Bicycle flashlight mount (customizable)

by CookieMonster Jun 27, 2013
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This is a great design. I've printed about 4 so far. It works great.

If I can offer two suggestions that would make it the ultimate printable mount...

1) I'd like to be able to determine how wide the flashlight mount is. Just like you have the option to determine the width of the handlebar mount. I have some thick and heavy flashlights which easily slide and even fall out of the mount. I'd like to extend the width of the flashlight mount beyond the thickness of the handlebar + 2 walls. This addition hopefully shouldn't be too difficult to achieve.

2) it would be nice if your angle between two cylindrical parts (consequently, rotation as well) starts one wall thickness away from at least handlebar cylinder. If possible flashlight cylinder too, but that one's non-critical. That way you have "parallel" mount area so if your handlebar mounting space is tight you won't have to "hack" the width of the handlebar mount parameter to accommodate the mount. If you take care of rotation here as well (which seems a logical step) then your design would work for large angles, say 45 degrees, or even 90 degrees.

This second addition would require some thinking and experimentation, but in my opinion it would be worth it.

Once again, many thanks, this is a great, functional and easy to print design!

I actually did draw up a mount, make it, and then posted it, and then searched for similar things. And I had the same basic idea you did.

I was going to draw a flashlight mount and post it, but then I thought, "that's such an obvious idea, I'm sure someone else has already done it," and sure enough here's one that looks pretty good.