Wearable Episode VII StormTrooper Helmet

by Geoffro Oct 27, 2015
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I'm kinda a noob at printing but oh well lol... So far so good! https://www.thingiverse.com/make:753260 Nasty layer shift!
Its gonna take a lot of work but hoping for good results, I'm also working on a hydraulic claw project so it will take some time to finish... I am also debating making a lamp out of it and putting some rgbs and programming them to flash red or strobe red hehe. Well... Thats all for now folks...

Wearable Episode VII StormTrooper Helmet

Noice! I printed in seven pieces and used pla gloop to secure. I experienced a bit of layer shift but plan to fix with putty.
First layer of green putty on! I will sand it down and repeat several times. Will use primer and then paint the black and
gloss over the paint. Maybe use smokey tinted plastic and cut shape out for eyes, then figure out a way to secure it with
something on the inside. Thank you Geoffro!

parts 5 and 6 dont go together cant figure out why reprinted it a few times usin different orientations

Does the cut up helmet fit an adult head?

Yes, at least for me!

Nice Model, but could you please tell me which filament or what else you use for part 22 (eye section)?

I just started the full helmet. Estimated time is 2 days and 14 hours...

It printed fine but the helmet isn't very accurate. The mouth section is totally wrong.

Could you make this to print on my Da Vinci jr 1.0 does 5.9”X5.9”x5.9”

This is why medelis is a little butthurt..He got caught selling my models on another site and we had him taken down. This is his childish retaliation.

I mean seriously - just look at the predator head he tagged there.. I don't actually have any predator models without the facemask lol..
Random models picked for false accusations.

The irony is, his comments were all flagged for moderation - clearly have no link to any of my models but his flagged comment still get approved?? how does that work? really. I just don't get this place sometimes.

I am more than happy to re-create any model under a timelapse video, i've been doing this for some 25 years.

Here is a copy/paste from my discussion with CGT yesterday:

Jul 5, 16:37 EEST

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out!
We have reviewed Medelis account. The models you have reported and identified that they were indeed stolen- the models have been suspended accordingly.
Other models from this user has been suspended for further investigation too.
Thank you for helping us keep our community fair and respectful!

Best regards,
The CG Trader Team.

There is a honeycomb like texture in the black peice of the helmet that looks like the mouth. Any chance that will be added at some point? Or, has anyone figured out a way to add it without reprinting?

I'm doing a new one that's more accurate, will be on CGtrader.

Just saw this reply, and found also the Darth Vader helmet on CGTrader. Looks awesome! Bought it - dowloading now :D
Can't wait to print. Thanks a million my good Sir!

I would love to check it out and print it. Let us know when it's available.

Can you please make a video on how the helmet is put together

Can you please make a video on how the helmet is put together

you still have the Darth Vader helmet and shoulder/chest plate STLs?

Thanks so much for all the great models. Is there any way you could please slice one of these up for the bigger bed on the Taz 6? (x=280, y=280, z=250) I was thinking I should be able to fit the top half and then the bottom divided again. I tried to do it myself in MeshMixer, but have no experience there. Although, maybe it's better to do shorter print runs. Any suggestions? Thanks again!

Well, the shorter print runs I guess are good if you have not printed one and don't know the sizing versus your head, sometimes its big for people, sometimes it's small... this one seems to be the closest because nearly 70 people have printed one and have worn it, so I guess succeeded at making it fairly universal.

Sure, I can cut this anyway you like. Blender does everything for me, I loop cut and slide in blender to make new cross sections, seperate them, fill the base and off you go.

Comments deleted.

To the ones that already built this one. How long did it take you to complete the build. The first 4 parts took me 6-7 hours each, was it the same for you? Any tips are welcome as this one of my first builds. Thanks keep on creating

Comments deleted.

Quite happy to purchase the armour files for printing to fit a 155cm and 54kg woman. We are using cura which we used for helmet if armour is half as good. Happy days

Finally done looks so awesome what a design This has taught me what I thought was so much ( is that the right word) I'm in the wife's good books until the novelty wears of.
Can I ask the following here?
She now wants armour.
And the one she likes was uploaded by sn3850. Stormtrooper armor no (u) as a complete huge file or a blender file . have no experience with blender at all ( a real novice). I asked him could he post separate files that I can use for a 5ft4in woman slim build but there has been no reply. Is that something I can ask in this forum for someone to either help me with blender of PleasePleasePLease post separate files.

That other one was just a stolen model off sketchup warehouse, he probably doesn't know how to actually process it properly.
I do have the entire movie authentic suit for printing, but is a commercial asset sorry, if you would like to purchase the suit or parts of for printing, please contact me. It's the suit the serious 501s order.

don't mind paying where to from here ?

