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Pip-Boy 3000

by dragonator, published

Pip-Boy 3000 by dragonator Jun 28, 2013

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All files of the Pip-Boy 3000 have been relocated

Makebot always had a few minor issues, but after Stratasys took over things went south quickly. With the Stratasys VS Affinia thing where they sued Affinia with "patents" I have already stopped posting on thingiverse, but with Makerbot trying to patent openly developed technologies, I have lost all of my remaining goodwill towards Makerbot.

In light of this recent behavior, I am relocating all my files to my own site: http://ytec3d.com and I will look into posting the designs on another platform as well. I advice everyone to consider if supporting this company is still the right choice for the development of 3D printing like it once was.

More things will be relocated when Makerbot decides to make another move.


To make one, print one of every part, print the PDF attached for the Geiger counter. Geiger counter was derived from this:


More photo's and instructions, go to the instructables page:


Assemble using glue and 5 M4 cylindrical screws and 2 M3 cylindrical screws.

Paint it as you like.

For everyone that wants to experiment with the model, improve on it or modify it for different use: I have included the Step file of the original shapemodel. This way you can modify the original to suit your need.

If you build or modify one, please share and credit. I love to see what other people can do with my models.

(I do not own any of the original design, they belong to Bethesda Softworks. I do own this model.)

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Can the pip boys be purchased?

You can download the 3d models and upload them to 3d hubs to have someone near you print them out :D

