Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Enclosed Cable Carrier

by Landru Aug 21, 2011
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  1. Its too thin/ locking parts bent instantly.
  2. movement very restrictive. not fluid it will cause hangups
  3. Perfect size though for wires

Great Work!
Are there End pieces available?

does anyone know the inside and outside dimensions?

Working very well :-)
Many thanks!

Great THING! Currently printing for my printer (I love the fact that I just typed that). Will post pics when I am finished.

cool part thanks,

is there a possibility to upload a new sldprt file the actual didnt work.

Currently printing this, I wonder how the bridging goes, I have just re-calibrated my printer so I am super-anxious to see :)

Ok it worked, will post a pic tomorrow.
Too bad, some of the links let go of the print area so I have to re-calibrate something tomorrow.

im getting curling on the round parts, anyone else?

Try making a printing plate (Having multiple parts in one STL file) This would help by saving time and plastic

Why not just use Skeinforge's multiply? I print these out 25+ at a time in a 5x5 array.

I'm 90% done with the second revision of this. It will be a bit thicker in some places and does not pull apart as easily. I also have ends for it this time. I've been using them on my machine with good success and will post pictures of that as requested.


I'd like to see those pictures :) And since we are 6 months further down the line, how are they holding up?


sorry to say, but this is openscad and much better ;)

fully parametrical drag chain
by Joerg

thanks for the roses :-)

but - I agree with Landru, there can't be too many solutions to the same problem...

let OpenSCAD be as good as it is, there are always specific solutions that cannot be covered by a more generic OSCAD design with as many parameters as my design now has..

I do like this one here, but it won't fit me since I'd need an open version!

(my 0.3 mm nozzle just arrived so I am quite ready to continue my drag-chain work; well first need a proper filament-spindle feeder...)

keep on the good work

Nothing wrong with Solidworks ;)

It's a different approach. No better, no worse.

Just tested them, works fine! :) Only needs some ends, and they are then totally useable! :)

Would be awesome with ends pointing both up and down, so they can be mounted on top and on bottom of a plate.

yes. are you using this on your printer anywhere? i'd very much like to see a printer decked out this this. this concept would really help my prusjr heated bed feed wires.


Not yet, but I intend to. Need to print out a bunch more links and some terminations, first.

well i got around to printing this today. my printers repeatability is just terrible, so i scaled it up 1.5x to allow for some slop! very cool!