Wheelchair for people in third world countries 'HU-GO'

by hugoarchicad Oct 20, 2015
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can you upload the MDF piece models for a pattern?

We need more people like you. Just had to say that

Id love to make one of these for my mom. Thank you for putting in the effort to design this for disabled people.

I think it's a great project and well design. But I really don't believe this would be use in a third world country. With the amount of time printing, crafting, time that it requires to assemble one and buying the necessary parts I would think is cheaper to buy an actual wheel chairs at a thrift store or garage sales and send them to a 3rd world country. They go for 30 dollars on craigslist http://houston.craigslist.org/hab/5366909951.html and a good one for 80 http://houston.craigslist.org/for/5361877236.html. But definitely great design. Could not have done it better my self .


Except in some places it's almost impossible to get one second hand :( being able to build your own from whatever parts come to hand (busted bikes, for example) means even cheaper mobility. There are some places you'll never find a second hand chair (not saying it to be mean)
There are a few projects up and running on teaching people to build chairs out of whatever they can come by. Plus, I know over in Australia, wheelchairs are highy overpriced

Hi Hugo, for starters, very nice project, good on you!
I have one question though, about the use of MDF. As MDF can't stand moisture and conditions in 3rd world countries aren't necessarily dry, think of rain, sewage or even bodily fluids of the occupant... Have you thought about the protection of the MDF againt that?

hi there, I think it ought to be primed and painted

Brilliant work man. I applaud you for it.

I especially like your idea of the flatpack shipping. Projects like e.g. the slingshot water purifier have shown shipping can be a major issue.

Hugo, a very nice project ... Best of luck

oh thank you so much!!! I have my fingers crossed

PVC pipe as a alternate to using broom sticks? I thought I heard wood was scarce as it was used as a fuel. May have to rethink the use of MDF.

Hi there,
I thought 'we' the western world could at least provide these wonderful people with materials at the very least.
And because everything that we send is flat it will be cheaper to transport.
Think Ikea flat packing, they ship millions of items flat packed and sell it for very cheap still.
I even thought Ikea could help in this project.
I was thinking of using PVC at the begining of the project but I was unsure if it would provide enough strength.
It would be good to test it out.

iirc there's a youtube video on the"world's cheapest, lightest wheelchair" using mostly PVC, so depending on the grade used, it's possible. That project was at a university. Either way, the world needs more cost-effective mobility projects - disabilities aren't cheap to live with

You may want to research the use of wood, as it is considered a cooking fuel. There is great deforestation over there as the common folk over there are stripping forests of anything that will burn in a stove. Granted PVC will also burn yet it isnt anything anyone would want to burn in their home. A PVC frame would be lighter than MDF. Tubing has the ability of creating stronger structure. Probably why the manufacturers of wheel chairs use tubing and not something in a flat panel like plywhood.

Also I choose MDF because you only have to drill a couple of holes and follow a template and you got the frame completed very quickly.

Perhaps I could make a cross braced frame (similar to a metal bridge) using PVC pipes and see if they hold the weight and dont crack in the intense heat of the sun.
good point! thankyou I will look into that

You need my Cheetah 3d Printer. It prints direct from Granules, which is about a tenth of the price of filament.
The Cheetah prints with a 3 mm nozzle, which makes it about 10 times as fast as n normal 3d printer.
Google fouche 3d printing
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Hans Fouche

I would love another 3D printer!
Your donation to this project would be tremendous and i would make sure you get the recognition for it in every event I show this.
I have a TV network ready to make a small segment on the news if i win the competition.

I can make you parts, no problem, but no printer donation! Sorry. I have downloaded some parts, and will make them for you, and take some pictures of it, and then we will have the time and cost these parts take on a big Cheetah 3d printer.

A very remarkable project and a great idea !

thankyou and I really hope it takes off.
I found in my local paper an initiative called mens shed where men get together and build stuff. I thought it would be a great place to get it build in bigger numbers!!

Cool, but are the wheels also 3D printed? And can it support the weight of a person?

I believe it will!
I will be testing it out once its assembled and will put heavier people on it to rate its maximum capacity.
It is well crossed braced with big 'broom sticks' so that ought to help.
thanks for your interest

first just wanna know if you're still working on this project, and second thing I wanted to bring up was about the 3d printed wheels in the front, you really should replace those with a better solution asap, that's a HUGE risk factor, it really wouldn't take much for one or both of the wheels to break. a perfect example of how dangerous it is would be if someone was helping a person in a wheelchair get off a tall sidewalk and the impact shatters the wheel causing the person to face plant. i mean i suppose you could print the wheels in a stronger fillament but the fact of the matter is no matter what, the wheels are going to have a short life, and what are people going to do if they need to wait for replacement wheels just for them to break again down the road. You have a good idea but I think you need to reevaluate a lot of this design.

Hi JaycenS, I await to see your 'fix' to the wheels I designed.
I must say its very easy to make comments.
Instead of writing such long letter, your time could have been better spend re designing the wheels if you feel they do not meet your requirements.
You are most welcome to modify what I have done and make it better, in fact I encourage it.
we all need to talk less and do more.