by watsdesign Aug 14, 2011
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I really like your vertical x-carriage design, so I'm using it in my early concept for a motor-less belt-driven extruder: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:15132http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

by Johann

Thanks, I saw it the other day and I'm glad if other things can be build upon it :)

Have you tried the VertX with just a single threaded rod? I'm curious if the VertX is constrained enough by the vertical rods and lm8uu's to make it properly square, removing the need for the second lead screw, and allowing us to cheaply move to acme/trapezoidal thread.

"by the vertical rod arrangement" i mean.

Hmm no :o

But I was thinking about using only the two leadscrew, without lm8uu/smooth rods since it's already guided with the two nuts and have not much friction

Interesting, the galileo's z-axis is only threaded rods and nuts, no bearings at all : http://reprap.org/wiki/Galileohttp://reprap.org/wiki/Galileo

I printed the x-idler and I really like the design except the way that the smooth x rods connect. I would use the type the prusa uses where there are bolt holes (not that I use bolts I stick a zip tie through each hole and it is a tight fit.) Just my $0.02 What is this modeled in? Would you be willing to share the files?

That's an interesting way to fit the rods :) Now that I built a emaker huxley I think I'll integrate some ideas of jeanmarc in my x-ends.

It was modeled in sketchup 8 (free version), I forgot to add the file as I was hoping to make a final version before, but there it is ^^

I printed one of the x carriages but the bearings had a hard time fitting in and its pretty brittle... only used 1 extra layer I'm printing another and increasing it to two layers... It looks good so far...

yep, I need to tweak them a little for the next revision ^^'

2 extra layers works great the only problem I had with the print was the top (in relation to how it prints) there wasn't enough room for the top two bearings because the top retainer sagged so much I had to cut the whole thing out. Also at the very top of the part I had the hole for the belt bearing deform because I forgot to turn cool on. The part should still be useable though. Perhaps give the top a little more surface area?

ah I see what you mean, indeed the upper part of the bearing holder of the x-carriage will sagg, I may try something different. I had also the same problem for the bearing hole, and had to file it

where did you source the gear that's on the stepper shaft? Have you tested the extruder? how well does it work? What size are the bearings you used? Have any videos of the setup printing?

This brass insert was used in the Adrian extruders, it is redrilled to fit on the motorshaft.

I have a little bunch of them from mendel-parts (I took that from the Orca and the V9 that we built in Barcelona http://flic.kr/s/aHsjvsT6vs)http://flic.kr/s/aHsjvsT6vs)

So yes this direct drive works well with 1,75mm filament (I will test for 3mm but I wanted to go 1,75). As noted on the wiki it's 624 bearings (in the idea that one day you can/want to "upgrade" a Sells Mendel).

I've this video of the setup moving ( http://flic.kr/p/aiporZhttp://flic.kr/p/aiporZ ), or just extruding, but not yet printing. I will do in the coming month :)

I am interested in direct drive mainly, but I am trying the 3mm filament and it is not easy. I went up to NEMA23 to have some more power and now I can extrude fine with a home made gear. Would you please let me know if you can extrude with a NEMA17 and brass insert? Thanks

I am very interested in this design... I may print one to test on my new printer... Im still not so sure about 1.75 filament... I guess I'll give it a try next time I buy some plastic...

ok i have a much better name for this: VertX!

get it? like vertex!
and it's vertical X axis.
Also, i really hate the 'struder' suffix

Vert-X-struder ? (joking :p )

I like also the shorter "VertX" :)

I like it. Looks a lot like what I had in mind for test tube mendel. Between this and mixtape mendel, and the mystery russian Prusa, I think it's a good time to talk about standardizing rod spacing. That way extruders can be (probably) interchangeable between any of the vertical x axis variants.

Totally. I was thinking about that too when imagining to add now a geared-carriage-struder (or in case someone want to) :)

I'll answer here and in the forum : in my case the distance between rods (center to center for the v1b) is ~65mm (to be able to put the motor between the rods plus a little margin to snap the LM8UU and let the belt pass under the motor.

Excellent work! I've tried prompting the Russians to share...

Very timely for me, as my V9 extruder just arrived.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. Are the X-axis rods clamped in the x-ends? If not, tightening the x-axis belt can pull the z-axis rods in.

  2. I see you are using Madkite's resolution doubling layout. There is space on this design to do it properly, that is with the loops ending in the middle, so the belt always bends the same way. At the moment, it bends back on itself, which will shorten belt life. This will mean the addition of a bearing in each X end. Should be something like this:

/---------------\ /----------------\

| clamp----------/ -----------clamp |


  1. Perhaps a way to remove the resolution doubling option if the goal is ultimate speed!

  2. A belt tightener like GregFrost's http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:9869http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... on one of the x-ends.

Please don't take these as criticisms, merely suggestions for improvement. There is an awful lot to like about this design!

Lm8uu X Carriage with Fan Mount for Prusa Mendel

New version up on the wiki !

With the integrated clamp for the x-rods; alternative x-ends with bearings to don't bend the belt; and finally the belt is tightened by the motor :)

Great work! I've run out of filament at the moment, but I'll give it go when I get some more.

  1. Not yet, I first considered a tight-fit optino, or locking them with a bolt like on the prusa-x-ends, but I've also a version with clamp integrated (the x-ends are highly evolving atm : I printed the v2 idler here, but it's now in its 5th revision)

  2. I wasn't sure to understand, but I got it ! I'll try to do make that (on my mendel the x-belt is bent in both direction, I assumed it was possible but if its better for its life it's preferable)

  3. If we close the loop like on the open-x-carriage of Buback (with zip-tie) it's possible to use t
    he bearings on the x-carriage (or just a bolt) in a simple-resolution configuration (and thus having the choice^^)

  4. I imagined to tighten the belt when hanging it on the x-ends (making a loop with a zip-tie), or by using the motor to tighten it like on the orca. I'll see :)

Thanks for your thou
ghts !

Hi Emmanuel,

finally someone who attacks the basic design (structure) of the mendel...

I had a few sketches with vertical arrangement myself but I like yours better... It is more compmact than mine...

My comments on this (and wikipedia article of yours):

-Good use of the print orientation to use the springiness of PLA.. No way to snap the bearing holders..

-Yes 2 bearings would work fine.

-It might be a good idea to have the seats for the LMU's at (one of them) at an angle so you can snap them in place without removing the smooth rods..

Thanks !

I'm printing it right now (first step, it's printable, a good start ^^) while designing the x-ends.

The v0.3 x-ends (not yet uploaded) will have an angle to be able to snap them in place, but indeed it might be good to have that for the x-carriage too :-D

looks great. first thing that jumped to my mind was that you might want to move one of the motors to the other side or face, so that the overall mass is centered and will have less torquing force.

i.e. instead of this,

M || M ||


||      M    ||


damn, doesen't recognize the spaces on my ascii sketch :(

ah I see what you mean, since the belt is centered with the rods, maybe I only have to invert the x-ends (compared to the v2)

Or I can change the motor bracket, hmm I'll see, thanks ^^

yep v0.3a from the wiki is exactly like i was saying. looks great!