Customizable Mini Siren

by Xonor13 Oct 14, 2015
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What's the biggest value for "pitch" that folks have tried customizing and printing? It looks like if I put in anything over 10, the spokes may be too flimsy.

Alright i did my final test print of a customized version, and I believe all of the equations for the customizer is correct and you'll be able to print different sized sides with no trouble. So i would consider this a finished product and maybe i'll add a video to show how loud it can be.

I tried printing it, and the spine down the middle of the part you blow in was too thick to fit into the slot. I couldn't get it to go together. What did I do wrong?

Did you print the pre-made stl file or did you make a customized version. Also depending on the print quality that might have made it too big to fit because i printed mine at 0.2mm and it was a pretty tight fit.

I think it was the pre-made one, and I did print it at 0.2mm. I'll have to download the pre-made and try again to be sure.

It's my printer's calibration. I ran some calibration tests and adjusted it, and now it fits together when I print it. The problem is that in order to get it to print thin enough walls, there isn't enough material to make it as solid as it needs to be. I have more calibrating to do, I guess.

Maybe you can scale up the pieces just enough to add more material in the center but still be able to actually blow it, i can always add another file with small modifications or you can do it yourself if you want; the openSCAD file is there but the code is just extremely messy.

Hmm alright and if it doesn't work again i'll see if i can fix it.

I finally got around to printing it, and the center spline is just too wide to fit in the gap. It's got to be with my printer, obviously, so don't worry about fixing it. Maybe I'll try to get my printer setup for a finer resolution.

The shape... Is a bit of a fail xD

Well I don't have a dirty mind, but hey. Think what you think. :P

Printed at 200% size, which was a mistake because nobody has lungs big enough to power it! :-)

Nice development of the idea.
Something you could try with this is to change the size of one of the chambers which would give you a duo-tone whistle. It would be very tempting to hook one of these up to a compressed air line.

That's a great idea. I just posted the new customizable version of it and you can now change the size of the two sides.

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