RAMPS 1.3 Case

by blokkendoos Aug 18, 2011
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Always read the thing details before printing! Do also have a look at the remix https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10926
and connector panel: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1115903

RAMPS 1.3 Case ventilated
RAMPS Connector Panel

Don;t recommend this at all....its a fire hazard as no ventilation is provided, the board ramps 1.4 wont fit and the cover dont match up...don't waste your time and money on this..

I really like the design but there are so many problems with the case. Would be nice to fix them.

  1. Please put 1.3 Ramps in the title
  2. Please Fix the issues with the side covers
    a. The Fitment and the necessary recesses for the sides to fit onto the main body ( We go 3d printer and want to print a part were we
    don't want to do anything ;-). )
    b. It looks like the side cover guides have below them a free space where the printer prints in the air.

Don't take this personally :) I only what to help you and the other people who are going to print it until it is fixed.

Can you please add version 1.3 to title it was unclear to me and I printed this for nothing.

The ends don't even fit into the case..

I printed the ventilated version before I click on the link point to this one. unfortunately it does not fit my RAMPS 1.4.
BTW. it was meant for RAMPS 1.3 in any way.

How did you manage to connect everything to the actual machine? it doesn't have any hole for it...

Does it compatible with RAMPS 1.4 ?

only if the PCB has same size as RAMPS 1.3, the version I used it for.

If the assembled PCB dimensions changed, you can adjust the OpenSCAD source yourself.

Also you might take a look at the ventilated variaton, a slightly improved design.

Sweet project case! I think I'd like to adapt it to some other arduino project designs!

Nice work!

Does anybody knows if that's compatible with ramps 1.2 too? Is there any size difference?

Very nice! I love how you are blurring the line from store bought and custom made, I strive for the same results. Very clean print! I am jealous!


Really nice piece of design. Have you had it under load yet? The fan-idea might be a necessary add since the heated-bed-driver and the motor drivers usually produce a fair amount of heat...

Before casing the RAMPS I had some short (
lt;30min) testruns resulting in the polulu's not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius, read with IR thermometer.

That said, this application is used for a milling machine where there is no need for speed (compared to a RepRap) and thus much lower currents are needed to drive the steppers.

Speed is not related to current with stepper drivers. Current = available torque. Voltage = speed. In the case of a milling machine, current and torque are actually what you need, much more so than a 3D printer. Either you are taking very light cuts with your machine, or you simply haven't realized that you are missing steps.

I glossed past this one the first time until the blog picked it up. I thought the case was store bought and you had done a dongle or something. Fantastic work!

looks nice!

i'd like to see that with mount for a small fan.. maybe 40x40x20mm with a 12V supply

I was thinking the exact same thing! It could also maybe have an M8 nut size T-slot along the backbone to mount to something

Very clean looking! 8-)