First of all, Geoffro, thanks a lot for the great job you've done here, just a great helm! I made 2, for me and for wife ;)
In addition, I've found a way to make pretty good bubble glasses for them, you can see some details over here - http://www.thingiverse.com/make:244854

Wearable Episode VII StormTrooper Helmet

am struggling to learn but have managed through a lot of long nights and experimentation with different setting and ways to stop parts moving on build plate. But I'm getting there have 15 pieces done and 6 to go .Now I've started to print part number 10 but have encounter a problem. I print the raft ok get to about 6% and then the extruder fails to deliver any filament. Is that a fault you built in to stop the EBay thieves?Or do I need to look elsewhere. thankyou great project so far.

What type of printer do you have? I have a Dremel (makerbot clone if I remember) and had the same issue with other prints. I never fixed the problem though, Dremel just sent me a whole new extruder assembly. Though I narrowed it down to dirty filament which initially clogged my extruder so I installed a foam piece with a couple drops of lubricant to clean the filament as it entered the guide.

This did not correct my issue though so I replaced the nozzle before receiving the new assembly. I noticed that the PTFE(?) tube had two black rings just before where the nozzle threads were. Good luck with troubleshooting Dalred0. Sorry for being off topic Geoffro, love your work :)

This is your printer or slicing program. I am supplying you with the STL file, which is just an STL file. As you can See from the other photos, others have managed to print this OK. The problem for you sounds like either extruder or filament related. You are slicing the model, not I so there is no way I could even affect the printing of it. I would never intentionally modify a file to make it unprintable, thats ludicrous.

great Model . i am sorry people dont pay attention to the little you have asked of them in order to use the file. People in General suck

this is an awesome model. a really big newb question i'm sure anyone can answer. I use cura and simplify 3d, I read a lot of people talking about scaling up to 105% or 75% to a child. how do you scale the items in cura or simplfy to the percentage? I'm sorry about the question, im just clueless with scaling to the certain percentage. thank you

A real shame there are people like that who won't give any credit. Despite that, will there be any more updates to it?

Yeah, but not on thingiverse, moving everything off here soon, will post links.

alright, you've got great stuff so I'll be looking for those links!

i came for some stl files of a storm trooper helmet, i stayed for the tested video lol@watching youtube from thingiverse

I made some additional greebles for this helmet...
here is the link to the thing...

Greebles for the First order Helmet for thing 1094858

When I go to print PART 4 updated (As it prints upside down) it prints to 22% just above the eyebrow and extrudes no more. Tried Part 4 standard and same result. I'm only a novice but everything else Ive printed has completed no problems. Previous helmet parts are fantastic. Any ideas Thanks

download the file again, thingiverse is corrupting downloads alot lately.

Just an FYI, as I'll sort my own problems out. Having an issue with PART_4_Updated. It comes out with a slight twist to the center (nose) plane. Using Cura slicer and an Ares printer. Everything else is coming out beautifully. I'll try a different slicer. Looking at the mesh, there some oddities to the end plane on that piece which may be confusing the slicer (?). Thanks this the model extremely well done.

Can anyone tell my which part is the largest so I can scale everything accordingly to my print bed. thanks.

Parts 1 and 2 are probably the largest, if not, 3 and 4.

Stupid questions... How do you create the eye lenses? I'm just over halfway finished printing the pieces, (ran out of black filament, had to order more), and can not remember where I seen how to make the lenses.

I'm also printing with PLA and was going to use "Gorilla" super glue to assemble the pieces. Many other prints fall apart when I used super glue. Is there a trick anybody uses to keep your props from breaking due to minor impact?

Thanks in advance for the reply(ies).

I used a silvery black anti static bag(those ones electronic parts come in) and cut shapes for the eyes, but they are not as rigid as id like.

As for glue, i know others use acetone, I use 2 part epoxy glue, cheapest I can find.

The reason for epoxy..
When the 2 parts mix they cause s chemical reaction, which creates alot of heat.. Enough heat to open up cracks in the PLA and sink in.. It Mars for an incredibly strong bond.

It also doesn't dry instantly, allowing you to position a part without it sticking straight away.

Thanks for the advice Geoffro. I totally messed up this helmet. Once I get around to touch ups and clear coat I'll gladly post pictures and advice on where I went wrong.

After lots of surfing, I found a website that sells all sorts of accessories including material for eyes and a rubber gasket for the neck. If i had only known those anti static bags would be of use during my time in the Navy, i'd have saved every single bag those circuit boards came in!

Thanks again for the design and I look forward to reprinting this again and other of your designs (rancor pen holder!!)

What is part 22 for, if it's not the eyes?

Any reason you chose PLA over ABS? I'm halfway through an ABS print.

I would use ABS as a first and PLA as a second. ABS sands like a dream (because lets face it, you're going to be doing some sanding post-finishing ) I used PLA because I just had more of it at the time.

Agreed - ABS is the only way to go.