Does anybody know the approximate mass of this in grams? I want to print this at my university and they charge 15 cents per gram.

~~~350-400 gram

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT IDEA... MAKERBOT HAS GONE SOUTH!!! lets hope that other companies don't follow their lead!

Amazing! LOVE the design, creativity and fun of this relic-tech project! Inspired

Dragonator, you may enjoy my hacked version of your Pipboy 3000 which I made into a 'wearable' to cover my arm cast. I did some surgery on your design to fit a fan, LED flashlight, and 9V battery for power. Thanks for a great design, it has been fun making and using it. http://www.thingiverse.com/make:75410http://www.thingiverse.com/mak...

Pip-Boy 3000
by kosh23

i want to fit a samsung galaxy captivate in this thing, with a small battery pack, and speaker, the phone isnt too large, but just in case, can i modify the design to fit?

Hey, if i were to modify this to go on my right arm (because I'm a left handed person) what pieces would i need to flip, or would i just have to flip all the files?

If you flip it, it will look a bit off, because... well, it is flipped. But if it is too much of an inconvenience to have it on your left arm: All files need to be flipped to make a mirrored version.

Alrighty, well I'm too lazy to flip it so I'm going to leave it as is. Thanks for the help though!

I would like to modify this design to house a Raspberry Pi, a 3.5" TFT display and a small buck converter. Any thoughts? Has anybody already done this?

Well, I'm not sure if the person (she) IS actually going to be selling them or not.............long story. But I will pass along the message and see if she will send you a PM.

Hey dragonator, damn fine job here!!!! Wanted to ask you something......... I'm a member at the RPF prop forum, and a member of our forum is advertising to sell casted copies of your pip boy model. Did you give this person permission to do so? If not, do you wish for this person to stop?

I did give someone permission to sell parts but to my knowledge he was already done with his batch. Can you ask him to PM me? I personally don't care if people sell it (I posted it freely for everyone to use) but I do want to keep track. I plan on selling 3D printed kits myself in a month, but that won't be in the way of anyone else's attempt.

this file is amazing! It fits so well together, I will post pics of mine soon!

How would I upsize this so it could fit a 6-inch phone in it?

Also can u squeze a rasberry pi in this as im goning to try?

that sucks, still i might give it a try

The green paint I don't know, as you see I failed to get the right paint and painted it copper.

As for the PI, might be tight. A screen might fit, but a screen AND a PI I fear will not fit.

I fit a Pi in it, very tight fit. Almost impossible to get your arm in there without very good planning.

I thought it would be too tight, so the fact that you managed is impressive.

can any one tell me where i can find a green paint that is close engouh to the in game pip boy?

I put this reply on the wrong comment yesterday and just realized it..
Don't know how close it would be to in game but Krylon makes a flat green that is fairly close to olive drab. I'm planning this project in the near future and will be trying to make it look like painted metal. First paint everything silver and let that set up real good, then top coat it with green and rub some off around the edges to give it a warn look.

just as a head up for anyone that likes this object someone downloaded and reposed this thing! Please report /thing:210966 as a copy of this thing!

Don't know how close it would be to in game but Krylon makes a flat green that is fairly close to olive drab. I'm planning this project in the near future and will be trying to make it look like painted metal. First paint everything silver and let that set up real good, then top coat it with green and rub some off around the edges to give it a warn look.

Thankyou I will post my version when it is finished

Im thinking of building one of these but i have one question. If i wanted to add a small speaker for my phone to play music would there be enough room?

There is a lot of space in the top of the Pip-Boy, behind the smartphone. Depending on the size of your speaker, there should be enough space.

So can someone confirm the dimensions of the screen? I'll be building one of these pups for Supanova in Brisbane Nov 2014, and need to start organising myself now with parts lists etc. I saw in the comments 115x59x15mm, does that hold true?

pretty much what you got screen is 115mm diagonal

give me a min and i will messure it for you

thank you! I may yet have to scale mine, i have ridiculous forearms from years of tennis :P

I really want to print this, but for the whole thing to be amazing I really need to find the android app that simulates the device. I know its out there as seen it in videos but cannot locate it. Any help?

I've seen a decent looking one here; http://mymagicpudding.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/making-pipboy-3000.htmlhttp://mymagicpudding.blogspot... that uses in-game assets.
But haven't had a chance to use it yet.

question is there anyway I can get a scaled up version of the files? I buddy wants me to print him one, but his forearms are too big for the current model. I could resize them in makerware, But i don't know if the scale up will be universal between the parts. I think each half of the base is 115.3mm (4.53") Can it be increased to 120.65mm (4.75") That gives an extra 1/2" to the overall diameter of the base shell that goes around the arm.

where did you pick up the pic628? I am having a hard time finding it...

It's pretty easy to get in the Netherlands but I wouldn't know where to get it anywhere else. Also I use uncommon programming tool to program the pic, you would be better of if you picked something a bit simpler, like an arduino microcontroller. You can also just use the microcontroller on an arduino, taking it of the board. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do that.

(If you are really set on using a pic though, pic628(A)'s have been replaced with the newer pic648(A). 628 is an outdated microcontroller.)

ah, thanks. I thought it was a purpose build chip that basically toggled inputs. I have some "Teensyduinos" lying around which would be great for this.

What I need to know is: can I print this in a printer with a 6"x6"x6" build volume?

You should not have an issue. I know of people that have printed this on printers with that build envelope. I did mine on a Replicator, and I only use about that same area.

hello all this looks sweet good work. does any one offer a pre made led lights for the pipboy ? im not good at making any thing that complex thanks

I just had this printed by http://www.makexyz.com/printer/dougcostlowhttp://www.makexyz.com/printer... and it's awesome. Working on it this weekend to assemble. Pics coming soon!

Thanks Adrienne, this is Doug from makexyz. The Pip-Boy parts came out real well. If anyone else would like to have me make them a Pip-Boy 3000, based on dragonator's model, contact me through makexyz http://www.makexyz.com/printer/dougcostlowhttp://www.makexyz.com/printer...

This is totally awesome, and I want to make one, but I have a few quick questions:
1.) How many cm^3 is this thing? I want to send it to a public printer, and thats how they charge, and i dont know how to figure it out, as I cant open the files myself.
2.) What size phone does it hold, and how easy is it to change the size it would take?
Thanks a ton in advance, and I cant wait to make one!

1.) Including glove, around 700cm^3. The glove is 70cm^3.
2.) It should hold at least an Iphone 4, or roughly 115mm by 59mm by 15mm tall. And impossible. The hole for the phone is as big as it is safely going to be.

love the pip boy im a few pieces away from finishing but kinda off this comment, how do you get the phone in and out of the holding thing?

There is no fancy clicky system if that was what you were hoping. You kinda have to assemble the thing around your phone.

im using replicator G on the replicator 2 and i had an issue with the back part 3 where it only builds to like 47 minutes so ill try again

