Ethernet (RJ45) Plug broken lock tab fix

by glassy, published

Ethernet (RJ45) Plug broken lock tab fix by glassy Oct 22, 2015


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This is a quick and reliable solution for when you have got your ethernet cable's lock-tab broken but you do not want/have no means to re-crimp those plugs.
The idea came from this thing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:972153 and I decided to make a "self-sufficient" solution. So here it is.
I have noticed, that when RJ45 lock-tabs are broken, the end, where the tab previously joined the plug remains. This design fixates that reminder as if the original tab.
I print it in translucent (it looks more suitable for such small thing) PLA from colorfabb.com .
My prints are at slow speed with 0.2mm layer height. I use the 7 layer raft and soluble attachment to the raft.

One notice - if you have your RJ45 socket hidden deeper into plastic enclosure (I have this situation in the case of my printer) then better use the file rj45_repair.stl . It is less flexing but there is no spring and it will get into the socket just fine (anyway you will not be replugging much)

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Just wondering, is it possible mine printed a little too thick, it won't slide under the tip from the broken piece. Should I just tape it?

Actually it shouldn't slide under. it just has to press against the very reminder of the broken part (as in the third picture).
The idea is that it pushes the broken piece towards the socket while the lock part (the "step" on the side) hooks to the inside of the socket wall.

great! Thanks!

Also they make cool presents for nerds...

Thank you! :)

Since you don't want to release a flat 0 angle version.

Do you have any solution for how we stick this piece onto our completely broken cables?

The most cleanest solution is to superglue the piece onto this cable, but it very hard to do when it is at an angle.

Try gluing a small stopper to the end of connector so you can use the ordinary version.

It would be better if someone just remix this so it is straight and not angle so we don't need to resort to that method you suggested.
It will look cleaner too.

The creator is stubborn and will not make one even though for people who have completely broken cables,
there is no way to put this on..
other than using your method
By the way, if it is straight, it will not fall off, as the creator is so concerned about.

If someone has the skill please remix this so it is flat rather angled.

Not sure exactly what you mean, if it is completely flat against the connector it will not hook into the socket, and if it doesn't hook in what good is it? You press both this and the original flat to remove the connector from the socket.

What might work is if you extended the angled part with another bit that is flat against the connector and can be glued, but there would be quite a bit of force on the "hinge"-point so there is a big risk that it would get stuck in the socket or break.

If I have misunderstood what you mean please try describing it again.

And PLEASE calling makers here stubborn here is not a good idea, in general all is volunteering their time if someone do not want to do something that's their right. In particular if they thing it would be a waste of time). For i site like this the primary way to get what you want is to learn to do it yourself.

Of course, if I had the skills to do this then I would have made a flat no angle version already..
And I would have shared it as a remix for others who has the same problem cable as me..
Why would I keep wasting my time keep asking for this..

What good is it be able to hook into the socket, if my cable is completely broken so there is no piece for this piece to hook into..

Why don't you try breaking/cut your cable lock tab completely (no piece remaining to hook into) and you will see what I mean..
If you try to use this then, this printed piece would just get moved around.. there's nothing to hold this in it's place.

I need it flat so I can at least super glue it to my old cable..
It is the only way it would work for my completely broken cable..

Right now it is pretty useless..

What proof you have that being flat will not work?
Have you tested it yourself?
You are just theorizing it won't work..

I have tested it, using alternative means to a get a flat piece of plastic
and once it is in then it does not move..
the cable does not fall out..

Maybe it might not be as strong/tight as an angle version, but it is still in placed..
So my experience tells me a flat version does work because I have tested a flat piece.


Why it is not a good idea to call the maker stubborn?
I have a right to free speech..
This is my opinion of the maker....

What's he going to do?
He's not going to make the version I need anyway..
despite me telling him that a flat version is the only way it would work for my cable situation..

I have asked nicely...
I have asked multiple times already..evenly literally begging him to just make flat version..

Instead of simply just producing a flat version which would work (based on my own experience)
the maker decides to come up with alternative solutions which does not work at all
(I have printed and tested the alternative version)...


