ROBO3D Cable Chain (Install without removing wires) + Stepper Motor Mount Update

by SonnyDR Oct 25, 2015
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Made this. Looks and works great with no modifications. My only advice, make sure when you mount it to the case make sure it's fairly level to avoid chain binding up.

Hi, I made this and when the extruder goes to the extreme right, the weight of the chain + cable spring force causes the chain to break. Did any of you experience this? Any solutions?


Edit: I got to cable tie 2 of the holders together in order to avoid that :S
Does anyone also know how much vertical height are we able to print after installing this?

I'd like to see the female portions (where they snap together) be thru-holes so they don't come apart as easily. Can you post the drawing files for the links or put the thru holes in them? That would be great!

Great idea..shame I just finished the other version haha not!

I printed your kit and what a great idea! I did some continuing work using your idea and InAppDesigns and posted a remix. Thanks for the hard work!

+1 for 3M Command Strip usage

How many pieces of each should be printed? Thank you. Great job!

Good question - meant to put that in the description. 41 pieces in total - 19 with open bottom, 19 with open top, 1 longer end link w/open bottom, chain end with open top and Stepper motor mount

Thanks Danzca6! I'm still improving my 3d modeling skills so the models aren't as smooth as I like, but it definitely functions perfectly. Can't wait to see your addition.

SonnyDR you are doing a great job. I'm still stuck on using Tinkercad. Learning Fusion 360 now. So your modeling skill is probably far past mine.

I've posted something that might go well with this project. Check it out here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1105170. I'm printing out new links (yours not the ones in my project photo) so I can finish my chain link project without rewiring. Hopefully my small addition will prove helpful to you. The thought of having to mess with the chain link end each time I remove the cover was a concern from the very original designs for the Robo's. Tool free quick release is my goal most of the time. Can't wait to finish this project now. I'm really hoping to gain some more slack in the wire underneath the Robo for yet another project on my list. Again, great job SonnyDR. What's next?

Robo3d deck hole cover accessories
by danzca6

SonnyDR, I really like what you did here. Having the cable chain be able to install without removing wires is a great idea, and your design is a great solution for that. I also like how you meshed the evolving design with this motor mount to include the logo (nice touch) and the starting connector being moved more forward to better align with mounting to the front-right-side of the case and having the chain start to the left instead of straight up. This design has really evolved and your recent additions make it a really nice upgrade for anyone. I have one more (small) addition to this setup that I will hopefully be able to finally post this weekend. Keep up the great work. I can tell you put a lot of thought and time into these changes.