Printed cap for vitamin pulleys on a Prusa Simplified Mendel

by Lanthan Aug 24, 2011
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I'm starting to wonder how anyone manages to print at all without something like this!

The newer Prusa x-ends have the motor reversed so the belt cant fall off, but it still rides up the pulley.

My only issue with this object (and it looks like you might have it too) is that it seems to sit slightly askew on the pulley, causing it to rub the belt periodically. I'm printing a modifi
ed version that has the pulley "teeth" up the entire shaft, hopefully that will hold it straighter.

Yes, there was some friction, used some teflon spray and after that it wasn't of concern anymore.

I finally dropped this piece, I managed to brace the motor perfectly squared against the axis with some cable and wood dowels. Did this after the belt was tensioned. Not the most elegant look, but it works, when the motor axis is squared the belt stays in place.

I have since drawn a redesign of
both x-ends but I have been postponing printing it...

I cut a slice of my original cupcake PTFE insulator to use as a washer between this and the belt, seems to have helped a bit.

Print your new x-ends! Or post them and I will!

OK! I'll still feel that it needs some experimentation. As soon as I am done printing that telescope... 8-)

One of my big niggles with RepRap has been that so far commercial RepRaps have concentrated on using as little plastic as possible so they can be replicated and sold quickly. It is a big shame that this mindset effectively minimises the advantages of 3D printing in producing connectors and body segments.

Hi Vik,

Indeed! The very same trend we have been seeing with computer peripherals (ref: just compare the insides of a printer aged 1, 10 and 20 or 30 years). The more recent, the less useful for scavenging parts, the more prone to short life.

What is bothering also is that several of the very same comme
rcial entrepreneurs aren't playing it clean with the open source rules, and actually providing very little of their "improvements" to the community. And we have been witnessing practices like:

  • Files released in obscure/proprietary/narrow formats or needing some commercial package
  • Incomplete, und
    ocumented releases
  • STLS unfit for re-import in Openscad
  • Frequent lack of documentations of the "products" and related research (after milling my own, I am quite unhappy with a certain commercial heated PCB details)
  • Undocumented/unsupported/delirant claims about the almost magical +7 propertie
    s of this or that hotend, part or variant.

Openness and transparency should be rewarded. I am not keen in purchasing nor recommending any of those kits.

This all contributes to some overall mixed, confused image.

On the bright side, the general picture and performance can be improved. It's not th
at hard.

Some humble proposal for improvement:


Any help for further audits/mods (x-axis forthcoming) most welcome!

Y motor mount torsion box for Prusa simplified Mendel
by Lanthan