So he is using his theory/idea that he thinks it won't work to not make a flat version
despite my own experience that it does work.. (and it is the only way it would work for a completely broken cable).

I know he has some 3D modelling skill to create this, but it does not mean he is always right..
My own experience proves this, but he won't listen..

So yes he is STUBBORN !!!!!

It's like someone telling another person I know a solution that would work (I have tried it, I have tested it)
but the other person who thinks they know it all says "Nope won't work, I have more knowledge and experience than you"..

How would you feel in such a situation?

Ethernet (RJ45) COMPLETELY :: broken Plug lock-tab fix
by glassy

The reason for not calling the maker stubborn is that he/she might completely stop sharing designs that is liked by many.

If the tab is glued flat the spring makes no sense so cut away everything behind the part you want flat, then it may be glued down flat.

Sorry but your idea is a waste of time..and possibly dangerous..

Not going to waste my time cutting out bits of plastic (and making sure enough is cut out and at correct angle) to try to make it work..and possibly cutting myself in the process..

If I was going to do that, I might as just buy a crimping tool and make a new plug..

Also why don't you try cutting the hard plastic yourself
and tell me how easy it is to cut into hard plastic?

Why waste time doing this, when I know a flat piece works already..
I have TESTED this..
Have you?

Why don't you stop theorizing this and that..and just actually test this..
Put some real life experience into it..

As I said, go and cut the tab completely off on your cable (so no piece remains for it to hook into, then find a flat piece of plastic about the size of the tab and superglue or bluetak or (put stick tape around it)
You will see it works instead of just theorizing this or that won't work like the author..

Before you do that though, print one of these angle pieces and tell me well it works on that completely broken cable..

As for whether why or why not the maker decides to share or not share the design that is up to them..
I doubt it will be because of one person's comment...
If this is true, then they are a very small thin skin person..
You put too much weight into thinking that my word would matter to the maker..

But we have our own right to free speech and to make suggestions for improvements..
or why this design doesn't not work for them..

If the maker don't want to listen then that's their choice..
but we have a right to free speech if we want to make an assessment/opinion of a person...
as long as it is not swearing or being slanderous..

It is just an opinion like saying
I think he is smart, or funny or stubborn..


BTW I had given up on trying to get the maker to create a flat angle design..
Haven't been back here for a while, until you decided to reply to my post..

I would like to super glue the part to my broken cable, but the inserted part sits at angle so I can't superglue it.

Can you make a version where it sit flat (ie 0 angle) so it fits on the cable without any gaps?

Here's a photo of what I am talking about.


The essential issue here is that this part has to be at the angle as it would not hook up when inserted. If you have your end of the plug completely flat I can try to make the flat part to extend from the one at the angle towards the end of the plug. Can you make a photo of your plug so I know how it looks like?

The problem is my cable is completely broken so there is no piece for it to hook up to.
For people who have completely broken cables, there is no other way to keep this part in place, other than to superglue it.
And to superglue it, the inserted piece needs to be 0 angle so the glue can stick to the cable.

Your other solution for completely broken cables does not work in real world when I printed it because there is just no space between the cables and a few other problems as mention in that page


At least make a version 3 for people who wants to super glue it to the cable..

It does not matter if it hooks up or not, this is not something you should be concerned about.
Just give us that option and let us determine if it is suitable for ourselves.

I know in my case, I just want to superglue this part to the cable but due to the angle, I can't superglue it.
If I can print a version 3 that has no angle, I can report back here how well it works.

I would have done this myself already if I had any 3D cad skills

For people who want the hookup can still print other versions.

There's no need to make a version specific to my cable.

The simplest solution is to make a flat 0 angle version, then any cable will be able to be superglue with this fix.

Ethernet (RJ45) COMPLETELY :: broken Plug lock-tab fix
by glassy

That part of the desigh (which is under the angle) is exactly the one which holds the plug in the socket and it holds the plug in the socket only because it is not flat. If it is made flat there would be no holding effect.
But I have one idea which I will try to implement. Will let you know when ready.

