RBA - House 1

by rba Jun 26, 2013
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That's a nice project, and before designing/printing my own, i decided to print yours. I'm looking for the right way to design in order to 3d print easily.
I've started to print few of the main parts, i'll post them here. I will try a different color for roof.
Some parts were weirdly sliced, but i got them sliced after going trough meshmixer.

It seems i miss the "pergola" (louvre ?) in between both main buildings. May you upload it ? It would not be difficult design, but it could take a while to get the right dimensions.

Thank you

Hi there, how do you get exact measurements? Or an exact ratio with makerware or replicatorg?

The model is done at 1:1 scale in the 3d modelling software we use so it comes in to Makerware at full scale and we scale it down from there. Bearing in mind that all of the elements (like wall thicknesses etc) are now 100 times thinner we find that running it through something like Netfabb really helps.

Hey there. I'm trying to print a similar model in size but i'm also getting curling issues. What methods do you use to avoid this??

Hi Matt,

We print using the the raft but also when we model the elements we place a sacrificial wall just outside of each of the corners (as can be seen on the STL's above.) This seems to stop the corners from curling as much by keeping some heat in and also if it starts to pull up it needs to pull up this thermal corner first.

Hope this helps.


Awesome, I'll try the heat shield idea!

Thanks guys

No worries,

Hopefully it'll work for you!


Wonderful work. As I have been trying to make architecture model for a month but it keep failing half way through (which is very frustrated). I am wondering if u ever had the same problem?
BTW, have u tried using replicator G for slicing because it seems makerware is not very reliable and the print from makerware usually does not come out nice ?

Thanks for your comments - the 'Bot Monkey' is currently on leave and I will ask him to respond to you when he is back in the office next week with any technical information that you might require that hasn't already ben provided in the project instructions.

this is super nice. I am building it with Makerware (the latest update). Did you also use Makerware or did you use a different slicer?


We just used the Makerware slicer as we were having issues with Skeinforge. Also, we started to print another project with the latest update of Makerware, but the 45 degree surface finish as well as the non-removable raft gave us poorer results than previously so we reinstalled the older version of Makerware until this has been addressed.


It's so great! Congratulations!!

Can you tell men where have you found the man who is watching de building, please? Thanks!


Unfortunately the little man is not printed but from the local hobby shop. We tried printing people at this scale and the results just weren't any good. If you happen to find a model of people that will actually print at this scale please let us know.


very nicely done... kudos on the design and execution!

Thanks alot. It took awhile but the end result came up okay. House 2 is on the printer right now.

how long did that bad boy take to print?

Hi Jason,

Times for the parts varied, with the largest ones taking over 5 hours. We burnt through quite a bit of plastic trying to get the curling issues sorted so we're starting to get a fairly impressive graveyard of plastic parts now.

Total print time would probably be 26hrs for the successful pieces.

But the model is 51cm long x 10cm wide and 10cm tall, so it is fairly big.