wait never
mind i had a corrupt file

Thank you so much man, and thank you for including the original file, it makes modifying it to fit and make tunnels for wiring really easy.

I think I have found a small enough 5 position rotary switch to install behind the knob that will make the pipboy function abit better as a prop. Going to purchase one for $14 and see how it goes. getting ready to assemble mine once the paint sets up

Anyone currently working on the hand plate? I'm thinking of doing it but I'm pretty slow as I'm a n00b and don't want to start if someone else is.

I'm not currently working on the glove, but I think I have time for it this weekend. It should not take anymore than 4 hours to draw.

If you could do that it would be so awesome.
i am printing the last pieces right now and it would make it all complete.

i made some modifications to your design, so i could place a raspberry in it.
some changes that i made are not that great but work for me ;)
if it is all complete i will post the result.

So thank you for this!

Just Uploaded a zip file with a Pip-Boy Glove. I am not going to print it myself, so if there is something wrong, off or something needs to be changed, just send a message. On request, I can also hollow the model out and make space for an audio jack.

Success and when you are done, please send pictures.

I think it need to have a little curve on the bottom to contour to the hand. I just did my own version Friday night, I will upload to my page if you wanna comment.

Mine was supposed to have a curve on the bottom, but something went wrong when I exported it. I just fixed my mistakes and now mine is uploaded too.

Sweet! I'll print it very soon. A hollow one would save some trouble drilling for the jack and is a great idea.

Thanks, i will try to print it.
just a small thing, the stl files for "glove solid" and "glove solid concave" are the same.
i converted the concave step file to get it concave print

Dragonator your such a master! Love your work!

Just started printing, but so far "base front Screen left bottom" also seems to need support. I'll update later if any other unmentioned parts need support.
Slic3r 0.9.10b on modified PrintrBot

So i have everything but the back printed so far. Is it just me or is "Pip boy 3000 base front Screen left center" too short? maybe it's just my printer, but it printed about a quarter inch too short on the side that connects to the Left Top. looks like the STL got cut off. Maybe it just didn't slice correctly. Everything else seems to be coming out perfectly.

ever thought of modeling the hand plate that goes with the pip-boy?

I have, but lack of time prevented me from designing it, I might do it some time soon but currently I am busy with another fallout project that goes well with the Pip-Boy.

I looked one up on ebay: Came up to $300
Might try my hand at printing this after all xD

Try eBay seller tmoody2008

I don't think I have the time or patience to paint/print this. Could you please sell them on like etsy or ebay? XD
I don't think the Replicator 2 would be able to get too good of quality on this


Also @GameProps I believe that is a jailbroken app on the iPhone, I've seen it elsewhere.

EDIT: Just found this after some research, hope it helps


Where did you find the Pip-Boy app at?

What parts do you advise adding supports to

Base front base, Base front light, Back part 2 and base front wheel if I am not mistaken. Those parts really need it, other parts might need some if bridging doesn't work well or if the printer can't handle steep angles.

DUDE!! Absolutely amazing work. It's motivated me to get started on my Cowboys vs Aliens wrist blaster...

Has anyone had issues printing base_front_base? My makerbot "exploded" overnight on the top part with the big overhang... Might have been a fluke. Just wondering if anyone used support for this piece?

Thanks again,

Where did you get the led lights from.

They are ordinary 5mm leds that have the round part sanded of.

How did you sliced the model into smaller parts before printing?

I made a complete model in solidworks, then copied it a dozen times into different files. Then I remove everything from every part that is not needed. It may not be elegant, but it works just fine.

Thanks. So you created one solid model, loaded it in Solidworks again and sliced it. Then you added some bumps so the parts will fit together?

I read support needed, any ideas which parts need support?

Any chance of getting the solidwork files?
P.S. this is super awesome, I've just finished printing all the parts and need to assemble it and pretty it up.

I added the Solidworks 2012 file of the Pip-Boy. It is not exactly the same as the printed version, I don't work that way. It is one solid part with the whole Pip-Boy and some minor things are different.

I usually make one shapemodel of the whole thing, then convert it into printable parts, making minor modifications. This is the latest shapemodel before I started converting it.

ever thought of adding the Pip-boy and model 3000 to the speaker cover?

I did, but there is not enough resolution in any printer to make that visible. The letters are really small and I doubt that anything other than industrial printers could even make it visible.

What number of infill do you use? Thanks

I don't see how that is important for replicating this, but I guess around 40%. Up! software doesn't give percentages.

I've been doing at 20 to 25 percent with makerware and it seems to be working great

what printer do you use?

cool means it will work on my Replicator

Prusa Air 2

I print it on UP! mini

What phone was used for the screen?

I suppose that I didn't mention that. It is a Samsung Galaxy (the original). A sponge pushes it to the front.

This is amazing. How much would you sell the print? I don't have a 3D printer (I'm building one but it's far from being able to print something like this) and Shapeway gave a quote of 840$.

Quit your day job and open an etsy shop. Your models are beautiful, I can only hope I'll be as good as you someday!

I'm so happy. I'm going to cry...

Hi, Great Job! looks incredible, what printer did you use? hopefully i can print one with my small build area... :P

gonna make this.. will use a lot of fake rust coating to make it look super ancient.

wow, really well done!

Frickin' BEAUTIFUL. I definitely plan to print this, currently printing your lamp. I'm a bit concerned about scaling it, as I'm pretty sure your arm is smaller than mine. I'd like to try and get the scale right before I start printing; can you post the current scale's wrist and forearm diameter so that I can scale correctly? Thanks for sharing!!

Wrist is 75mm, forearm is 90mm. The scale is based on the original Pip-Boy. But yes, it is slightly small, at this scale, I couldn't make it larger.

I looked to see what else you made and saw that you are the guy who made Glados and realized your just too much cool awesomeness wrapped into one.

Arghhh not enough filament..
Such torture.

I like seeing things that have actually been printed. This website is being overrun by posts of 3d drawings which the OP didn't even bother to see how well it prints. Good job on this.

A lot of people don't have a printer.

If the each post required printed objects then Thingiverse would have less flooding of the same simple design with merely a single change. It is as if there is a contest to see who can post the same object the most times with an insignificant change.

At least there could be a separate category for VD objects. (Vapor Dimensional).

Sorry for the rant Dragonator, I'll be gearing up for PB-3000 soon.

Even so, It would help if some people would at least think about their designs. A prime example is the RX0 Unicorn Gundam model on here. It's a very good 3D model, perfect, even. Probably painstakingly created from a model kit. The problem is, it's all in one piece, and there are a lot of spiky overhangs, and thin joints that just wouldn't hold together while printing.

very cool! I'll print one for my son. He'll love this.

Loving this! I now have a uses for my old EVO phone! Going to have to dust off my Lock skins for this.