Motorized Star Wars AT-AT

by LtDan Oct 26, 2015
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Hi LtDan, excellent design! Thanks and congratulations, just made one and my kids are lovings it!!

muy bien amigo esta super genial, te felicito...

how do you wire the motor? That would be good to have in the video.

Hi, is it better to print with PLA, ABS or other material? Thanks

Hi, is it better to print with PLA, ABS or other material? Thanks

How does this not have a mech for making the head swivel back and forth, looking for Jedi scum to blast?!?

The feet didn't print correctly for me....so i sectioned them.....here they are....http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2290947

Great model. My son loves to play with it.
The parts won't break if you print the frame and the gears solid. The little motor is not capable to break them and will just stop.
The biggest problem are the stride gears and the axis they are sitting on. Because it doesn't go all the way through, the gears tilt under the force of the geared motor.
Can you supply a frame where the axis for the stride gear is a litte longer (like 2-3 mm). That would really help stop the tilting.

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LT MUTHA F%^&( DAN!!!!

A. MA. ZING. Absolutely awesome.

IM ON MY THIRD FRAME. Geting the FRBL FLBR underneath and inside that peg is a the biggest pain. Mine breaks every time...

Motorized Star Wars AT-AT edited left frame

Make that 4!

Screw holes and a separate piece would make a world of difference for this...

great design! I have tried printing this but have issues with the stride gears getting out of sync during the rate transitions and then jamming. What layer height and nozzle size did you use to do the prints?

I used .2mm layer height with a .4mm extruder. From my experience with it, the stride gears shouldn't get out of sync if they all get set right initially. That can be kind of tricky though. I think I had to try it a couple times before it was right but once I got it they haven't jammed up.

currently i am printing one , but motor is little bit expensive. how can i change the motor mount size? (only left frame and body is not printed due to motor issue.)

Do you have a different size in mind? If you can give me the dimensions I can probably change it a bit.


i am planning to use this, if necessary i can design some gears to reduce the rpm but i want to have your thoughts and permission first. also if you design the motor mount it would be more stable. thank you !

Has anyone split the left and right frames in half for easier printing?

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What about controling each leg with a servo, and drive them from Pyboard or Arduino?

I'm sure it's doable. My goal with this design though was to see if I could get it to walk from a single power source.

Great design and instructions Dan. It is the coolest 3D print we have done. Here's a video of our working machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBk45jiGUKU

That's incredible! It's so much better than mine! Do you mind if I link your video in my post? Nicely done!

Hi Dan, yes, please do share the link and thanks for sharing your cool design.

Hello, great project does tend more. Bust, just a question: how many each parts must be printed; it would be easier to know it even if I think that at least four feet must be printed...;)

Hi there, I've uploaded a parts list that shows how many of each of the parts are needed here.

Is there any way to make it so the rear legs don't "kick out" first when it takes steps? AWESOME job on this... it looks great!

Hmmm, I don't think I could fix it significantly without shifting most of the pieces which would be a nightmare to re-design.

Hi there,
as sparkfun motors were on back order, I've ordered a bunch of these from china:

looks like pretty much the same, it's 100rpm and not 90rpm but should do the job

Maybe I'm missing something here, but how is it possible to print either of the main Frame parts? Even with support being generated for the "cantilevered" bits, you've got cylinders starting in midair on each end of what looks like a center support. Please explain.

Yep, it needs support and those cylinders are going to start in midair. A gear needs to turn on those cylinders. I used Cura and didn't do anything fancy with supports and it worked every time for me.

This is an old picture of an outdated version of the part but it's the same concept.

Got it. MatterSlice isn't giving me any support under the center piece. Just switched to Cura and it looks like you've described. Will try another one.

Cool, it could be that you have a setting checked that tells it to only generate support off of the build plate. I've never used MatterSlice but Cura has a setting like that.

the mechanics are amazing
rest too..

Dan, it looks like there are some Solidworks parts missing in your dropbox folder - Gearset FR and BR. Could you upload these please? Also, are the left side parts simply mirrored from the right? I ask because for example in the drop box folder there is only one Lift Gear, leg pivot, and Stride gear. Are the features in these parts simply mirrored to be used on the other side?

Yeah, sorry I should have pointed this out. When you open one of these parts, the related parts exist as configurations. So for example if you open up the the legpivot part, in the configurations panel under "Default" there should be 2 configurations (FLBR and FRBL).

No worries Dan. Thanks for the explanation. I'm using OnShape so I can't see the configurations, but I have a friend who can look at them for me. Having said that, I'm still wondering if the Gearset part is missing from drop box. Is this a configuration of another part, or is it separate but simply not uploaded?

Er... Crap. It should be there now.

You the man, Dan. Sweet job with the gearing on this project btw, this took some serious skills...like Jedi level skils. Cheers!

Thanks, if you cant get the different configurations I can try to upload them separately.

Hi Dan, I'm actually wondering now if you could upload the configurations separately as you mentioned? It would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to make one as a gift for a brother in-law.

I uploaded the files with various configurations into a separate folder so check and see if those work.

Thank you so much Dan! Again, a job well done!

I'll try to have them up at some point tomorrow.

Having built one now I would put print difficulty at low. Build difficulty at MFER!.

The gearing needs some serious work. the business of eyeballing the placement etc is not conducive to a well functioning model. I would much rather see the mounting pegs as mobile rather than fixed and add a flattened side to them to allow the gears to slide on in only one configuration.

Gear slack in general needs to be tightened up.

That being said Its great model. I sent a few bucks your way

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I'll try to get working on some of the changes as soon as I can.

so im halfway together and i see a big problem, the gears that do most of the work at the bottom.. are in need of work.....way to much wobble which allows the gears to skip or catch, causing faliure almost 2 steps in, also with no alignment aids the wobble translates into the movment making it clunky.... i love this model def gunna complete it. ill send u some $$$ to your paypal if u fee like working on that? let me know... either way great model... and i think anybody making this wouldn't mind the use of m8 screws or something, instead of pegs so the model well be stronger and steadier....

If you pay him to add the screw holes, please share the results! ^_^

Sent you a message.

Very cool. Would be nice to see a wind up version as well. Im planning on 3d printing a windup spring and seeing how it goes with the walker. :) thanks for the model.

The first design I drew up was powered by a windup spring but it had some issues and wasn't powerful enough. Picture.

What filament did you print this with?

Downloading this one before Disney gets to it! lol


Amazing! Very nice job!

Wow! That is really impressive! It looks great, and getting the all that complex articulation of the legs from a single motor is some extremely clever engineering.

Absolutely brilliant! Do you mind if I flesh out the shell with some detailing?

ok i guess ill wait till you do that. i want this bad.....

Go for it! Let me know if you need any special file type.

any chance heavier feet would help? not crazy heavy. just a little more weight to stick landing? or maybe a small indention on bottom of foot to put a silicon pad for traction? just ideas love ittttt

The feet kind of need to slide (it only works on smooth surfaces). Putting a weight in the feet could potentially help it. It isn't tremendously stable with the shell/head parts on it right now.

the one i played with as a kid has a low pro roller on feet that would only role just enough to allow leg to go forward than a small catch to stop it so it wouldnt slip. i will try some weight see if that helps. like tape quarters to the feet to test i design. let me know what u think

Yeah now that I think about it I think making the feet heavier and or putting rubber on the bottom might fix the stability problems. I'm pretty busy now so I won't be able to mess with the one built for awhile but I think the stability is improvable.