Arduino Mobile Lab 3.0

by jasonwelsh Jun 26, 2013
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Perfect Design. see my , please www.vk.com/joshdevices/ I have the carbot and bugsy. Arduino + bluethooth.

I really like your designs, but I'm having a problem printing this one. The arduino module is perfect. Clean, solid, nice piece of work. The breadboard module, however, has a design problem.

I thought my bed was out of level or something because it came apart while removing it and had a bunch of unformed loops of filament on the bottom surfaces of both hinge sides. I tried it again and checked the model in Cura. Same thing. Rotating in Cura shows the STL has gaps between the bed and the hinges and between the bottom and the hinge rails.

The result is a flimsy hinge rail with a weak and malformed body. :(

I am printing using 1.75mm PLA on a Monoprice IIIP (Wanhao i3) with heated bed with 20% infill. I considered increasing the infill, but the large spaces aren't weak. My other prints have come out quite nice, including a 1/2in hollow threaded bolt with T-head I built in Sketchup (and fixed and fixed and fixed to get it manifold, LOL)

When I inspected your model in Cura, I could see the joints giving the problem and what looked to me to be clearance problems with gaps. I'm not a 3D model or printer expert, so what may be obvious to you guys is not to me.

I watched this second attempt while printing and there are many layers without any connecting segments between parts. I have pics, but do not see a way to upload here in the comments?

A friend is getting me started on Arduino and your designs inspired me to print out an "appreciation gift" when I return his starter's kit.

I'd print the V2, but I have 1.75mm filament and it is for 3mm. Suggestions? Thanks!

Breadboard has been updated. Joining objs via boolean (good) vs joining (bad).

A good way of fixing that is bring the stls into a remesh program like Blender or Zbrush via obj.

Made these a little prior to learning that lesson.

I'll have to give it a try. Downloaded Blender because you mentioned it in your previous comments. Haven't tried Zbrush yet.

I had a similar problem with the recessed doors on a Tardis door ;) Made it manifold and all, but the recessed sides were too thin where the panel met the sides. I feel your pain!

Which one is the updated file? I used: Arduino_LabVer3_Breadboard (Edit: I see the file has a 10/29/16 date on it. It has the same name, which threw me. I sliced it and it looks much better, sent it to the printer a few moments ago. Thanks!!! )


BTW, I'm working on some STEM projects for a couple of students in self-study that we're setting up. 3D printing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi. I'd like to print one of these boxes first, then give it as a gift to my "teacher" then do the same for the students.

PERFECT!!! The updated breadboard part printed perfectly, thanks!

The first layer was completely filled and attached to the hinges nicely. Very clean. Now to print out some hinges.

Thank you, Jason, for updating these files- especially for a project from so long ago. When finished, I'll post in the Made section

Would it be possible to get these files in STP format? I would like to make a tweak to the holes for my application, but the STL files are not "tweak-friendly".


Blender Model now added

I also just realized that the breadboards that I have are about 6 mm larger than the breadboard space so having the blender file would allow me to change the dimensions slightly to accommodate the breadboards and wires.

You mentioned a blender file. Is that available because I would like to change the size of the wire holes because I like to jumpers that have a larger diameter at the ends.

I use Sparkfun breadboards or TrackShack (formally known as radioshack in my head).

The Arduino side came out perfectly (even though I apparently had the old version, pre-update); thanks!

Alas, it seems the breadboard I bought (a microtivity one from Amazon) doesn't quite fit. It's 84mm long, and it seems that's just a bit too long. What breadboard are you using in your completed kit?

Updated arduino side to make it easier to print

Updated the wiresides to make them easier to print

2.0 doesn't either . The only design that supports Mega or DUE is my arduino bookcase. Find it in my things-- Works amazing for all Arduino. It's a little bigger however..

ya im printing it now. using it to re-calibrate my printer as well as to have hobby kit with me when i go to Australia.

Im printing the 2.0 as i don't see any support for a mega in this revision. great work!.

Pretty awesome! Nice job!

Jason. Another great design. I just wish I had waited and not printed V2 the other week.

Jason, very very cool! I love your rivets and spikes. My favorite designs are screwless and support less. Well done.