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CS:GO Knives [Complete collection] (Updated 18/2-16)

by slimc, published

CS:GO Knives [Complete collection] (Updated 18/2-16) by slimc Oct 21, 2015

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This is all the knives from Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
Non of the foldable knives can be fold, they are static props.

3ds max project file: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkHZAZ0PBms-mZIxUtbuDOZA-BjBjw
These models are created by Valve Inc.

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Hello there!
Sorry for the bother, but I just need to ask:
I'm trying to print the whole version karambit using Cura, I'm new to 3D Printing and I'm quite unsure what are the correct supports, could you help?
Good day!


It's depends on more than just the model. Which matierals do you use? Which printer/nozze do you have? It's settings and temperature.. You have to do some testes in order to get the right settings

I don't want to do someones testes

In any case it is good to have done som tests with your specific printer, so you know what settings to use on which parts.
The popular 3Dbency gives you and all around view on your configuration

+rep printing shadow daggers now. Hope it prints well.

Does the Shadow daggers needs support? <3 plz reply quick <3

Hello - no, the sliced versions do not need support. The non-sliced version might need some depending on your printer setup.

Haven't actually tried printing it but looks so good. Well done slimc!

Thank you very much :)

Thank you. I agree with you :D

slimc I need need help I have a monoprice printer (http://www.monoprice.com/Product?p_id=15365&gclid=Cj0KEQiAhs3DBRDmu-rVkuif0N8BEiQAWuUJr69-Q2PCSY1djnpOpjMq2tpc6lQKHfUcV85fnnF4FV0aAmdH8P8HAQ) and its not really working how do I print a blade that has overhang? The sliced + slice mirrored model worked but it doesn't look as nice. I'm curious how do i print it if its in midair? My printer tried printing straight into midair and it flopped.

You'll need to enable support in your slicer (fx. Cura).
I requires a bit of adjustment and tuning to get a good and solid support mesh.

I'd recommend to print them in the two pieces and then glue them together.

K thanks for quick response

Comments deleted.

These models can be printed on any 3D printer, it depends on your need and requirements.

Your question is quite too broad.

Sorry ignore that questions I have a different one, a high percentage of the time when I try to print a sliced model the first layer really doesn't stick well and falls off very often. After around 10 attempts I finally got it to stick and got a sliced model (which is really nice credit to you). The problem was that every time the print swooped around the handle to the other side of the blade it would always not stick. Is there something I can do so when the printer makes sharp turn on your design I can get it to stick better?

I had a lot of issues in the beginning of my 3D print journey, and I tried everything. The only thing that has seemed to be working flawlessly is water with sugar. It's inexpensive, nontoxic, easy to clean and welds the print and bed together.
Mix 1/3 suger with water and let it boil for a couple of minutes.
Put it on your bed and heat it till it is not liquid anymore. Works every time ;)
Another thing that you should make sure, is that your nozzle is at the right height from bed

Try with lower speed on first layer also

wow thanks for the good insight I'll defintitely test!!!

You're welcome. Share free and be open minded gives a good community :)

What 3-d printer is god for this

Almost any printer. There is no printer that is good for only one or a few models.

1st off, models come off my Wanhao i3 really well, even at 50% scale, but one(out of four) of the shadow daggers(sliced) only printed the raft for the handle. Will update you as soon as the print id far enough.

Edit: It is only printing the holes in the handle(as in placing filament where there should be none), I am using the cura that came with my printer.

if i print the flip knife can i then flip it open

Nope, these models are static props. It will take a bit of time to redesign them to be foldable

okey thank for the fast reply

But if you decide to try it yourself, please share as a remix :))

Comments deleted.

Can I sell any of these.

I would say yes, but ask your local police department about it - I got a 'Yes' from my local PD.

I can´t slice them with makerbot, other models work!

None of the models? Never used Makerbots software, but they work fine in Cura :)

jes, it works with cura :D

Comments deleted.

I'm planning to print a bayonet but I have a few questions:

  1. Is the knife the right scale (In the file)?
  2. What plastic do you recommend?
  3. To get the best results what settings should I have?

The models seems to a bit undersized, so a scale of 10 or 15% should do it, depending on your hand size. But the models are the right scale of each other.

If you can print ABS, i recommend that. And the best settings depend on your printersetup :)

How abort The m9? Is that in the right scale?

Hmm, I don't think so.. If your printbed is 20x20, then the knife will be too small.
The model needs to be separated and the glue together. Which I can do when I get home in some hours :)

What do you mean? Do I have to just print the sliced pieces or even smaller? About how big is the normal bayonet (If scaled 10% bigger) and how big is the m9?

Which would be easier to print?

Shaddow Daggers would be easiest to print :)
All the models are scaled the same - so if the Daggers needs 10% scale increment, then the M9 needs too.
But the the M9 is too big to be printed in "normal" size on a 20x20cm bed, it won't fit there.

I printed a M9, but I splitted the model into multiple parts and glued it together. Can't remember the scale tho..

Do you have the scale of the Shadow Daggers? I printed one as is and It's too small to hold.

Hey man! You should be able to scale the model in your slicer! :)

does the butterfly knife acctualy flip?