The only other route would be PLA with an XTC3D finish + putty because of how ugly and hard sanding is.

pla can get higher detail also some peoples printers cant print abs without warping and pla is just easier to print with any way but there is nothing wrong with abs i wish i had the capabilities to print this in abs for the added durability

I find I get a better result from ABS at 0.1 than PLA at 0.1 and can sand it much easier.

Could you do a clone trooper helmet.

Nice helmet.
Build these helmet vents http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1342259 and glued them on the helmet.
Gives more details to the helmet.

Storm Trooper helmet vent First Order
by KeBeiL

Working on finishing mine up. Made it on a Monoprice Maker Architect ($300 model). Took 27 hours to print all the pieces. It's looking great! Keep up the awesome work! Anyway I can donate to you for your time?

Could you do a Boba Fett helmet?

Yeah, I am hoping to finish Darth completely today, we'll see how I go, Boba would not take long! very easy helmet to make.

Halfway through my first print, thanks for the model!!

Would you be willing to share a basic model for a helmet? I'm a noob with designing but think it'd be fun to play.


This looks like such an awesome print cant wait to try making this and the other trooper helmet. Thanks for taking the time to section the design into manageable components.

Could you do a version with Captain Phasma's extra details?

This is amazing. Now we need someone with your skills to put out some Vader helmet and chest plate STLs :-]

I've completed the Scout and storm trooper armour and the Darth Vader helmet, with removable top head piece etc, like the movie. All I need to do now is find a way to stop procoprint3D immediately taking the models from here and selling them on his website. Until then, i'm reluctant to release any more models. :/ currently fighting a 1 man battle and the guys an asshole.

I hope that u can trace him down and take him to court thats only way and if u got original plans etc he could be paying u a canny bit of cash

Looking forwards to the Storm Trooper armor upload!!! Was the Vader Helmet and removable top head piece a bust model or wearable? This is a new father to twins (Boy/Girl) asking :-)

I would love to get a copy of your redesigned storm trooper helmet, even if I have to pay. I recently finished the finer details of my large printer build and now I'm dying to print out a trooper helmet from TFA. How screen-accurate is the new one btw?

Damn you procoprint3D! Ruining it for those of us who truly take Open Source to heart. You're right, he's an asshole. I'm not going to beg or put my email in here as I could be anyone and it would cause everyone to start doing the same thing. Fight the good fight my friend, and keep those kick ass skills up!


I've printed lost of different part by now but they do not fit....
I'm printing them all with the same setting but something seems not right.
Any suggestions?

Not sure sorry mate, 11 people managed to put the pieces together so far

I've printed all the parts now, what would be the best glue for it?

If you're using ABS, acetone is usually used to bond ABS to ABS. There's bit of a learning curve, too much and it'll melt badly, too little and it might not bond at all. There's other tricks and things to use, but that's just what I do.

What is the minimum printbed size for this?

I shall call him Tr-8r

...Watching FN-2187 betray the First Order...

Hello Geoffro
Really like this project!
Can you tell which is the internal size of this helmet

Is this possible to do on an M3D?

That's a great question. I want to know if it works on the micro too.

Love this. Printed all parts with no support apart from the pieces with the jaw vents. Will you be adding the cheek pieces?

Really? Even the dome parts? That has a 90 degree overhang

Yep, it loses about 30% thickness with a bit of 'spaghetti' on the under side but once it's padded and lined, who cares?

Can you cut part 3 and 4 in 2 to be printed with Da Vinci Jr. Thanks

you should be able to do it on a jr if you turn the pieces though i do agree that it would be nice =D

for part 5, my slicer sais that it isn't manifold/watertight and that it could have problems slicing. is that only me or is anyone else having that problem?

name of your slicer?

slic3r, I fixed the problem using netfabb so its fine now :D

For the remake you've mentioned, I would keep in mind the 501st specs for it. They also have some good high res photos of it.

The link http://www.501st.com/databank/TK_-_First_Order

Part3_updated has been giving me heck, I don't know if its something with the part, something with my printer, something with slicer or what (probably slicer or printer). Part 4 printed fine, as did most other parts but #3 has been skipping over on the y axis, it just starts printing to the side randomly, left 1/4 inch, right 3/4 inch, you get the picture, leaving me with a good start, dome few areas of good printed stuff but a bunch of white plastic that looks like I'm trying to print a spaghetti dish! I would laugh if it weren't my print!

if other parts print fine i think slicer make sshit. maybe u try another slicer i dont know.

ya i tried printing some other stuff too, it just randomly happens. i think it was because i had it printing at 300% speed and 150% extrusion rate so it was catching on the print where it crossed perimeters and made a protrusion, then caught on that. i THINK problem solved but its not just this, tried updating slicer, still did it probs printer but thx

Comments deleted.

