Smartphone Photo Studio for #3DBenchy and tiny stuff

by CreativeTools Oct 21, 2015
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Does it works as well if i scale it up everything....?

Is there a version for a small digital camera?

Will it work with a phone with a large camera in the center like this but 1.5x bigger than that?

Has anyone tried this with the iPhone X? I’m curious if the camera hole aligns for this model.

Maybe I missed it, but what infill, resolution etc? Printing on an Anet A8

a wonderful idea and a great job, thanks

very nice work. Thanks for sharing

Simply Brilliant!!!!

Thanks, John! :)

does it work with an iPod ?

Do you need support to print this ?

All parts in this project are designed to be 3D-printed without the need of support structures. :)

This thing may can be used together with the 123d app in order to make 3d scans of tiny objects, someone had tried it before? Amazing design by the way, good job :)

Thank you Ebnal_MacGyver for your kind words! :) We are glad you liked our photo studio. :)

I really like this thing.
Personally i need 3 improvements:

  • height change of camera...
  • ...and angle change.
  • bend/curved background where the miniature stands on

I´m doing miniature photography and i sometimes need to look at the miniatures from slighly above without seeing any construction below the miniature.

I´m currently thinking of redesigning your thing...but it seems to be quite hard to retain such a stable and satisfying feeling when using this stand.

Hope to see some updates regarding this in the near future.

Thank you for your message Slidr! We get many requests similar to your and we will consider to improve this design, or even re-make a totally new in the future. Please follow us and stay tuned for new 3D models from Creative Tools. :)

Look though I have, I can not find those flashlight holders :-(. Link? Thanks.

Thanks for asking. We forgot to post the link to the holders. You can download them from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1017689

Universal 3D-printable flashlight stand

Thank you, again :-). Couldn't find those no matter what search string I used :-).

Got a number of those flashlights from trips to Harbor Freight over the years, even more useful with your wonderful project here!

And again, Thank you, you earned kudos big time for this project :-). Add them again for the great response to my query!

Very, VERY well thought out and executed! Bravo!

Thank you for your kind words of appreciation fox3! :) We are glad you liked it.

On a i3 with the 200mm bed, cura cannot take this 200mm plate because it hits the edge. Also, I don't know about others, but what we need are 2-4 full plates depending on what can be printed on a 200mm bed etc. but more importantly, break up the plates by color. It blows me away that these cool things posted never take into account that folks may actually love the examples you're showing INCLUDING the colors (white and gray in this case), but either way, to print in the shown two-tone, I suggest posting a white (color #1) and gray (color #2) plate STL files and let folks decide on their own 2 colors, or they can always print them both in a single color, if desired.

Really awesome design!

Thanks CollinChaffin for your suggestion. It is s nice idea to make two plates, one for each colour. We did so and now there are the following two new STL files here that you can download. We are glad you like our design :)

  • Buildplate_square_200x200mm_All_parts_color_B_3DBenchy.com.stl
  • Buildplate_square_200x200mm_All_parts_color_A_3DBenchy.com.stl

would a micro 3d (m3d) printer be able to print this?

Really cool design!! Would you be willing or able to make an up-down arc rail for the camera to rise on.

Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion. We will for sure do that next time we update the design of the smartphone photo studio. :)

this will make taking pictures of 3D prints so much easier!! thanks!!

What a great Idea.............

Because I need a bit more distance I made a rail extension for this faboulus photo-studio:

Rail Extension for Smartphone Photo Studio
by BerndJM

Will this work with a Note5?

As we could see the Galaxy Note 5 measures 153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm which is only a few mm larger than the Galaxy 6 used in this video: https://youtu.be/hlATeBRlB9E

In other words, the Note 5 should work well with this photo studio. :)

Very cool. Going to try to use this to update the images of my extruder.

simply perfect....!!! congrats
brazilian hugs...

this will work with an 152.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 mm phone?

I think I might try and make this into a 3D scanner. What app should I use and do u think this would be possible??? Thnx!

Autodesk's '123D Catch' app, but you might need to modify the rig because it requires you to take pictures from different perspectives like looking up at the object from the bottom. However, this rig should work if you set it up correctly. I've never really had any luck with 123D Catch, but it might be worth a shot for you. :)

Lol probably such a long print

Would be great if there was an included .txt file or something, with a little more detail on parts required. What kind and how many screws, infil and layer resolution. Just the little stuff that would be an addition to the video. Thanks

With large and even larger prints, the phone needs to be raised and the bar extended a bunch. I made a bar extender out of the bar coming off the base and the object platform.

Im now working on a fake phone that slides where a phone goes but has bars going straight up. Sadly Im just putting my phone holder at the top. I should reuse your part...

