Low Polygon Mask easy breathing

by cporto Oct 28, 2015
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It would be great to have the holes for the rubber band further inwards to prevent it from ripping out. I printed the mask for use with my photobox and other people (especially when drunk) don't pay too much attention to not breaking anything.

it's either you or kongorilla, that was recently ripped off by the cw network for their "The Flash" tvseries.

Yeah, I think all of the mask’s triangles and creases line up with this mask. When I saw this, I was killing myself laughing because about a week prior I had printed that exact model

Yeah that’s definitely my version of the mask. I’m actually geeking out over the fact it made it on the show.

Can't they get in trouble for using it without permission and all that stuff?

Good question, although as long as they gave attribution to the mask in the credits they are all good. And honestly this mask is free for all, so doesn't really matter at the end of the day. The coolest part would be seeing this mask worn by a horde of people. So being on a tv show is pretty damn cool.

to print do you print on a 1:1 scale or is it scaled up, looks to small, don't want to print it to find its too small

The default size tends to fit most people, if you need bigger go for it.

an easy way to fit it if you have a wider face is to heat your oven to about 425 and hold the mask gently with tongs inside it for about 10 seconds. you can then test it to feel if it is soft, if it is you can quickly mold it to your face and it should fit perfectly. after the fitting just cool it off in the freezer to hold the shape.

How do you reccomend doing the heat fitting? place the whole mask in hot water?

So long as it's PLA, Yes you can place the whole mask in hot water. Just be careful about forming it, if you are going to use some one's face, please put a towel between their face and the mask, cause they can get burned.

im making one with dockwell (wal-mart) PLA glow in the dark blue. .3mm Anet A8.

Used a vr headset strap and some print table 2 piece buckles.

Makes me think of one of the bosses from the Super Nintendo Star Fox

As you mention on the description it can be heated to mold a better fit, I recently printed one (another version) and used a heat gun to close the gaps (since i had to print in two parts).

I'll surely print this one some time soon :)

is that a printrbot simple metal with upgrade bed and Z?

No, it's the stock heated bed 6x6

oh nice, i have the same printer, and ordered the upgraded bed 6x10.

what software did you slice this with? I use Simplify3D, just wondering how you got the infill pattern like it is.

That's great, I was thinking of getting the same, but decided to just invest in a new printer. So when one prints the other is free to continue with another job.

I use Simplify3D also. You can find the honeycomb under the infill tab, it should be one of the options called "internal infill pattern".

ya i have it set to honeycomb, but it only does it for flat parts not the wall like yours did, im sure its a check box or something like that.. i love the software but there is so many settings and im still learning it.

Ohhh that's actually cause of the material being slightly translucent. I'm using natural PETG, same stuff soda bottles are made of. if you use opaque material, you'll never see it. The walls will just cover up the infill, which is what you would normally expect.

with my current slice settings it is making 4 walls. and i only have it set to do 2 walls


That's exactly how it went with me. If you notice it's actually only 2 walls, it moves circularly and you can see the infill starts to fill in more towards the top of the mask, not so much near the jaw cause it's so straight there.

gotcha.. im going to try printing it and and see how it turns out.. i have some nice glow in the dark that im going to use

Wait? I can't tell if I am printing v2 or not? The files do not reflect it. I assume what you have up here now IS v2? Also I am using glow in the dark material and have a bunch of adafruit leds in the "corners" of the sharp angles randomly glowing. Its my Halloween costume for this year :) Its actually starting to look pretty cool. However, I noticed that the first version (v1?) I printed was a bit too small. So I scaled it to 1.3x (max for my ultimaker) and realied its GYNORMOUS! So I need to do another print tonight :) I will get the V2 and give it a go. I have the rest of tomorrow to finish gluing the LEDS into place.


Good point I went and renamed the file. I originally wanted to put LEDs on there too. But, just not enough time in the day. I'm using it for my costume, will make sure to post an updated picture all dressed up. Looking forward to see your end result.

Can you upload the skp file too? I am laser cutting the faces to to glue in foam felt and you have the v1 skp file. It will work if you cant get to it. Thanks!

Yup got them on there. Can't wait to see what you got there.

That came out awesome! You must have been a hit on halloween.

Yah everyone liked it alot. Thanks for the great design. It make laser cutting the foam much easier and super tight!

Nice, did you also use foam on the inside of the mask?

yup. I just cut strips and hot glued it to cover the led strips.

This is much more slim than the original version. Very cool I like it.

Actually slimmed it down even more with version 2 (2mm). Previous was about 3mm sometimes 4 in different spots.