out, you dotn push polymer particle dust into the room either , we all know ABS has a stink like a junkyard .... and is said to be 10 times more toxic than pla, (10x the particle release) -- higher temps, stronger bonds, --- then nylon, does not have the stench of abs but has strength and flex ..

is sthis for sucking or blowing ?

You can use it for both. Just turn your fan to the direction you need to use. I will be using it for both myself. To blow air in and to exhaust air out.