Quick Tension Knobs for Deltaprintr

by mildmojo Oct 19, 2015
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I tried this out, but sorry to say it doesn't work. Printed at specified settings, but th tolerances are too great that it slips when there is tension.

Sorry about that! =( Could you do me a favor and measure the outer diameter of your threads up near the knob? The copy I have on my desk measures 10.7mm and the one on my machine (older revision) measures 10.4mm. I'm curious if yours is very different.

You're the first person I've seen with a setup that's too loose; most people start off too tight. Check to make sure you're not underextruding. You could try printing a knob with retraction on to dirty up the threads for more grip, or you could try scaling the knob up by maybe 2-3%.

I'm able to get my line so much tighter because of these! Thank you

What firmware do you run on yours that allows you to print faster?

It's the stock firmware with a patch to keep the LCD menu from timing out back to the graphical status screen. Redrawing the graphic screen uses too much CPU power, leading to pauses (and blobs) every two seconds when you're printing over about 30mm/s.

That blobbing can muck up the fitment of mechanical parts, which is why I recommended slowing down on stock firmware. I realize now that the wording was unclear. I've revised it and added links to the patch instructions. Thanks for pointing it out.

You're welcome. I've modified my firmware and used all of the settings but I still got blobs. Do you know why this happens?

If you're not letting the LCD sit at the graphical status screen during the print but you're still getting blobs, it's probably just a setting or (at worst) the filament you're using. General printer troubleshooting is a discussion better suited to the Deltaprintr forums, I think. Post a few photos over there with a description of the problem and we should be able to get you sorted out.