Nope, its does not. Actually I tried to make a filpable model of it, but the whole model is not made so that it would flip. The blade is almost twice the size of the handle :/

10.000 downloads! Thank you so much guys!

I currently have 4 of these knives split into their respective parts if someone wants to 3d print them in metal as a part of my own project sort of thing. some of them do have errors, but I only encountered them on the gut knife. ones like the bayonet are pretty simple and I didn't have any errors with it. Also, I will try to add more when I get a chance to, especially since I want to do it for the entire CS:GO knife collection, but currently, I just have the karambit, huntsman, gut knife, and bayonet (not the m9 one).

Cool m8! Keep going!

Awesome been waiting for someone to make a pack!

I'm linking all of my friends this

Thank you very much m8 :)

Here's a great idea; free to all:

Take the .obj of the CS:GO weapons, lets say AWP. Take that AWP model and select a skin, I choose Hyper Beast. Take that texture and engrave the AWP with the Hyper Beast texture. Paint it.

Sure it is possible, but if anyone could program a "skin" modifier for Cure, then would it be possible to print skins directly into the object with multiple extruders :)

Are these all ready to print? Went into Meshmixer and saw a ton of errors so I fixed it via Netfabb Cloud, shouldn't you do that out of the box?

I already did. The models themselves are not designed with 3D print in mind, so some of them have open edges or faces. I have done my best to make the files 3D printable :)

Which do you find errors in?

Um, everywhere.. http://prntscr.com/ahb653 If you'd like I could fix the OBJ file and send it to you. If you try to fix it via meshmixer it deletes important parts like the Karambit loop.

It's okay, I only exported the OBJ file because another asked for it :)

By the way...i printed both of the huntsman parts and they don't fit together...

Sorry to hear that. Did you make sure, that they were same scale? Because I don't see any problems straight away. Or is your issue not with scaling? :)

I'm sure it's not the models because when i put them together they fit perfect. but i printed both exactly the same. and they are pretty badly aligned however you set them. i dont really know what it could be.

Really awesome. How long did it take to make all of them.

About 5-6 hours - The most difficult part was to get all of the programs and plugins to work :p

any chance you can upload the other sides to the knifes as I use xyz software and its rubbish doesn't let me mirror thanks

hey have u had any luck with switching the software on your printer

Tell me which one you want, because otherwise the filesite will be even more confusing. :)

I wanted to print all of them really

Okay xD Give me 10 min

Okay thank you very much

The new bowie knife is now in the collection!

do you have the editable source files for these? just curious. I was thinking of possibly splitting the blades apart from the rest, kinda like i did with my karambit below. its not necessary, i just prefer not having to try to convert and edit interpolated stl files.

New knife and link update :)

Yes, I have the "source" files - which is decompiled gamefiles. I have done some splitting on some of the knives.

Which format do you want them in? I use 3ds max for the editing and netfabb for fixing STL files :)

step files work, as well as anything i can import into inventor and edit. (stl files are a nightmare to edit since i have to practically change the file type). I have the karambit split up already, but I was also looking at some of the others, and they seem to be much simpler.

Thanks, and I appreciate the help.

Great! I do recommend using a modelleing program such as 3ds max, Maya or Blender instead of a CAD-program. They seem to handle the STL-files better and are easier to work with :)

The only thing is, I tend to prefer inventor, and that was why I needed it as a step file or something of the like. Do the actual game files come as stl, or are they in a different format?

I use 3ds max for these files. But 3ds max does not support export for .STEP files natively :/ I can give you the 3ds max project file or convert them to .OBJ format :)

They are a different format. Valve compile gamefiles into .smd (animations) and .qc (modelfiles) :)

ok well then i guess the 3ds max files will work. i have 3ds max from before when i had to split an stl (my karambit) with the metal/blade parts separate from the handle/grip. man that was a pain, but some of these look much easier. I guess you could pm me a download link for them then.

Can you also send me these files? I also want to split it up. Thanks

just did the gut knife. Much much simpler thanks to the autodesk mesh enabler. just 7 left (although, do I really need to do shadow daggers since the whole thing is metal?)

I may have to skip gut knife for now, unless I can find a .STEP file of it or one that I can import into inventor as a 3d object instead of surfaces. it was getting buggy, so I'm skipping it for now.

EDIT: nevermind, just thank autodesk mesh enabler

2 down, 9 to go.

make that 3 down, 8 to go. just finished the huntsman

thanks! I appreciate it. I already got the karambit down, so I just need to do the rest. I usually split the handle in half so that way the blade part can go into the handle and not have to worry about having an issue like it falling off.

Thanks for this awesome collection! It is exactly what I have been looking for.

why dont you have the reverse split sides?

Just reverse/mirror them in your slicer program :)

did not know i could do that! thx!

No problemo ;)

i did that with my karambit

CS:GO Karambit Crimson Web Factory New

yo you should split these up into the metal and handle parts so that the metal parts can be printed in metal and the handles can be printed in watever.

hello! can you sell to me ? i dont have the 3d in my house

3dhubs.com will allow you to find local printers that will take your files and print them for you.

Hi. Yes, I could make some, but I will not ship them.