Good that you have some other ideas

Why is so hard for you to just make a 0 angle version and add it as an option for other people like me?

I understand your concern about it not hooking
but as I said :
-this is the simplest solution that I can see..
-Let me print it and I will tell you how well it works.
-that is something that I should see for myself in real life practice..you don't need to be overly concern about this issue..
Maybe it is not as bad as you think, and it will work out

Please I really need this flat version so I can super glue it..

I don't mean to sound demanding or anything, but please just make a version that I ask for..
You can create other designs ideas but just create a version as I asked for.

I will still try your other designs.

As you already know, you have tried the other solution and it has not worked out well when I printed out in real life.

The amount of time you spent trying to come up with alternative solution, could have released a flat version already.


If you don't want to produce this version for whatever reason
Can you at least tell how to go about modding this for myself?

What software should I use?
And can you just drag the piece to be straight angle or do need to do something else?

Anyways I will see what new idea you come up with...

I have looked at the design and got one more time convinced, that making the flat end would not work and is not worth spending my time on that. I would like to end our conversation here.

So what is your other idea then?

For people who have completely broken cables there's no way to keep this piece in place.
What's your solution for those type of cables?

You say the flat angle is waste of time, but one of your STL files, you already have a flat one..
It is just not in the second version.

Also there is a difference from just looking and theorizing something won't work
compared to trying it out in real life.

Your other solution

which you spent time on, worked in theory and in one use case scenario
but did not work in real life.

Cos when you have a casing on the outside of the cable, it does not work for situation where there are many cables is plugged into something like a modem because the spacing is too tight and there is no way to plug this cable with that solution.
Also the enclosure does not work for flush fit commercial cables.


I understand if you don't want to waste your time so I asked if I do this myself
Can I just drag the model to be straight angle inside the 3D software or do you need to do more complex stuff?


I do have an idea about how to make it angle and flat at the same time..so people can still glue it.

You could make a piece like this

Ethernet (RJ45) COMPLETELY :: broken Plug lock-tab fix
by glassy

awesome! i love this model.
just try it. only two minutes to print.

Pleased you liked it!

unfortunately my plug is broken but no bits remain to put this into.

any solution for such problems?

If I correctly understand what you mean, then this might be the thing to use: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:972153

Ethernet (RJ45) Plug Repair

Yeah i already saw that model but that one needs extra cable tie.
Also does not look as elegant as yours.

I already printed yours and put some tape to hold it into place and it still works.

Though I have a suggestion for improvement.

Can u add another updated models for both RJ45 repair STL file
where the inserted part can sit flush flat to the RJ45 connector.
I think if u make the Curve part more flat or less angled so that if we put it on the table,
there would be no gaps.

This is what I mean

The file can be for ppl who have completely broken RJ45 connectors(where there is no leftover bits remaining)

We can then just simply superglue the two parts together.

Currently the model where the inserted connector is at an angle when placed on the RJ45 plug,
so there is no way to superglue it flat to the RJ45 connector.

Here it is: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1633938
This thing fixates the plug even if it does not have anything left of the front tab.
It sits well on the back of the plug and does not need any glue.
Hope it helps.

Ethernet (RJ45) COMPLETELY :: broken Plug lock-tab fix
by glassy

Thank you for excellent ideas! I will do some thinking over the weekend and will hopefully come out with something soon.

You, sir, are my hero of the day! :)

Oh thank you ! Good to be! :)

It works perfectly, it fits very well!!.
Thanks, I had a cable that was driving me crazy on the router.

Much pleased it brought peace to one more good man's mind!
Actually this was the exact situation how I have decided to design it :) - every time someone was cleaning around they necessarily moved the cables of the switch and as if intentionally some cables were dropping out (or even worse - just moving out a little so it was not visible that they are out of contact). This situation was playing on my nerves so much that being a naturally lazy guy, instead of re-crimping the ends, I have decided that "something has to be done!" And ... Voila! here came this idea :)

brilliant solution it work really well

Thanks - happy you liked it!