The Minnow Lure

by timebeestudio Oct 26, 2015
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I have tried numerous times to print this minnow without success, yet I have printed several other lure prints without fault.

I have also tried to get my software to fix any errors/bugs in the stl files but this has not helped.

Also, in Slic3r I have run the layers view on each of the sides and see after saving as G code files there are missing layers at different layer heights on each side.

As earlier prints appear to have worked out fine I wonder if something has corrupted the stl files in the meantime.

An chance of you re-loading the stl files onto Thingiverse in case the original stl files have become corrupted?


Ross, sorry, I do not know what it is. I tried downloading these files and reissue the fish, and it's okay. I use CURE, and he does not mistake me ... the thing is weird and I do not know what to recommend to you

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i printed the Minnow_L.stl and the Minnow_R.stl and when i put the two halves together along to top of the main body it has a trench at the seam and the bill of the lure forks apart to be a split bill. should i have printed one of the other stl sets?

I'm not sure I understand the problem where it is born.
The gcode files are those with which I printed the video fish ... try them and see if you can fix it.
Have a nice day, and a good 3d print!

make one and it worked fine!. the Minnow part r. not deposited on the base rises a bit and adds support.

I am really glad!
I have not needed to add support, but if you want a perfect result a bit support is not bad.

Have a nice day, and see you soon!


Super design!
Do you have any other models? I'm experimenting with lures made on a 3D printer, and test your design.

Best regards

Hi Roman,
thank you for the compliments, and beautiful your idea!
I only did this because I go fishing for trout in the rivers, and works well. (The only difference I made was to change infill, and when printing is to put small weights inside the square infill, and then end the print so that it remained inside the fish).
When I was looking on the internet I found only models with screws screwed in the PLA, but could not find minnow as "normal", so I decided to make one with wire inside (I think it's the first). And as I wrote in the description: "not wait That others take example from this model to see what other great models will be born!". And so it was! The date of publication are already born 3-4 models with different valid characteristics, and I think that within one year many more will share new models for different types of fishing.

Good day, and good fishing!

Do You use a brim to print the minnow ?

Hello, as you can see from the video, no brim, just a bit of glue on the glass (as for ordinary prints)

What sets this apart is the video, I have to say, great job! The fact that you took the time to make a tutorial and demo is fantastic. Those were some pretty nice fish too

I am glad that the video is liked and it is clear to all the people watching.
For the test I went to a place with a lot of beautiful fish size, but not easy to capture, in order to demonstrate the strength of the minnow.
Thanks again!