Customizable Hanging Bracket

by jameswood Jun 23, 2013
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Excellent. This makes me want to go learn OpenSCAD.

Good job mate! Keep it coming!

any concerns about your computer overheating under a piece of wood?

Nope! It has a fan. It'll be fine. It's upside-down as well, so the parts that should be exposed still are, and the airflow should be fine.

wouldn't putting it upside down mean the heat would rise back up into the machine... i have no idea really probably is fine- just being pedantic.

Orientation doesn't matter, airflow does. As long as the vents are clear with some space, it's all good.

I think it'll be fine - if not, I'll print some longer brackets and hang it right-side-up, and lower. I really think it'll be ok though!

The heat will probably be fine. I haven't pulled apart a Mac Mini before, but most computers have a fan forcing the air down through the heat sink, and they just let the air lazily drift out where it will. Cool air intake is far more important than hot air exhaust on most designs. Game consoles typically have extra fans for hot exhaust because they just run so damned hot, but anything for general computing use should be fine.

It has a fan that forces air over a heatsink and out a vent at the back (image: design_possibilities_2x.jpg), and the machine uses only 11W at idle anyway. All's good!

yeah, most companies doing forced convection use crossflow such as this. flipping it in any direction except where the air gets blown opposite gravity(down) should be fine.