Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Fully Parametric Cable Chain

by Zerginator Oct 18, 2015
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There is an error that causes one of the pins to lose its bevel if you scale the chain.

Change line 198 from
translate([(height/13)-1,18.8,(height/13)*4.5]) //2.5
translate([(height/13)-1,width+2.2,(height/13)*4.5]) //2.5

I print an use this cable chain. It's a good model.

Comments deleted.

I have a mess as well, my fault I made the mistake of printing without reading first, interesting idea!

I split into 4 x 6 array for printing using RH automatic placement. Something went awry and I have quite a mess. Anyways, seems very promising but novices like myself should take heed of the "Work In Progress" status.

You might be interested in this, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1785145 (another parametric cable chain, which has been printed and tested)

Parametric Cable Chain
by mrhat

i know im a idiot.. but how do i print a single link?

You can also open the code in OpenSCAD and change the array to only have one link, then render and save.

If you use repetier-host, please load the model. Then you can click the "gear" icon next to Trash box. In the new dialog, Use "Split object" to separate the unit.

Can you release the STL of just a single link, I cannot fit this on my build plate.

So is this fully functional? does it move around similar to a bike chain? I am printing it out now and it looks pretty good, but I was wondering if it does move around.

For printing you should use only single chain elements and then clip them together afterwards. You then get a fully functional chain. I made the possibility to generate 3D models with multiple chain elements originally to simplify integration cable chains into my 3D printer model, not for the purpose of printing.
Nevertheless I am working on option for a "chainprintable" version.

Does anyone have mounts for this? I'm looking for a Nema 17 mount. I will upload my 2020 mount later.

I really like your code. It's pretty clean. One thing I would suggest is a variable for $fn to smooth out circular objects in openscad to pretty it up. Keep up the good work!

OK, descriptions too complicated: Does this chain print out in one piece and is able to move as designed? Will the joints be welded together or free? Or should we just print single links?


at the moment I would not suggest to try to print out more than one piece. The chain is not optimised for chained printing. I will add a version supporting that sometime later.
The minimum requirement would be though to produce a layed out flat version, so 0° angle between all chainpieces.
The chain is able to move as shown, but the option to create a bent chain, as in the example is purely for CAD purposed, not for printout.

Printing it now, it looks good so far Thanks. :)

BOY you have a long way to go.

thats not cool man. just not cool.

What do you mean by that?
This version mainly is for integration of (commercially available) cable chains into CAD assemblies.
Of course you can just output a single chain link for printing.
Though it is not yet optimised for that. This is more for integration of
I will add better printable chain links later, but I am first trying them out on the printer.
Maybe it is also possible to print a chain, there is another openscad cable chain here on thingiverse,
but I haven't tried printing that yet.
A bit more constructive criticism would be helpful.

Hi, well said, any criticism should always be constructive, its what empires are built on. RM

Its an unpropiat reply without any comment let it go.. Nice work!

forget about him, it's an amazing design, well done!:-)