Arduino Mega snug case

by Heartman Oct 27, 2015
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great! like that it allows to have different models fitting
Thanks for sharing it.

thanks for the design, looking good :)
i've posted a remix so it also fit alternative board clones


You have to know, all Arduino are not really same dimensions, and same headers placement.
It'll be really difficult, or impossible to make a case for each model, because each chinese factory make Somewhat different models.
That's why I noticed on the description, it's made for some chinese model boards.

Checks as well all pictures I posted, the holes are perfectly feets on the models I have. For the moment, I'm lucky I bought the right models for this case.

I'm sorry if that don't help you more, I wish to have a better answer but...

Thanks anyway for your comment.


I'm afraid this case doesn't fit. I have the standard Arduino Mega 2560 (genuine from Arduino), and had to cut ~1.5mm of plastic from the behind the USB in order to get it to fit. Only after great effort and prying (broke off two of the 4 tabs) it came on, ready to pop off at the slightest touch.

The screw hole placements are also off from the holes on the board by about 0.75-1.2mm. This allows one single screw to come on if you pick it right, and perhaps not even given the "snugness" of the case.

I printed in PLA at 3000mm/min, 0.2mm, and bar from the clearly wrong measurements, no aesthetic issues came up at all. Sad, really- it's a very elegant looking little case.

Short printed pins on the bottom instead of screw holes would allow using soldering iron to fasten the mega down. It would be harder to remove, though.