The screens at the back flop over if i use 8x11 card stock. So i got some angled clips that attaches two papers together at 60 degree angles. The clips are at top and bottom. 4 clips altogether for 3 screens total.

The rotary base item clips broke... i glued, but i want to figure why they broke.

There could be a rotary base that is 8 inches...

I also would like to see good ideas on the star attachment device. There should be solutions for all types if objects by now...

Good job

"the bar (needs to be) extended a bunch. I made a bar extender out of the bar coming off the base...."

Could you post it here on Thingiverse - The bar extender - I tried many times but cannot make the bar longer. Newbie at this.

Comments deleted.

You are welcome orionseesall76! We are glad you liked the design :)

Maybe could be used with Mo3dls 3D scanning app (https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/mobile-3d-laser-scanner/id590404873?mt=8)
No experience with this yet but looks promising. Could be a great team!

wow this is great.

thanks for shareing :)

wow amazing. I love the turntable. Do you suppose you could use that turntable for a DIY 3D scanner?

We're glad you liked it. :) Sure... you can use it as a simple way to orient parts at even angles or rotate them continuously and collect data via camera (photogrammetry) or some kind of linear or structured light solution.

Very nice and functional design, great

GREAT design..!!!

What's the recommended size for the model to fit and can be photographed entirely?

Depending on the field of view of your camera, the object can be up to roughly 80 mm (3 inches) wide.

How hard would it be to make a background (paper) holder that would have sides that attach to the bottom that are curved out. What I'm thinking of is having the background concave vertically slightly.

Thanks mavkain for this input. It is a clever way to adapt and improve it. Stay tuned and please follow this thing. We will publish future adaptations and accessories here in the future.

Now if we could combine this with a 3d scanner app that would be great.

Ill try to print this out today. Seems like something nice to have.

i am going to be using this for an app called 123d catch,, it would work perfectly,, its a photo to 3d printable model software,,, have fun guys'

Any luck with this yet?

Which software or App it uses?

This photo studios purpose is to hold the smartphone in a controlled manner when taking photos of small objects. The actual app is normally the smartphones built-in camera-software for photos and videos.

Great design!!!! Thank you for not having an IPOS... lol

We are glad you like the design BbrnKyle. :) Regarding IPOS, do you mean Intellectual Property Ownership? In our case the thing we designed here is a gift to the 3D printing world and we hope that many can have free and joyful use of the smartphone photo studio, regardless if it is used for documenting #3DBenchy boats, jewellry, etc. The only thing we kindly ask for is that we get some attribution when derivatives are made. :)

I think he means iphone. Awesome design btw, very cool little kit.

Well deserved feature! Haven't seen something this awesome in ages!

Not a question how you got featured. This must have taken a lot of work!

Absolutely wesome!

What printer did you use to print those parts? They are fantastic

We 3D printed this on several different machines successfully. Our recommendations are for this thing to be printed with PLA plastic on a 3D printer with plenty airflow from the cooling fan. That will yield best results in shape and form.

PLA plastic has a bit more friction than for instance ABS, etc. This makes the different moving parts easier to stay in place when joint together, such as the two set-screws.

Thanks for all the comments! :) We are glad that this thing is appreciated by you all.

We have some more fixtures for this rig that we will release in the future. Stay tuned!

We need a smartphone studio studio, for taking pictures of THIS print! :)
Great design

omg i love it it so amazing :)

wow! that will be good for 3D scanning!perharps using 123D Catch or Photoscan?

That is a good idea :) We will need to give it a try with the 123D Catch app from Autodesk.

The rig would have to work in a way that is opposite to this one. The camera would need to rotate around the object. I think of it like the solar system models you see. The Sun is stationary and the planets can rotate freely around it on their arms. The rig would work best if there was also an arm directly opposite the camera holder that can hold a piece of paper. The holder should bend the paper slightly concave so the background remains the same as the camera and it rotates around the center.
I have a clear picture of what I mean, unfortunately I don't have the CAD skills to draw it up.

The issue with 123D is it uses the cameras accelerometer to get the angles. The camera needs to move around the print, not the other way around.

Not sure if it uses the accelerometer, but an important factor is that the object is not allowed to move in relation to the environment. If the object moves, but the background doesn't, the software gets confused. The software uses visual cues in the background just as much as on the object itself to calculate the camera angles.

I´seen someone using this principle with a rotating object isntead of a camera. It should work as long as the background doe´snt create good reference points. A white paper could work fine.

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Does it will work with iphone 6s?

For sure! :) It works with all Apple iPhone models.

Asewome, great desing!!

I agree, Absolutley " wow " Thank-you for sharing really a great idea.

You're most welcome wallybe :) We're glad you liked it.

Just wow! This is amazing!!!