I just have a couple questions...but first off, Awesome job on the model man, I love it. K, is this screen accurate (details and all), and has anyone made one and had it approved by the 501st? If so, I'm making one :)

good question, im making one as we speak, I'll see if it gets approved!

This one isn't screen accurate, it was basically 'close enough' at the time and it was more a "holy crap we need to get this out before the movie starts and if I keep tinkering it will never happen!"

I am adding all the new pieces soon, and they will be addon's, so anyone who printed the original mask won't need to print anything, but all it's missing is some detailing around under the eye and on top the head - and also some honeycomb type work on the jaws.

Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Cant wait to see it...thanks for all your hard work!

How much filament was used to print this masterpiece?

i would have done it in less than a half kg with my settings, i had to reprint a few in silver since a few originals printed funny

how should i go about painting this

Slowly making my way through this, about 2 weeks worth of printing. I joined together 19/20 for one print. And joining together 1 & 2 for a print, with a major amount of supports. (1.05x scale) Without being joined, they curved a bit much, and would not glue together well. This is taking about 2.5 rolls of filament with heavy supporting.

Im gluing the PLA together with SciBond 16, and ill epoxy seal it to smooth it out, then sand it, paint it.

I plan on wearing it to pre-release movie event for work.

Major props on the design.

Hi Jarret.
Which parts have you used supports?

Pretty much all of them. Some pieces, I selected @ 30degrees, others at 42degrees ill support it.

Ow right, just find it odd.
I haven't had to use supports at all, apart from the top pieces, with massive overhangs.

This is awesome!, Printing until it's done!
Ignore the haters!
Was wondering if I could be cheeky and ask for the original files of the eye pieces?
I want to do a thin wall largish honey comb in them so I can apply a sheet of black tint over then to see through.
Unless you fancy doing it? ;)
Props to you for the Up.


I have a Makerbot Replicator Mini which has a printing size of 5 x 4 x 4 inches which is pretty small. Do you have smaller cuts to print on this. I know it will take a lot longer.


I don't have them pre-cut, but it would not be too hard to do. If I cut each piece in half, or all the ones that are larger than the mini bed size, then it shouldn't be all that many more pieces, mainly the eye pieces as they are fairly wide. If I have some time this weekend I'll see if I can get it done. I have alot of addons to upload too and some re-designed pieces. I just wanted to finish some of the other helmets I had going before going nuts on this one.

Hey mate, Oh I completely understand, if you can that would be amazing but I understand the limitation of that as well.

Thanks for the reply though :)

i think my printer is about 7-8 inches square so these SHOULD work, printing asap!

You are the best. I do not understand any negative comments to your work. I have printed the stormtrooper hemlet (the first one) AND I LOVE IT¡¡¡. Please continue with us.

Any way to have the pieces cut down to be less than 15 cm at the longest? Have a da Vinci Jr printer would like to try this.

Really want to print one of these but I'm still pretty new to this, can anyone recommend a good free slicing/resizing program for this?
i have a bigger head and a small printer (M3D - works pretty good but not a lot of area to work with) so I'm kinda stuck

If you have windows 8.1 or 10, 3d builder is a free app made by microsoft that allows you to cut STL files in half and export them seperately

that's not a bad idea for the full helmet model that's included in the pack.

I'm rolling a pretty big bay on a Taz5 but the entire helmet was going to take more hours than I can monitor a printer lol

shut the front door... really, I had loaded it up before but I am used to using other programs that I didnt really get into it, the fact you can do that is pretty cool! I will have to go back and have a closer look!

any recommendations for a Mac? or is this something i may be able to do with ZBrush?

What is the layer thickness of the model?

hi, a lil question, how did you measure it? cause 30 cm sounds really small for an adult, unless u are not measuring head diameter. thanks!

Awesome job!

My 8yo daughter wants me to print it in PINK!

What size head is this?
I will want to re-scale it for her...

Thanks, it's for an adult head, the outer diameter is 30cm at its widest point. Mrbaddely thinks scaling 105% is good for an adult, so I guess I would scale maybe to 75% for a child, I would measure her head diameter then use the full helmet model I supplied. The scale of the full helmet is identical to the pieces, so whatever you measure using the full helmet as a guide, you just apply that scale to the pieces before you print.

If i send you a model..that's very close to being accurate..do you think you can modify it?

its looking great..how hard would it be to raise the chin up to make it look more like the trailer version?

The helmet looks great fantastic work, Any chance of getting the model in one file?

Yes one file would be great. have print area of 15" diameter x feet tall

sure, give me an hour or so

Will this print on a printer with a 270X200X170 print bed?

Yeah should be fine, no parts are that large.

Thanks. Need to start printing soon to be ready in time for Christmas ;)

ooerr. sorry.. I did a bulk upload, they must have failed, I'll fix it now, thanks. * Edit, all done